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Colonel America studied at the University of Cincinnati, USA, with average GPA 3.71 out of 4.0.

Target Inc: Goals, Missions and Values

Outline The introduction describes the aspects of the course, organizational structure and design. I the next section, the goals, missions and values applicable at Target Inc. are discussed. The next section discusses the organizational chart which is indicated in appendix 1. The next section discusses the organizational structure of the company, including design, span of […]

Business Law and Ethics Case Study

Introduction Our lives in society are guided by rules and standards which stipulate how we are supposed to act in different situations. This often well established norms are known as ethics and they enable us to exist harmoniously in the community. Ethics are defined by Chryssides and Kaler as “a system of moral principles by […]

Journal on Philosophers

Augustine is concerned about the certainty in knowledge claims especially of knowledge in things that he has never seen or things that were enacted beforehand by predecessors. He confesses ignorance in terms of what can be asserted about the substance of God. However, he believes that God would not have given scripture if it were […]