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Environmental Impacts of Nuclear Material

Introduction The debate on exploration and utilization of nuclear material revolves around safety concerns, especially on what it portends to humans, plants, animals and the environment upon exposure to radioactive elements. Proponents as well as opponents are sharply divided on socioeconomic as well as environmental sustainability and suitability of nuclear programs. Ironically, both sides of […]

Change Management

Introduction All organizations (including business organizations, not-for-profit organizations, as well as, public departments) operate within a complex matrix comprising of physical, political, social, economic, cultural and technological environments. These environments mainly determine whether an organization succeeds in achieving its goals and objectives, or not. Furthermore, the ability of an organization to adjust to changes taking […]

Keeping America Young

Introduction The United States has a large number of elderly people in its population. This group is associated with a number of social and financial problems. Of these elderly people, a large proportion is in the category of over 65 years that is referred to as the ‘older population.’ According to the latest available data, […]

High Quality in Operation Management

Definition: Different goods and services are evaluated with references to their quality. From this point, organizations and companies which produce different goods and services focus on quality management in order to control various aspects of the quality issue. Quality of products and services should be addressed at all the stages of production, beginning with operations […]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Article

Structure Firstly, we have to mention that the distinction between structural and stylistic peculiarities of persuasive essay writing have to be taken into consideration. It is commonly preferred to analyze the structure of the essay at first, looking for the author’s methods of achieving his/her purpose of persuading the audience. Hence, at the beginning of […]