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Police Brutality in the USA

Policy brutality in the US has been a matter of public concern for decades. More recently, it has elicited considerable public attention following high-profile police brutality cases, such as the death of Michael Brown in 2014. In particular, disproportionate police brutality toward members of ethnic and racial minority groups has received a lot of media […]

Cybercrime – Pentagon

Abstract With the progressive advances in technology, incidences of cybercrimes are also on the rise. Preventing these cybercrimes requires organizations to develop knowledge that can help them form psychological profiles of the perpetuators of these crimes. This would subsequently help organizations install appropriate controls in order to effectively deal with cybercrimes. It is the lack […]

Transnational Organized Crime

Introduction Transnational organized crime is a big business in the current international system. It takes place when individuals engage in the sale of goods without acquiring necessary documentation. This affects the operations of the state because individuals conduct business without paying taxes to the state. For instance, they import goods that are of low quality, […]

Goodscan Contract Scenario

A legally enforceable contract should be devoid of inadequacies and legal incompetence. All the legal elements must be present in an agreement that the parties enter into with an intention to be legally bound by the contract. Parties enter into contracts that are bound by law to gain an advantage of being remedied in case […]

Learning Theories for Online Education

  The process of acquiring skills and knowledge in a given discipline requires an inclusion of such elements as additional resources to accelerate the learning progress. Learning as a process has theories that view it from different perspectives. In learning, teachers use different resources, such as charts, blackboard, models, recorded or live radio and television […]

Hospitals Aim to Keep Older Nurses on the Job by Increasing Safety

Safety Measures for the Ageing Labor Force The present paper discusses the article that appeared in the February 2016 issue of Business Insurance under the name “Hospitals Aim to Keep Older Nurses on the Job by Increasing Safety.” The article describes a new safety measure that was introduced at the Californian hospital system Scripps Health. […]

Cyber Security Threat Posed by a Terrorist Group

Summary Cyber terrorism refers to terrorist attacks that are aimed at computer systems. It is similar to the traditional physical terrorism in its aim of distraction with the difference that it targets computer systems and not human beings and other physical property. This paper highlights possible cyber terror threats in Australia in government agencies and […]

Comparing the economies of Australia and Canada

Introduction The Canadian and the Australian economies are similar and different in equal measures. Both economies are small with similar economic structures and statistical systems. Population wise, both countries fall within similar ranges, Australia’s population is 20 million while Canada’s population is approximately 30 million. Consequently, the GDP of both countries fall within similar ranges, […]

“Fashion retailing, marketing, and merchandising” by John Major

Women’s clothing industry generates huge revenue worldwide. Starting from procurement to production, women’s clothing industry has creative designers. Garment designers stay in business because of sales. The goal of every designer is to make profit while maintaining brand reputation. The sale of a firm’s fabric requires fashion marketing strategy. The author defined fashion marketing as […]

Conflicting Policies toward Minorities

At the end of the nineteenth century, the American government pursued different policies toward various minority groups, even though the representatives of these groups were considered to be distinct from the Anglo-Saxon population. Some of them were forced to assimilate into the mainstream culture, while others were excluded or segregated from the community. To a […]

Basics of Canadian Politics and Government

Canada is one of the most democratic countries in the world. However, like other modern democracies, it faces democratic challenges. According to Simpson (2001), Canadian system can be regarded as a friendly dictatorship and lacks the idealness to be a fully democratic country. There is no clear theory of assessing democratic level of a country. […]

The Role of Transportation in the Development of Tourism

Introduction The growth and development of tourism depends on transportation to a great extent. Although transportation and tourism development are, nevertheless, this paper has tried to demonstrate that the relationship between these two issues is somewhat controversial owing to the many schools of thought that are available. Nevertheless, new technologies in transportation has greatly improved […]

Changes brought about by the appearance of the printed book

The discoveries of the Renaissance brought major changes to the lives of people throughout the civilized world, and especially in Europe. Inventions such as the telescope, the compass, the printing press and many other discoveries during this period initiated a time of change that would build the foundation for scientific discovery and in the process, […]