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Camilo Graves studied at the University of St. Joseph, USA, with average GPA 3.04 out of 4.0.

Women Empowerment: Did it Break Glass Ceiling?

Introduction The paper lays down the experiences of researcher and learning from the research done on glass ceiling faced by women. Though this is not a reflective essay, the findings are expressed in a narrative manner, and a conclusion has been given regarding career and glass ceiling faced by women. Empowerment and presence in the […]

Causes of Gasoline Price Fluctuations

Introduction Over the past decade, there have been continued fluctuations in oil and gasoline prices globally. These price fluctuations have been facilitated by the increase or decrease of crude oil prices in the international market. The price fluctuations of oil and gasoline have had profound effects on many economies and businesses across the world. It […]

Pursuit of Efficiency and Effectiveness

Introduction The world is increasingly becoming competitive due to the emergence of new firms in various industries. According to Phipps (2011, p. 275), firms are finding themselves under increased pressure to deliver products of very high quality, but at subsidized prices to attract customers. Delivering products of high quality at reduced prices is not an […]

Water Pollution Sources, Effects and Control

Introduction Water is a most important commodity in human life and it is actually used in almost every aspect of human life besides the fact that it supports the entire ecosystem. It is used in drinking, cooking, washing and on top of that, it is important in industries where it is used for various purposes. […]

Financial Markets After Terrorist Assault and The Enron Financial Outrage

Introduction This paper highlights the purpose of capital market and the difference between capital money securities and money market securities in terms of characteristics. Furthermore, the paper will discuss how supply charges went down because of the 2001 terrorist assault and the Enron financial outrage. Purpose of Capital Market By definition, capital market may be […]

Long Term Investment Decisions

Outline of plan The plan for the company, which faces increases in costs of the major ingredients, is to lobby government for recognition of its products as important for consumers and intervene through fiscal policies like taxation to reduce the cost of ingredients. Meanwhile, the firm will concentrate on product differentiation, which should allow it […]

Intelligence and Character

Introduction Many think that the major function of educators is to give certain amount of knowledge to young people to make them ready to complete some tasks in the society. Many people also stress that educators should help young people develop an appropriate moral system to help them fit in the contemporary society. Nonetheless, even […]

Ways of Strengthening Reinforced Concretes

How does the reinforced concrete become strong? Among the most celebrated writers on material strength and construction integrity, readers find Edward G. Nawy’s “Reinforced Concrete A Fundamental Approach” as an invaluable reference. In this discourse, Dr Nawy’s perspectives on structural engineering provide resourceful insightful, with regard to material strength involving reinforced concrete. The main content […]

Application of Organizational Theory to Healthcare Organizations

Introduction Healthcare organizations have gone through extreme transformations during the last few decades. This has been done in parallel to the mounting pressures that these organizations have faced in the same duration of time. The origin of the pressures is both from internal and external sources which have in turn affected the manner in which […]

Advertising’s Unintended Consequence

Introduction Advertising is a way in which a company generates interest in a particular product line in order to encourage greater sales within specific markets, but also to generate a certain degree of “hype” and product patronage for the products/services that the company is offering. In some product markets though, certain types of consumer goods […]

Personality and Validation

Introduction Personality is a complex construct in psychology because it has different variables that require diverse tests. Given that different tests can give varied outcomes of same variable, it is imperative that there is validation of both the tests and variables to establish their consistency and reliability in measuring certain constructs of personality. For decades, […]

Educational Psychology

A course in educational psychology has helped me as a teacher in learning how to completely comprehend and tackle daily challenges in a typical class setting. Fundamentally, this course focuses on tenets of learning and teaching in a classroom. From my experience in this course, I have realized that education psychology entails more than just […]

Path-Goal Theory

Introduction The three leaders in the case study operate under different work conditions, group norms and employee-types. Consequently, the effectiveness and ineffectiveness eminent in each of the shifts depends on the leader’s ability to merge his or her leadership style with these variables. Model description The model chosen for analysis is known as the Path-goal […]

The relationship between form and content

The significance of web publishing platform The relationship between form and content has been affected by the advent of the Internet and the growth of Web publishing platforms. The Internet tool has grown to include almost all educational, informative and entertainment resources. With the spread of extremely high-speed Internet connections and programs, the tool provides […]

Cloud computing in supply chain management

Cloud computing is one of the advancements, which have significantly transformed the manner in which several companies manage and access information within and outside the firm. In general, this technology allows an organization to access its information technology services like, applications and infrastructure through the internet. For this reason, companies adapt to ever-changing business environment […]

Bureaucracy as a Concept

The discourses of Max Weberian’s bureaucracy are central to schools of thought related to merit systems, hierarchical structures of governance, job specialization, and uniform principles. Essentially, bureaucracy is interactively “a large democratic system of government that has trouble making changes in a timely manner” (Mandel, 1992, p.27). The ideal form of bureaucracy discussed by Weber […]

Case study Analysis: Cumnor Ice Cream Ltd

Introduction Given the current position and the management problems in Cumnor Ice Cream Ltd, the company has sought to solve the major problems, challenges, and issues facing it. The key issues are found in marketing, operations, human resources, and the finance departments. The report seeks to explore these challenges and offer the appropriate recommendations that […]

The Common and Civil Law System

There are two legislative traditions that are very widespread in many countries; in particular one can speak about the common and civil law systems. This paper is aimed at discussing the similarities and differences between these approaches. Furthermore, one should show how these differences can affect the work of many companies, for instance, American firms […]

Methodology of data collection

Introduction This section focuses on various aspects of data collection. It includes methods of data collection, analysis and presentation. Every research project applies a certain research method to achieve its objectives depending on its goals. In this research, the researchers were interested in gathering information about issues related to bullying. The researchers interviewed sampled respondents […]

Biblical worldview on conflict resolution

In law, the concept of summary judgment is usually subject to controversy. This is evident in this case, where the appellant wants the application of a summary judgment upheld, based on specific aspects of the case. However, the decision to prefer summary judgment depends on numerous factors, such as previous rulings, facts in the case […]

The Stereotypical and Actual Portraits of the Irish

Introduction The portrayal of the Irish Diaspora in major films, tales or other literary works bears a sense of resemblance, whether the work is factual or fictitious. This follows a number of stereotypes connected with it. While some hold true, others are mere speculations founded on negative ethnicity and racism. One cannot neglect at this […]

Mom’s Teaching Chart

Introduction Deciding the right feeding plan (between breastfeeding and formula-feeding) for babies is one of the critical resolutions expectant mothers can make. Presently, many health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Dietetic Association (ADA) advocate for breastfeeding of babies up to (but not limited […]

Debt Doesn’t Matter

In the recently concluded GOP elections the populist vote said no to government spending. Many believe that government spending and its accomplices, debt and deficits are the reasons why the economy is in turmoil (Karabell, 2010, p.1). The Tea Party capitalized on these fears and experienced a decisive victory in the said GOP elections. Their […]

“Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin

The Narrator’s Epiphany The narrator in “Sonny’s Blues” is aware of social problems expressed in his brother’s music. The narrator, Sonny’s brother, realizes that music helps Sonny overcome his inner pain and suffering. For a long time, he has been detached from Sonny because they had different perspectives on life. Once they went to a […]

Similarities and Differences in the Cultures of Germany, France, and the Netherlands

The modern tendencies in the world’s progress and social development also influence the cultural interactions between the representatives of different nations and ethnicities. In spite of the fact the process of globalization with its orientation to multiculturalism is in a progress, various European cultures are characterized not only by many similarities but also by significant […]