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Violence in Video Games

There is a common opinion that violent video games and aggressive behavior are connected. However, some researchers and public authorities challenge this opinion and argue that there is no relationship between violence and cruel video games (Przybylski and Netta 16). The dispute exists as there is evidence that violent video games may cause severe outcomes […]

The production of beef: Quality control, Inventory management, Production service design

Quality control One of the most vital lessons learnt from the production of beef episode is the value of quality control. The production unit under analysis does not compromise on the quality of beef that comes from its facilities. The same applies to all the other companies that work alongside this organization during the slaughter […]

Procurement Practices for Efficient Procurement Processes

Abstract Procurement is one of the most important business processes in any given business organisation. The success of this practice can make or break the competitive advantage enjoyed by the company in the market. In this paper, the author looked at procurement practices of two companies operating in Victoria, Australia. The two companies are Montana […]

An Advocacy Campaign Strategy

Abstract Same sex marriages have become issues of public concern because of the perceptions that people have about the practices of their members. This advocacy campaign strategy aims at educating the public about the need to respect gays and lesbians. In addition it presents the expected outcomes, objectives and targeted audiences. This paper describes the […]

Volkswagen Polo Product

Introduction The Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s largest car makers. Specifically, the group is ranked third in the entire world in the automotive industry. The group has several branches across the world and their marketing communication strategies in these regions are influenced by a unique consumer behaviour culture of each market region. Besides, […]

Dexter Morgan’s Disorders

Dexter Morgan Dexter Morgan is a fictional character that appears in five novels, a television show and an animated short. Jeff Lindsay created Dexter’s character. His name reflects his dexterity and his ability to use both hands effectively. Michael C. Hall plays the role of Dexter in the television crime series. When Dexter was a […]

Microeconomics: competition and monopoly

Introduction There are four market types namely; monopoly, monopolistic competition, pure competition and oligopolistic markets (Peterson 1977). Pure monopolies and pure competition firms represent the two extremes of competition which is not easy to find in practice. The following is a review of an example of an organisation in Maryland operating in a pure competition […]

Simmons Case Study

Introduction With stiff competition in the global environment, companies and business organizations have been forced to redesign the organization structure to ensure that all the stakeholders are satisfied. Like customers, employees are valuable assets since they influence the success of an organization. It is the role of the top management to enrich jobs so as […]

Various internal and external stakeholders and the duty of loyalty to them. On the example of the hospital.

Different categories of stakeholders can be identified in the case study. Ideally, organizations must have both internal and external stakeholders (Coombs & Holladay, 2012). The five thousand employees in the hospital are the first important internal stakeholders. The president of the hospital must recognize their importance. Basically, the management must adequately consider their welfare. As […]

Difference in Operation of Casino Resort Hotels and Business Class Hotel

Introduction The similarity of services found in both casino resorts and business class hotels creates an overshadowing effect that blurs the differences between them. A casino is defined by the availability of gambling facilities in a recreational facility. Casino resorts may incorporate hotel facilities for their clientele. A hotel on the other hand refers to […]

Ten Thousand Villages

Development and gift-giving The main goal for a charitable organization is reaching out to many people. Ten Thousand Villages is a non-profit organization that provides funds for procurement of handmade products from different artisans around the world. The non-profit organization established its headquarters in Canada. The organization provides a market environment for disadvantaged artisans (Kitchen, […]

Pesticides Usage on Agricultural Products in California

Introduction In the history of the Americans, agricultural pesticide use has been associated with the farmers that live in the rural areas. The rural community population has exhibited an increasing trend since rural farmlands have also increased throughout the nation. This has contributed significantly to the increased usage of agricultural pesticides that has been recorded […]

Effective Management in International Business: Lessons from Four Seasons’ Expansion to France

Introduction Managing in an international business presents unique challenges due to differences in aspects such as culture and legislation among countries. For instance, a manager from a monochronic culture (e.g. North America) may find it challenging to work with employees from a polychronic culture (e.g. France) due to their different perceptions of time. The monochronic-oriented […]

The Prophet Muhammad Achievements

Introduction Throughout the history of mankind the messengers of God’s divine message have been reduced to victims of violence and ridicule; from Adam to Muhammad this trend has been repeated. Many achievements in this world can be attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)(Cheema 1). Generally speaking, Prophet Muhammad was a great benefactor of mankind and […]

The organizational culture at BSG Pty Ltd

Abstract Research has indicated that there is a strong link between organizational culture and organizational productivity. It is therefore in the best interest of the organization to cultivate a strong favourable culture. This report set out to analyse the cultural issues facing BSG Ltd following a realization that internal factors were impacting on the company’s […]

Internet promotion in business

Introduction For many years now, the use of internet promotion in many businesses has gained much popularity with more and more companies and small businesses using on-line method of not only promoting their products but also selling them. The internet is providing both the business owners and the buyers an opportunity to improve their interactions […]

Social Influences on Behavior: Towards understanding Depression and Alcoholism based on Social Situations

In our daily endeavors, we go through social experiences that impact upon our behavior in major ways. The society itself is a conglomeration of many laws, moral obligations, and values that dictates how members should behave (Schueler, 1997). Though we may not agree with some laws set by society, we are forced to toe the […]

How to Make Human Resource Management in North East Wessex District Council more effective

Introduction North East Wessex District Council is the organization which deals with providing government services to the citizens of southern England. The company employs about 300 people. Age, gender and other characteristics are absolutely different as well as the time employees have spend with the organization. The company has decided to merge with North West […]

Shoe Obsession Exhibition

Observing the latest extravagant models of shoes designed by such famous masters as Manolo Blahnik, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin, Roger Vivier, and many others, the viewer of the Shoe Obsession exhibition can be inclined to ask about the designers’ motivation, intentions, and goals while creating the shoes. What is the purpose of creating such lavish, […]

Martin Luther King JR. “I have a dream”

Martin Luther King is optimistic that African Americans will have basic rights including voting and other social rights in the future. Such rights will allow African Americans to vote, live in good neighborhoods and interact with White Americans without any discrimination (Gates 107). In a perfect society, all Americans will be treated equally by the […]

Report after Attending a Concert

Visiting concerts of classical music is always something unbelievable and captivating. People suppose to find themselves in some other world, but are not sure in what exactly. Classical music provides people with an opportunity to dream, think, love, and even exist. For those, who cannot differentiate what major or minor is, it may be rather […]

Diagnosis of the Patient

The diagnosis of the patient in the case scenario is done based on the five different dimensions of the DSM-IV-TR (fourth edition, text revision). Available literature demonstrates that the five-part ‘axis’ system of the DSM-IV-TR is the mostly used criteria for diagnosing mental illnesses in the United States as it provides a more comprehensive assessment […]