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Revolutionary Art

Revolutionary art if a form of modern art through which artists express their personal convictions about certain issues in the society. The pieces of art might also depict political themes (Douglas, 1970). A true revolutionary artist does not care whether the needs of speculative dealers are met or not. Revolutionary art should not be characterized […]

Management’s Definition

The term management as often used in English is derived from the Italian word managgiare, which literally means to handle, the Latin word manus which means hand and lastly from the French word mesnagement which founded the modern day management. This brief explanation on the development of the term management is very crucial in coming […]

Importance of Sex Education

Sex education involves the process of providing knowledge on sex, sexuality, and relationships. It aims at sharing information with the right age groups about the importance and repercussions of sex. Primarily, sex is associated with risks such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, sex education should reveal the importance of sex at the […]