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Three Worlds of IT

This article dwells upon the use or rather effective exploitation of IT. First, the author states that three categories of IT exist (McAfee 3). These are function IT, network IT and enterprise IT. The researcher provides a precise description of the three categories. It is necessary to note that this classification can be very effective […]

Outbreak Democratic Institutions

Introduction In this analysis, the rational choice theory and sociological theory have been used to evaluate the democratic institutions. Under, the sociological theory, the focus would be centered on the corporatism1. Democracy refers to a set of principles that are considered to be very fundamental to the continuity of humanity2. Although the actual concept of […]

The Kyoto Protocol and Desertification

Diplomatic history of the multilateral agreement on desertification A look into the history of desertification reveals that desertification is a problem that has lived with humanity for a long time. Moreover, desertification has grown in scope, making a substantial number of people to refer to it as one of the leading environmental problems in the […]

The Instructional Power of Game-Based Learning and Simulation in Education

Abstract Psychologists have often emphasised the need to incorporate games in school curriculum as a way of giving learners opportunity to develop in all aspects of the curriculum. According to them, these games offer learners an avenue to release their mental tension resulting from rigorous academic engagement. Previous studies have also indicated that the learning […]

Netflix Case Study

Although Netflix is still the leading online movie DVD rental firm, it faces numerous challenges, both internal and external. Internally, the firm has to deal with high operational costs, customer relationship issues and high costs of revenue sharing agreements, among others (Reidenbach and Goeke 111). Externally, the firm’s most critical challenge is the emergence of […]

The North American City on the Ground

The North American continent is located within the Northern, and Western Hemisphere and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East, South America to the South-east, Arctic Ocean to the North, and Pacific Ocean to the West. North America precedes Africa and Asia in largeness and accommodates twenty three states with diverse population and cultures. […]

Nursing Shortage Problem

Introduction Nursing shortage is a problem that is encountered by most of the healthcare providing institutions in many nations. It refers to a state where nursing professionals’ demand is higher than the number that is supplied to an institution. The role of nurses in health institutions is vital and cannot be assumed. This is because […]

Gun Control in US

All year round, approximately 30,000 people are reported to die from gunshot wounds in the USA. In 2010, the US reported gun violence as the leading cause of premature mortality, with young people falling victims. However, it is such a pathetic state for a developed country as the US to have such high mortality rate […]

Issues in Employee Hiring

Companies receive very many applications because many people are looking for jobs. Unfortunately, these companies do not have the vacancies to satisfy this high demand for jobs. Consequently, human resource managers and other hiring officers are compelled to select a suitable candidate from the many applications they receive anytime they have a vacancy. However, the […]

The Performance of Workplace Management

Introduction The performance of every organization is highly determined by its workforce. Employees of any organization determine whether it will attain its goals and objectives by how they contribute towards the output of the organization. Hence recognizing the role of the employees towards the success of an organization has made many organizations to view their […]

Honda Automobile Manufacturer

Introduction Value chain in a company consists of activities that aim to take in inputs and convert them into outputs that are of high quality in order to cater for the needs of the end consumer. Value chain activities are important to an organization because they add value and quality to the end product so […]

Teaching Web Design in Secondary School Classroom

Introduction Teaching Web design in secondary school can present significant challenges. However, the need for Web sites among organizations makes it a worthy learning course. This is because most contents formerly available in other forms are now online. Web design students and teachers should demonstrate skills in graphic, photography, and art among others. The three […]

Digital Marketing in the Fashion Industry

Introduction John Stevens studied fashion and design at the University of California in the United States and acquired a Bachelors Degree in fashion and design. After acquiring a Bachelors Degree in fashion and design, John discovered a need in the fashion and design industry. John noticed that the fashion market required trendy and dynamic individuals, […]

Mobile and Wearable Devices Industry

Introduction The last decade has experienced enormous innovations that have led to a swift revolution of the mobile and wearable devices industry. As a result, the mobile device market has significantly expanded. The development of telecommunication technology has compelled many firms such as Lenovo to manufacture high-tech mobile and wearable devices such as Bluetooth headsets, […]

The Next Frontier: Personalized Learning

Current System Personalized Learning System One size fits all Assessment leads to individual learning plan Letter grades given after assessment tests, based on the performance of everyone in the class Students receive written assessments that that judges them against personal potential All students learn at a common pace set by the teacher, which makes fast […]

