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Coen Carrillo studied at Howard University, USA, with average GPA 3.77 out of 4.0.

“The Vow”

A Constructive Health Situation The movie “The Vow” narrates the story of Leo and Paige Collins. Leo and Paige are involved in a grisly accident. A truck hits their vehicle from behind. The two are rushed to an Emergency Ward (EW). The doctors give the best medical support to these two patients. However, the doctors […]

Online Education

Trends in Online Education Online education is defined as globalization of human ideas and acts through technology (Tompkins, 2011). It involves the use of personal computers and the internet to connect the world in matters of education. Distance learning is propagated through a wide range of technologies that aim at reaching out to many students […]

Self-managed Teams vs. Cross-functional Teams

Introduction According to Gitman and McDaniel (2009), organizations work well when employees form functional teams. These scholars say that it is important to make people work as a group. Human being by nature needs constant motivation and a reminder of the aim that should be achieved after a specified period. The top management may not […]

Family Owned Business in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction Companies owned by families are believed to be the current forms of business activities. Family companies dominate the economic background of various key global economies especially in developed economies. For instance, across the globe, two thirds of the currently existing commercial businesses appear to be managed and owned by families. The success of these […]

Black & Decker Marketing Strategies

Introduction Black & Decker (B&D) is a power-tools manufacturing company that deals with tradesmen, industrial and consumer power tools. Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker founded the company in 1910 as a machine shop situated in Towson, Maryland. The company did not have an effective marketing strategy for its products. Therefore, it lost a sizeable market […]

Why Do Acquisitions Fail?

Introduction The modern business environment is increasingly competitive. New technologies in the market mean that old technologies are growing obsolete far much faster. New start up companies are emerging which replicate the successes of established firms at a much lower overheads. Layoffs and cost cutting initiatives are increasing being countered by lawsuits and industrial strikes. […]

Marketing Management: Hewden

Introduction Hewden is a company that assumed its current trade name in 1999. It serves the building and construction industry through the provision of equipment for hire. It meets the market need for availing equipment that can be too costly to purchase as assets by respective builders and developers. The clients can appropriate only a […]

City Branding of Dubai

Introduction Different scholars seek to determine why governments and private investors engage in a complete overhaul of a city. Breitenoder (2009, p. 104) argues that like a product, a city requires branding, rebranding, and marketing. It requires a strategic plan, and an effective communications plan to achieve the city objectives. Prior to the development of […]

Social Media and Its Impacts on Society

Introductory Essay Social media is a communication medium, through which people in different geographical locations can interact freely via the Internet. In the contemporary world, communication technology has grown tremendously with the fast development of the high-speed Internet, high quality mobile phones, and computers that enable people to access the Internet from various parts of […]

“The Second World War: A short history (Struggle for survival)” by Robert Alexander Clarke

Introduction The objective of this review is to provide a synopsis of the events surrounding the Second World War as presented in the book by Robert Alexander Clarke Parker The Second World War: A short history (1997-2001). This review seeks to establish whether the content of the book reflects the actual happenings that took place […]

Google Company Analysis

Introduction Google is a company which started as a research project for two Ph. D students in 1996. Google is a company that was founded on September 4, 1998. This company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were at that time students at the Stanford University. The company name was derived from […]

Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Strategy

Best Buy was criticized in the year 2007, alongside other large companies, for contributing to the destruction of the environment. Greenpeace blamed the giant American consumer electronics retailer for purchasing materials from logging companies and thereby contributing to unethical, reckless and shameless destruction of forests in Canada. Since it was dressed down in public, however, […]

R&B and Hip-Hop Effect Western Music

Introduction Music is a form of art which uses sound and actions as a medium and for one to be able to communicate using music, he/she must be able to form a rhythmic flow of words that convey an intended message. The intended music must also create a meaning and also make sense to the […]

Global Change Causes and Impacts

Abstract Global change is the terrestrial-scale transformation in the earth structure. Associated aspects of global change include environmental pollution with poisonous substances that harm the aquatic environment. Rapid global change has caught the attention of international agencies, media, humanitarians and several governments. These parties, through education, public health actions and public policies, have come up […]

“Christ before Pilate” by Luca Giordano

Introduction During the Renaissance period, scholars and theologians used various strategies to emphasize the importance of Christ’s life. Most of the artists at the time presented different paintings and images aimed at encouraging people to appreciate Christ’s existence on earth. The painting “Christ before Pilate” by Luca Giordano is one of these works of art. […]

Types of Carbon Sequestration

Introduction The world is suffering from effects of environmental damage; as people exploit natural resources, the environment is damaged. Other than overexploiting or misusing natural environment, individuals and companies are disposing their wastes in appropriately resulting to further damage to the environment. Environment conservers have advocated for different methods of protecting the environment and restoring […]

Teaching grammar and CLT

As second and foreign language teachers, we have to look for opportunities to improve the teaching process and enhance its effectiveness. Deepening our knowledge of the current approaches, strategies and methodologies, the educators are enabled to create personal opinion concerning the most effective principles of the language acquisitions. Reading of Nassaji (2000) and Nunan (1998) […]

Relationship between WTO and the Regional Trade Organizations

Introduction The nature and dimension of trade in the world has been revolutionized through globalization. The trade agreements and rules have also played a big role in enhancing the pace of globalization. Globalization, neoliberalism, free trade and open markets are criticized at a very high rate. In the global market big economies are shaping trade […]

Definition and Role of the Revenue Policy in Economy

A sound revenue policy is considered an essential component of any strong fiscal management practice. Notably, the revenue policy outlines proper controls for use in budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, the revenue policy outlines how budgetary reconciliations are to be attained. To ensure this is done effectively the government ensures that there is good and proper […]

The views of ethical behavior to the decision making processes of the Tom’s of Maine Company

Like many other businesses, Tom’s of Maine is facing ethical dilemmas in making decisions within the organization. Since the ethics intensity varies with the nature of situation, the management of Tom’s of Maine has been keen on the formulation of their products. For instance, when the company manufactured a deodorant that adhered to ecological requirements, […]

The Concept of Corporate Governance and Its Implications for Managers

Introduction Corporate governance is the framework and system of rules, practices, procedures, and processes that direct and control companies or corporations in order to ensure fairness, accountability, and transparency (McConvill 1785). These include controlling and balancing the interests of various stakeholders including management, customers, suppliers, government, and the public. It is through corporate governance that […]

Discussing Production and Offshoring

Business must be one of the most fast-changing spheres; what used to be the key principle of running a business might prove completely inefficient in several years, and the recent innovations date within a millisecond. Taking a closer look at such parts of business process as production and offshoring will help understand what has changed […]