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Celia Simmons studied at Colorado State University, USA, with average GPA 3.53 out of 4.0.

The Struggle for Gender Equality

The struggle for gender equality has been going on for a long time. It can be said that there has been notable developments in the attempt to narrow the gap between men and women. Nevertheless, gender equality is far from reality. This assertion is especially true in Third World counties and even in emerging economies […]

Innovation and Its Positive Impact on the Society

Innovation is the process through which new ideas, products and methods are introduced. This new ideas and products are believed to have a positive impact on the society. Governments from all over the world have been encouraging their citizens to be innovative, especially the youth. In order to encourage innovation among young people, governments have […]

Use of Multi-Genres Characteristics in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

A famous American contemporary writer, Barbara Kingsolver with an assist of her husband Steven Hopp and daughter Camille Kingsolver published the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle that touches upon the problems of living a sustainable life. Kingsolver family decided to hold a life of the locavores producing their own healthy organic food. The book Animal, Vegetable, […]

Characteristics of the Order Primate

Primate is a mammal that belongs to the Order Primates. They ascended from predecessors that lived on trees in the tropical forests. This is evident in the characters of many primates. Order Primates are traditionally divided into two groups namely anthropoids/ simians and prosimians. Prosimians are more similar to earliest primates; they include lemurs of […]

An Employment Law Compliance Plan for Landslide Limousines

Mr. Bradley Stonefield must observe all employment laws in Austin, TX for the new limousine service. Throughout processes that would involve the 25 employees, Mr. Stonefield must ensure compliance with the law for the success of the business. Failure to comply with these laws could result into long legal tussles with employees and their representatives […]

Instructional Design

Introduction Teachers aim at satisfying the academic needs of students irrespective of their physical conditions. In this light, they design a teaching methodology that considers the need of all students. This paper will, therefore, touch on creating an instructional design that provides instructions in a technological manner. Importance of Designing for Complete Support Understandably, students […]

Michael Kors Watch

Introduction Product advertisement is a critical part in the marketing strategy. Reflectively, the choice of the advertisement media, advertisement strategy, and presentation tactics are the main ingredients of a successful advertisement. Thus, this analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the most appropriate form of media to advertise the Michael Kors Watch. Besides, the treatise explores […]

Marriott: Contemporary Trends and Competitors

Background JW Marriott hotels is owned by Marriot international. Marriot international is a Washington DC based company. In 1927, Willard Marriott started the hotel chain (Marriott 6). Key Bridge Marriott is the company’s longest running hotel and it opened its doors in 1959. From there on, it ignited an international growth to include 3,150 properties. […]

Digital Music Increasing Trend

It needs to be said that most of the stores that were opened by music labels have struggled and had to be closed. One of the main reasons for their failure to attract subscribers is the lack of diversity in their music catalogues. They only offered a small range of full-length albums by the artists […]

The Quality of Leadership Strategy

Introduction Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited [herein referred to as Deloitte] is a private limited company that operates in the professional services industry. The firm operates as a global entity and serves over 150 countries. Deloitte specializes in the provision of different professional services such as legal, consulting, financial advisory, tax and audit services. A workforce […]

Economic analysis of Lord Brownie’s Proposed Review

Introduction Higher learning institutions in United Kingdom (UK) are not exempted from restrictive government policies. Therefore, it is vital to note that statutory decisions that have been integrated in public policies have several impacts in higher learning institutions owing to the fact that they act as important determinants in shaping systems and structures in these […]

Documentary film called “The Corporation”.

Introduction The documentary identifies that corporations often apply some potentially harmful techniques in their production system as they seek to increase their profits. There has not been a lot of interest in identifying the potential harm that some production processes in corporations pose to ordinary people since most people have not been affected directly. The […]

The London Olympic Games

Introduction On 27th July, 2012, the London Olympic Games will kick off (London & Partners, n.d., pp.1). The event will bring together athletes from all around the world to compete in a total of 26 sport events (London & Partners, n.d., pp.2.) Indeed, the London Olympic Games is attracting a lot of international and local […]

Leadership within a Medical Facility

Leadership is a virtue that is very important in every sector within the society. Leadership defines success or failure of a given organization. According to this article, one of the places where leadership would be required is in the hospitals. The process of taking care of a patient is very demanding and it involves various […]

Abolition of Slavery in Brazil

Introduction For many historians, modern Brazilian history begins with the abolition of slavery. Talks of transition from slavery to freedom always take centre stage1. In most parts of America, the legislation to abolition slave trade was greatly opposed by big plantation owners who needed the services of slaves and knew that the legislation to end […]

The role of risk perception

Introduction The following essay is on the role of risk perception in the context of risk regulations and management. The discussion examines the contribution of risk regulatory bodies in control and management of risks. It also examines the role of risk management in creating awareness about potential risks. Occupational health and safety is important due […]

Rapid Progress of YouTube

Today we can observe the tendency of a constant development of the sites which provide visitors with the opportunity to share their videos with the other people in order to find the necessary and interesting information or to have fun. YouTube is one of the most popular sites among those users of the Internet resources […]

International Accounting Standards

Introduction The expansion of the global interactions especially in terms of the global market is what led to the need for the enactment of international standards. Therefore, the international standards are normally developed by global or international organizations in order to regulate the operations of various processes that are carried out internationally. International standards aim […]

Municipal government strategies for controlling personnel costs during the fiscal storm

The article begins by stating that indeed, the increasing personnel-related costs are stressing the city governments. Lately, America cities have experienced a decline in the number of resources, yet the public employees demand for benefits and pay rises every year (West & Condrey, 2011). In fact, personnel- related costs account for about 80% of most […]

Movie Analysis: The Long Shorts by Ice Cube

This movie is about a young girl whose talent was discovered at a young age of eleven years and then exploited to success, fame and honor. The movie is based on a true story of a girl called Jasmine Plummer who, at the tender age of 11years, was the first female player at the Pop […]

Manga: “Naruto” by Masashi Kishimoto

Manga is not just a reading for pleasure, it is a deeply philosophical piece of writing which should be considered in detail. It is impossible to read manga without thinking about its deep meaning. Each manga is a collection of simple stories about simple people and some magical creations with superpowers, but in most cases […]

New Media Technology

Abstract The use of newly developed media technology such as the internet to organize a mass protest in Egypt was a surprise to most people. This was mainly because such techniques have not been effectively used in such a way. Political movements have for example been conducted through physical rallies and appearances in media such […]

How Centralized Bureaucratic State Emerged In China

How China created a centralized state down to 500 CE Centralization of china was brought about by King Ch’eng, the king of Ch’ing after the weakening of the Chou and Shang states in 500BC. The fall of these states led to chaotic period known as The Warring states period. Ch’ing state led by the young […]

MyKasih Foundation

Introduction MyKasih is one of the most effective non profits making organizations that have managed to improve the lives of the people in Malaysia. The main function of MyKasih’s activities is to improve the lives of the less fortunate people in the community. The organisation is engaged in life improving activities like counseling, training various […]