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Handling Cyberbullying in the 21st Century

Cyberbullying refers to a form of harassment using modern communication technologies and social media. This phenomenon is a relevant issue in the 21st century, and it is defined by scientists as a contemporary “pandemic threat” (Umesh et al. 6). Therefore, cyberbullying needs particular attention to develop effective intervention and prevention strategies at schools in the […]

Emergency Planning and Methodology

Handling Suspected Terrorism The roles of local law enforcement agents in cases of terror attacks involve notifying the relevant authorities to carry out investigations on the attack scenes, controlling crowds, and securing the areas under threat. They maintain communication with the citizens to reassure and inform them about the progress of the investigation and security. […]

The Impact of Export Trade on the US Economy

Introduction The international trade in the US grew much faster after the Second World War. Trade between the United States and the rest of the world has played a significant role in the growth and development of the US economy over the past years. Since the US is a superpower nation, other countries view trade […]

International Business in Emerging Economies

Introduction Business environment is becoming competitive due to globalization caused by technological inventions. Firms have come to realize that in order to become competitive in the market they need to go beyond the local markets. This is one fact that management of Haier is well aware of and is planning on how to expand the […]

Financial Risk Management

Introduction A risk refers to the probability that a certain action would cause an undesirable outcome. The undesirable outcome is commonly regarded as a loss. A number of scholars have defined risk as a potential loss. Although it is believed that every action is associated with risk, it has been confirmed that certain activities are […]

Effects and Nature of Globalization

Globalization is definitely the exhortation of new millennium. The issue of effects and nature of globalization has become an insightful controversial topic and a major concern in economics nowi. There are debates surrounding the unending controversy on globalization on whether unregulated market forces will either unite or differ income in the worldii. Those who support […]

Sociology of education

Abstract Cognitive factors such as the poor performance by the students have been found to be major contributors to the student’s indiscipline. It is a well known fact that the major cause of indiscipline in schools is poor performance. Most of the students who normally perform poorly in subjects such as math, languages or generally […]

The Plan for a Two-story Office Building in Colorado that Houses 50 Employees

Introduction Every year, we experience various forms of disasters, where we lose lives, property, and people are injured. In such circumstances, the business operations usually come to a halt, and this causes the cost of running the business to rise. This cost is occasionally passed over to the shareholders, employees, consumers and other organs of […]

Analysis of abortion as an ethical issue

Introduction Human beings find themselves in a number of ethical dilemmas, during which it is difficult to make the right decision. Sometimes people find themselves making wrong decisions as a result of poor judgment, or even as a result of negligence. These kinds of dilemmas occur often in healthcare, in which medical practitioner may get […]

Economic Prospects For The Global Economy Impact on Patterns Of Migration In Developing Countries

Introduction There are various reasons for which some processes occur. Internal and external migration in developing countries for instance happen for certain reasons for example better living conditions in terms of attractive salaries and wages, favourable climatic conditions and security. The migration process is also affected by many factors one of it being the economic […]

Budgeting in Qatar

Budgeting is a huge problem for each state as it is necessary to make it balanced. Qatar is the country which depends on oil and gas development, however, the country cannot be called a poor one. Having considered three articles on Qatar budgeting, it is possible to check the dependence of the increase of the […]

Organizational Challenges and the Role of Leadership

Introduction The global economic recession, which began in 2007, emphasized the importance of leadership in modern organizations. Such scholar as Warren Bennis argues that these challenges can force educators and managers to reconsider their understanding of leadership if they want to better respond to various challenges (2007, p. 1). These individuals will have to change […]

Financial Economics: Banks competition in the UK

Banking sector is highly essential to the development of UK economy. The sector connects savers and borrowers. In addition, it enables transfer and store of value. Banks help in managing fiscal risks as well as in providing basic infrastructure for transactions. In essence, the sector plays a significant role in the development of United Kingdom. […]

James Hardie Industries Limited

The facts of the case There are a number of key players in this case. First, we have actuaries, Trowbridge Consulting. This was one of the major Australian actuarial organisation and with extensive experience consulting in cases of asbestos. Trowbridge had served James Hardie Industries Limited (JHIL) for a period of years when it estimated […]

Birds without Wings

Book Summary De Bernieres’ book “Birds Without wings” begins in 1900s in a peaceful town at the end of the Ottoman Empire. Iskander the potter, a character in the book, says that “Man is a bird without wings, and a bird is a man without sorrows” (De Bernieres, 145). The title of the book is […]

Age at immigration and second language proficiency among foreign-born adults by Gillian Stevens

Introduction An experiment is carried out to determine the viability of age as an influential factor in second language learning. The experiment also aims to understand the aptitude of the English language among foreign-born adults in the United States. The author uses data collected from the U.S census bureau to assert his argument that age […]

The Definitions of Insomnia

How long should an average person sleep? This question is yet to have a definite response because everyone gives a different answer. However, most scientists settle on 8 hours as the average hours of sleep required by an adult. However, this figure still depends on age, sex, and health condition of a person. Due to […]

Business Management Plan

General description of the business The business will be structured as a limited liability company. The international hotel business has a lot of potential as more people are moving across borders for leisure, business or tourism purposes. United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) has been categorized as 18th among tourism competitive businesses by the World Economic Forum […]