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Brooklynn Barlow studied at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA, with average GPA 3.03 out of 4.0.

Financial and Fraud Auditing

Differences between Financial and Fraud Auditing Financial audit is the review of financial statements of the organization. A financial audit exercise is taken to be the process that seeks to verify financial statements of an entity. This is done with a view of expressing or making an audit judgment about a legal entity. On the […]

Biometrics and User Authentication

Introduction One of the greatest concerns in the filed of information security is verification that an individual accessing confidential, sensitive, or secret information is approved to do so. Such access is normally achieved through an individual giving their identity through an authentication process. In simple terms, the individual accessing any classified information has to validate […]

Ducati Marketing Department

The article affirms that, Ducati an Italian based firm focusing on motorcycle manufacturing announced the elimination of its marketing department. In its place, it came up with a community driven system. Hence, the company makes decisions on important issues concerning their products basing on the reactions from the community. In addition, it has developed, […]

Threats to Global Food Supplies

Surviving in the realm of the 21st century global economy is not an easy task for SMEs. Developing in a new environment, they have to face a number of entirely new challenges. Since most of these problems are related to not only economic, but also social and ecological issues, a complex approach towards the new […]

Channelling and Pricing Strategy

Introduction Globalisation has facilitated trade among countries. It has made the world a global village where goods made in one country can get access to another, off-course after meeting logistics set by the exporting and importing countries. Selling in international market has advantages to the producers of a certain product with the most notable benefit […]

Product Innovation in Business Organizations

Product innovation in a business organization requires team work. Product innovation is a project, which requires different team members to play different roles. The organization of the team and communication among team members during innovation is crucial to the success of the team. Effective organization requires that team members with the most suitable skills to […]

Wal-Mart in China

Introduction Wal-Mart has undergone remarkable growth through the implementation of the international market expansion strategy. Some of the markets in which the firm has experienced optimal performance include Brazil and Mexico. The international market expansion strategy has increased Wal-Mart’s capacity to generate sales revenue. One of the markets that Wal-Mart has identified critical to its […]

Video Game Effects

Barlett, Christopher, et al. “Video Game Effects–Confirmed, Suspected, and Speculative: A Review of the Evidence.” Simulation & Gaming, vol. 40, no. 3, 2009, pp. 377-403. According to Barlett et al., when it comes to discussing the potential effects of playing video games, it is important to understand how they can be properly categorized. The authors suggest […]

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Focal Liver Lesions

Introduction Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) is now gaining popularity as a key a tool for demonstration and detection of focal liver lesions. It has replaced the normal medical ultrasound as an imaging technique. A normal medical ultrasound as an imaging technique has generally been the gold standard diagnostic imaging technique for the liver across the world. […]

The benefits of implementing Global Standards (GSI Health Care) at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center

Background and Introduction World Health Organization (WHO) requires medical facilities to offer high quality medical facilities; to attain this noble objective, system within medical facilities must be operating effectively. Procurement and stocks management play vital role in the entire medical service delivery; to ensure efficiencies medical facilities need to have current/modern management systems that are […]

Website Critique: Nyali Beach Hotel

Executive Summary This paper aims at revealing the website design concepts undertaken by the Nyali Beach Hotel. The study analyses the 4 P’s of marketing, and attempts to critique whether they have been used appropriately in this particular website. Therefore, the paper provides a critical analysis of the Nyali Beach Hotel’s website by exploring the […]

Organizational Culture

Abstract This paper examines the way organizational culture impacts on decision making by two authors, Sekaran (2004) and schein (2005) by taking us through the effects of strong and weak cultures on leadership and bringing to view the culture and sub-cultures that have to be factored by management in making the best decisions in line […]

Need for Effective Networking for Consultants

There is no guarantee that someone who networks will be successful in business. In fact, ninety-five percent of networking activities do not translate to any tangible benefits. However, people that succeed in business participate in networking events. The point here is that doing it does not guarantee it will work, but success relies on it. […]

Mozart Symphonies

Wolfgang Mozart is widely acknowledged as one of the best composers in western music history. He born on 27th of January 1756 in Austria and passed on in 1971.Together with Beethoven and Haydn, he revolutionized the classical music to new achievements and heights. Unlike other composers, he was talented in all the other musical genres […]

Promotional Strategy IMC for given Product

Introduction The following essay is the analysis of Porsche Dubai promotion strategy. The study contains suggestions on how the company may improve its integrated marketing communication program in order to increase its sales. The integrated marketing communication is a marketing strategy that incorporates all the aspects of marketing with an aim of increasing the brand […]

Musical Themes in the Film “Conan the Barbarian”

Thesis statement Those who had been introduced to the history of cinematography are well aware of the fact that, even before the beginning of a ‘talkie’ era, musical accompaniment played rather important role in highlighting movies’ semantic significance. As it was pointed out by Gianetti, ‘(prior to 1927) In the large city theaters, full orchestras […]

Multinational companies in Mexico

Abstract This paper has attempted to review Mexico as an investment hub for multinational companies. The countries’ potential is discussed briefly alongside cultural considerations. The importance understanding the organizational culture of firms in Mexico before investing has also been discussed. Reasons for multinationals’ interest in setting up operations in Mexico The main reason why MNCs […]

“Charlotte’s web” by E.B. White

Introduction Charlotte’s web is a book written by the author White E.B. and was initially printed in 1952. It is demonstrated by Garth Williams. This book begins when John Arable’s sow gives birth to several piglets. Mr. Arable finds out that one of them is a runt and makes a decision of killing it. The […]

School Violence, Its Causes and Prevention

School violence has become an international issue in education systems because it has affected not only delivery of educational services, but also lives of students. Since education systems in various countries aim at enhancing intellectual capacity and shaping development of behaviors in society, it is critical in development of a peaceful and prosperous society, which […]