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Win-Win Negotiations: Tameer Micro-financial Bank and Telenor Pakistan

Executive Summary People normally engage in some form of negotiation in their daily lives. Successful negotiations are characterized by a situation in which both parties agree on the best solution. Effective negotiations require a cea rtain set of skills from the involved parties. However, professional negotiators have the relevant skills for participating in negotiations. It […]

Wal-Mart. International current event

Wal-Mart has recently announced that the company is terminating its agreement with Bharti Enterprises, an Indian conglomerate (Riley n.p.). The American multinational company will not cooperate with the Indian conglomerate and the two companies will develop on their own. Notably, Wal-Mart has operated in India for decades. However, the recent agreement is one of the […]

The Expulsion of the Acadians

Introduction The expulsion of the Acadians from the British Colony of Nova Scotia by Governor Charles Lawrence is one of the best-known cases of forced displacement of European colonists in North America. The Acadians originated from French and they moved and settled at the North American Northeastern region called Acadia. This area was taken over […]

Change Management Analysis

Introduction Management of change refers to an approach that encourages employees, team members, and institutional managers to changeover from the current systems that seem ineffective to the best practices that would facilitate the achievement of the desired results in the future (Graetz, Rimmer, Smith & Lawrence 2011, p. 89). This entails the introduction of several […]

Business Expansion: A Case of Wal-Mart

Introduction Global organizations continue to expand their physical borders as they venture into the international market in search of huge revenue and profits. With the advent of globalization, most international companies find it easier to coordinate and control their operations as they target the achievement of bottom-line organizational objectives. However, challenges continue to influence the […]

Analysis of Ego Depending On the Case of Rat Man

Introduction Sigmund Freud was a renowned psychoanalyst whose legacy lives on beyond his death. His recognition comes from development of psychoanalytic theories such as The Id, Ego, and Superego Life, Death Instincts, The Conscious and Unconscious Mind, and Psychosexual Development (Lipton, 1977). Freud based his theories on the immense knowledge gathered from interactions with psychoanalytic […]

Management: Pay and Rewards

Organizations tend to align their employees’ pay packages to the strategic business goals and objectives. The remunerations and benefits must reflect on the company’s market strength. Interestingly, employees’ remunerations do not necessarily have to depend on the company’s performance over a given period (Greenhouse, 2005). For example, when Asciano made a loss of $695, it […]

First World War and Germany

Roger Chickering examines the comprehensive effects of the World War I on imperial Germany. The author is of the view that the war affected every person in society, irrespective of gender, age, educational background, race and religious affiliation. The book evaluates the role of the military in perpetuating the conflicts, the diplomatic aspects, governmental role, […]

Organizational Discourse of Social Activities

Introduction Communication is an essential part of everyone’s life, both in daily activities and in the workplace. Therefore, applied linguistics has started to take an active interest in identifying the recurrent patterns of language usage by people in various contexts, with various backgrounds, and in different professional settings. The issue of institutional discourse has come […]

Situational Analysis and Marketing Plan Audit for Nissan Patrol Desert Edition

Introduction The concept of marketing is very pertinent to any business, especially when introducing a new product/version into the market. The process encompasses comprehending and meeting the needs of the target customers. The aim of this paper is to develop a marketing plan for the Nissan Patrol Desert Edition through a theoretical and analytical approach. […]


Oligopoly is a type of market structure that has few companies but with huge capital bases. ‘Few firms’ in this case are taken to mean that the activities of one firm are largely influenced by the activities of the rest of the firms in the industry. In other words, interdependence is eminent. Should one firm, […]

Mill’s On Liberty

Liberty can be defined as the freedom to do whatever one wishes without control from external forces such as the government. This means that people have the freedom to carry out their activities without restrictions from others. For instance, human beings at liberty are expected to make independent decisions since their thinking is not controlled […]

Why the Breton Woods System Failed

Introduction Economic system refers to organizational arrangement as well as processes through which any given society makes decisions concerning production and consumption. One common theme about these objectives is that they are characterized by inconsistencies and trade-offs. Therefore, for one objective to be attained completely there will be at least a partial sacrifice of another. […]

Dual Relationships and Boundaries

Moral issues that relate to professional boundaries are the most difficult and tricky. In short, boundary issues result after a conflict between the professional duties of the social workers and their social, religion, business or sexual relationships. Dual relationships make professionals face conflicts of interest thus leading to boundary issues. Such relationships result after professionals […]

Social Alienation

Abstract Social alienation exists in many countries around the world. For example, over the decades, societies have continued to experience marginalization and lower social mobility. Inequalities in education, income, and health highlight the worsening impact of social alienation in the society. Despite the existence of these social ills, western countries perceive social alienation differently from […]

Markets and morals

Introduction Michael Sandel was correct in asserting that some aspects of life should never be tainted by money. Money has a perverting effect that devalues human life as well as human relationships. Additionally, it leads to inequality and may even destroy relationships. Several cultures illustrate the meaning of money by the way they treat it. […]

Julius Caesar’ Desire for Power

Introduction Throughout the annals of time there have been men that have quite literally steered the course of human history, their impact, influence and subsequent contributions to the shaping of mankind have helped bring about the current society that people now enjoy today; one such man who has forever left an indelible mark in humanity’s […]

Legal-Ethical Issues Affecting Patient Rights for the Elderly

Ethics is an important part of the field of nursing; it concerns moral aspects of people behavior and attitudes. As practice shows, there are often ethical dilemmas related to personal responsibilities and freedoms. Every patient has their legal rights and every nurse practitioner is to respect those rights regardless of gender and age of the […]

Masafi Water Company and Al Ain Water Company

The researchers from Worldwatch institute have found out that the consumption of bottled water has gone up to approximately 40% (Wait, 2008).There have been various reasons for this consumption such as, climatic change, raised living standard and population growth etc. According to Saleem, particularly, in Middle East, the consumption of bottled water from 2003 to […]

Elijah Muhammad

Introduction Elijah Muhammad is one of the history makers that America has come to appreciate especially in the 20th century. This is manly based on the fact that he mentored several senior people like Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan. His association with the Nation of Islam equally put him to the limelight, as he headed […]

Democracy in the Middle East

Democracy is a word often used to refer to being ruled or governed by “the people.” Democratic societies base everything, crucial state decisions, control, and policy formulation upon the people. This is contrary to communist societies where everything is controlled by the government. Interestingly, even communist nations like China claim to be democratic. Democracy gives […]