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Cristopher Butler studied at Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, with average GPA 3.15 out of 4.0.

The philosophical approaches to ethics

Introduction The main point of the argument is that philosophical approaches to business ethics provide guidelines for making ethical business decisions, but some of these approaches are controversial and have no support from most moral scholars. The philosophical approaches to ethics are deontology, consequentalism, and virtue ethics (Hill 148). They help business people to make […]

Online and Face-to-face Counselling

This paper dwells upon the attitude towards online counselling services compared to face-to-face services. Rochlen, Beretvas and Zack (2004) note that the use of the Internet for various healthcare purposes (including counselling) have been a matter of wide-scale discussion. More so, numerous online resources are being created and the market of online counselling services is […]

Organisational Designs and Managerial Approaches

Introduction Organisational designs and strategic management approaches are strategic tools that define the level of operation and how well globalization objectives can be achieved in institutions. They are central in enhancing performance and productivity in institutions, especially in the current business environment where various corporations are facing immense challenges (Shapiro, 2008, p. 19). The tools […]

Farm Standard Council Case: Cost Allocation

Introduction Fixed/variable cost thinking has no place in today’s cost accounting world; those are words of Hervey (2010, p.1) an all time accounting specialist. This observation is as result of many limitations that accountants and managers have experienced in the past years in their efforts to differentiate between fixed and variable costs. Some costs cannot […]

Effective Strategies to Increase Student Learning

Introduction The study will examine whether prolonged time in school will help in improving student learning and academic performance in schools. Significant evidence shows that extension of school time has considerable impacts on student learning, thus it is an effective strategy of improving academic performance in schools. Since academic performance of students has been dwindling […]

Level of Job Satisfaction among Malaysian Nurses

Background A study was undertaken to investigate job satisfaction among physicians working in the nursing field. The researchers were interested in establishing a correlation between job satisfaction and intentions to leave the organization. The research question of the study was: What is the perceived level of job satisfaction and intent to leave among Malaysian nurses? […]

Sector Analysis Background: DTL Power Corporation

Overview Structure The geothermal sector is growing tremendously in diverse countries across the world because it is a renewable form of energy. In the energy sector, renewable form of energy contributes about 17% of energy, while non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear contributes about 80% and 3% respectively. As geothermal energy is one […]

The Role of Social Media

Introduction Social media is becoming a major force in the world of business. Human beings have created social networks to exchange ideas, views, concepts, and information (Bradley & McDonald 2013). Social media increases the level of interaction among individuals in many societies. Social media platforms ensure communities, organisations, and individuals create and share user-generated ideas […]

Orange County Sanitation District, California

Company Overview and Risk Analysis Orange County Sanitation District is a sewage company located in California. The company has been in operation for the last few decades. However, according to the 2011-2012 financial year results, the company’s performance has been declining, as evidenced by its extremely low production capacity. This has necessitated a reflective investigation […]

Surviving the Economic Downturn

Executive Summary Recession is defined as a slump in economic activity in an economy over a considerably long period of time, or a cycle of business contraction. The great recession of 2007-2009 was the most profound and extensive economic slump ever experienced since the great depression of the early 20s and 30s. The 2007/2009 recession […]

Analysis of Whole Foods Market’s inputs

Whole Foods Market has been successful in the market despite the competitiveness in this industry. This can be attributed to the strategies that this firm has employed in its operations. This firm has been keen on delivering quality products to its patients at competitive prices. Whole Foods Market has positioned itself as a supermarket that […]

Children diagnosed with Down syndrome

Introduction This paper seeks to establish information on the mechanisms, which parents apply in handling children diagnosed with Down syndrome. This is in connection with teaching and educating children with Down syndrome. For some time now, there has been little awareness to parents with children suffering from Down syndrome on how they can deal with […]

Aspects of American Aviation Industry

Introduction Aviation has increased mobility and made travelling to some of the places where other means of transport would reach an easy task. In conjunction with that, aviation has changed the way people conduct their lifestyles because, due to its speed and ability to navigate almost all places in the world, cultural factors and lifestyles […]

Differences in Languages between Arabic and English

ESL learners encounter many challenges in college writing. Nearly everyone is aware that students’ native language often affects their learning of the target language, English. However, not everyone can actually recognize the extent at which first language (Arabic) may have impact on the students’ second language. The teachers should have the ability to study the […]

Designing a Vehicle

Introduction Design and development of a new system or product requires certain procedures and development stages before it finally becomes a product. Design and development of a product or system is a technical process. Design is the process which revolves around its look, its overall style, as well as other issues that make up the […]

Nuclear Energy Benefits and Demerits

Introduction Climate change concerns due to increased emission of carbon and other green house gases into the atmosphere coupled with the ever increasing fuel prices has led to the need for development of other forms of green energy to satisfy the increasing global energy demand. Over the past two decades, there have been increased efforts […]

Organizational Philosophies and Technology

Introduction All persons, whether in private or public sector, product or services industry, are guided by ethics (morally accepted conduct); this is undertaking ones duty in a way that the good of all the parties affected by the actions is looked into. Just like human beings, businesses should conduct their activities in a morally acceptable […]

Non-Traditional Families and Child Behaviorism Affects

Introduction The orientation of modern families has shifted away from the ‘ideal’ context of a nuclear family paving way for the emergence of more controversial family setups such as single parenthood as well as gay and lesbian families (Arrigo, 2005). Various states in America and other regions of the world have legalized homosexual marital unions, […]

Information system management ISMG

Effective communication systems are essential in managing and improving efficiency of communication systems and data security. Often, companies around the globe invest heavily in their information systems as a means of acquiring immune and sustainable information management system. For instance, a firm may opt for outsourcing information management system especially when it is cheaper and […]