Promotional report campaign for DMO

Introduction The report was about a tourism promotion campaign that involved the reopening of the Africa Lion Safari performed by the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) tourism in Warragamba, Sydney in Australia achieved between 2008 and 2012. The GWS consisted of 14 local government areas (LGA) that comprised of Auburn council, Wallondilly Share, Camden Council, City […]

The imbalance numbers of blacks incarcerated

Statistics clearly show that a large number of African-Americans are arrested and incarcerated in the US today. This has been attributed to violation of drug laws especially in regard to drug trafficking and drug abuse among many other forms of crime such as robbery and street fighting (Merida, 2007). Due to high rates of arrests […]

How to effectively transform change in your employees

Abstract One of the primary tasks of leaders in any organization is to initiate changes. Different models describe changes in various perspectives. The leaders of an organization may use any model depending on their systems and the type of change implemented. The paper compares Price Waterhouse and Michael Beer models. It covers the strengths and […]

Implementing Telemedicine Technology

Introduction Telemedicine system is an application of improved telecommunication systems to exchange health information and offer medical services throughout cultural, social, time, and geographic walls by medical practitioners during their daily activities. Developments in Information Technology (IT) overwhelm the way of life, with the health care field influenced just like all other fields. The increasing […]

Steinway & Sons: Buying a Legend

Situation Analysis The future of Steinway has been highly affected by its several rebranding system. Currently, Steinway & Sons is losing market due to its low quality production. The latest acquisition of Steinway has brought this contemporary issue into the light creating a dilemma in decision making among the current managers. Current Problem Steinway & […]

Human Resource Function and Role

Introductions The contemporary business environment has pushed firms to adapt and innovate to keep abreast with the competition and at the same time meet the requirements of the industry. Traditionally the managerial roles were rigid and squarely defined for the managers to follow. This however presented major challenges in as far as flexibility is concerned […]

International Marketing Plan for Miscea in the UAE

Introduction to the product and choice of country Introduction to the Product The technology is developing at an amazing pace all over the world. This is from information and telecommunication technology, manufacturing technology among others. But perhaps the most unlikely places that one would expect to encounter latest and state of the art technology is […]

Organization Change model

Introduction Organizational change refers to the process of shifting from one operation or state in an organization to another. Organizational change includes shifting from one development project to the other that will facilitate growth within the organization. Diversification of operations will help achieve the best results. Organizational change involves two major time frames, either a […]

Effects of World War I on the Development of Modern Art

Introduction The World War I and the events that preceded it had significant and long lasting implications on modern art. There was an explosion of innovation and creativity both in technology and art during the period1. The automobile and the airplane are some of the recent technologies that quickened the pace of human life and […]

Human Resource: Importance of Individuals

Introduction Human thinking, physical input and strategy have always been at the middle of human survival and development. Without such input, it’s difficult to fathom how development would have come by. However, since human beings have always been there, it has always been easy to dismiss their input as something which is easily replaceable through […]

Domestic Violence and Its Classification

Introduction Domestic violence refers to a practice or form of offensive doings by one or both associates in an intimate association. These associations can range from matrimony, dating, kin, acquaintances or cohabitation. Other names used to refer to domestic violence include; conjugal abuse, spousal abuse and family aggression. Domestic violence is meted out through various […]

Accounting/Financial Services Provider Strategic Planning

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis An industry’s external environment refers to the factors outside the control of the firm. The factors may influence the firm positively or negatively. These external factors are economics, legal environment, demographics, natural resources, technology, and social economic factors among others (Brech, 2008). The model can be used to analyze the external […]

Coulrophobia Research Results

Under 40 In this part of the research study, two children of 5 and 6 were interviewed in order to get their general impression on clowns. The two young children indicated that they thought that clowns were “scary” due to the weird way they looked, the sounds they made and the general behavior or attitude […]

Alexis de Tocqueville

Introduction Alexis de Tocqueville was a French citizen who was a historian. He wrote a historic documentation by the name democracy in America in the year 1835. This paper clearly describes the three distinct races that lived in America in the 19th century. According to the documentation, the three races were; the Native Americans, Africans […]