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Therapy for Children and Young Patients with Anxiety Disorders

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a practice that has been in existence since 1980s. This approach involves a specific effort to preserve the positive impacts of behavior therapy that have been proved with involvement of the cognitive activities that are exhibited by the individual receiving the treatment. The main aim of merging the two approaches is […]

Entrepreneurial Management in University

Introduction Policy-makers and managerial scientists argue that people, who are working in various organizations, should have the qualities that are typical of entrepreneurs. This paper is aimed at discussing why they emphasize these attributes of an individual. Furthermore, it is vital to show how educational institutions such as universities can prepare students for the role […]

Importance of Parenting Concepts

Introduction Parenting is a continuous process that usually does not produce immediate results. This implies that parents have to be actively involved in child rearing to ensure positive development and nurture desired norms and values. Parenting is termed as a gift and a privilege since parents are given the opportunity to positively impact a person’s […]

The Sexualization and Objectification of Young Female Musicians in Print Ads

Introduction Sexualization and objectification of women in the mass media has been a common practice by majority of the media outlets in the Western world. This practice has been fueled by the perception that sex sells. Sexualizing images have therefore become prevalent in corporate advertising and popular media. A significant industry that has capitalized on […]

David Jones Company’s Strategies for Downsizing

Executive Summary Organisational downsizing underscores the deliberate move by the senior management of an organisation to scale down its operations, often by reducing its workforce, to improve its efficiency, enhance costs, and increase productivity. This report was prepared at the request of the senior management of David Jones to provide a strong analysis of the […]

Amazon E-Business Platform

Introduction The role of information management in the promotion of social media products and services has become paramount to the success of e-business platforms. Key players in the industry have developed unique information management strategies with a view of gaining a competitive edge over their rival companies. The internet market platform offers a diverse range […]

Education: Using Multimedia for Learning

Workshop Activities The website is a great platform for creating avatars that can be used to depict oneself or even one’s friends and relatives. The website can help students to explore their identities and share their views on themselves and others. This will make students’ interactions more informative and creative. The website helps […]

Discrimination and Affirmative Action

Primary Moral Wrong Committed by Discrimination Discrimination is a social malpractice characterized by hatred, prejudice, and injustice. This malpractice is morally wrong. According to Arnold, Beauchamp, and Bowie (2012, p. 58), “the practice promotes inappropriate treatments on morally irrelevant grounds”. The practice also wrongs different individuals in the society. Moral philosophy (also called ethics) examines […]

ABC and XYZ Companies Management Information System

Introduction Technology has transformed the world into a global village, and firms are under pressure to find ways of gaining a competitive advantage over their market rivals in order to achieve success. One of the best ways of gaining this competitive advantage is to develop mechanisms of generating business intelligence that would provide the needed […]

Marketing System as a Product Intake and Retention

Understanding marketing system Basically, a marketing system is a complex network comprising of sellers, buyers, and other players that meet to trade in a product. The marketing system includes direct players such as the consumers and producers, suppliers, independent entities such as business associations or regulatory agencies. Kotler and Keller (2012) state that “in order […]

Hedges in Linguistics

The definitions of Hedges by various Linguists According to Nikula (1997, p.188), hedging is a technique in communication which speakers employ in their utterances to ‘soften’ their magnitude of their speeches. The approach aims at enhancing agreement between the speaker and the listeners. In short, he suggests that it helps to bring the hearers and […]

Barclays Bank CSR

Introduction Barclay’s Corporate Social Report centres on community support, growth contribution and carrying out business using sound principles. The company focuses on improving its customer’s lives as well as the well being of its communities. CSR Summary Growth contribution is one of the key areas that Barclays addresses in its corporate social report. The need […]

Brazil Sustainable and Productive Agricultural Practices

Introduction Brazil is the second fifth largest country in the world geographically and in terms of population. In this view, Brazil epitomizes on the ongoing global tension pitying biodiversity preservation against sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth. Brazil is a key emerging economic power, which has a GDP of US$6040 billion and a GDP per […]

Summary of W. Nicholson. “Account of the New Electrical Apparatus of Sig. Alex. Volta…”

The article, “Account of the New Electrical Apparatus of Sig. Alex. Volta…”, is a paper sent to the president of the Royal Society known as Sir. Joseph Banks. The authors are William Nicholson and Anthony Carlisle, who are renowned scholars in the field of physics and electricity. Nicholson and Carlisle presented a four paper article […]


Introduction When Puma experienced efficiency issues in its Swedish warehouse after a rapid growth, the management steered the adoption of a mobile system that could save the situation. This system became one of the most supportive elements of the warehouse afterwards. Therefore, this paper investigates the motive that led to this adoption, the various components […]

Foot Locker Marketing Plan

Executive Strategy Within the past year China has eclipsed Japan to become the second largest economy in the world making it a potential high yield market for Foot Locker’s expansion into new international markets. Various studies examining the market in China have shown that the Chinese have developed a certain “hunger” for international brands with […]

Juvenile Justices

Introduction Over the last decade, child abuse and neglect has been on the increase. This fact comes with its challenges and right now juvenile justice system is facing challenges and some unique issues that if not well addressed would plunge this system into crisis in future. It is unfortunate that, this system has not undergone […]