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Damari Herman studied at Fordham University, USA, with average GPA 3.6 out of 4.0.

Blindness in Movies: Anchorman 2 and Daredevil

Introduction Several movies have been produced featuring visually impaired characters. Each of them has a different representation of the concept of visual impairment. Some movies represent blindness as a curse that cripples the lives of victims. In other movies, it is depicted as a source of inspiration and strength that fosters great achievements. In such […]

Diversity in the United States

Although not exclusively about culture, diversity includes the study of different cultural orientations. Understanding diversity is critical to understanding society because the fundamental patterns of social change and social structure are increasingly influenced by diverse group experiences (Andersen & Taylor, 2007). In an increasingly globalized world, different people, languages, ideas, cultural practices, and material goods […]

Effects of Fuel Prices

Introduction Fuel is pivotal in the successful running of any business and especially in the transport industry like the airline industry, which is involved in massive transporting activities. There is no reasonable doubt therefore that high fuel costs have an adverse impact on the running of any organisation. Fuel prices have become a challenge in […]

The Causes and Impacts of Social Desirability Bias

Psychology researchers frequently encounter data management problems due to social desirability bias. Social desirability bias is the methodical mistake that is caused by the intention of participants in a study to respond to interview questions in a manner they believe protect their social interest. The main concept in the theory is that the respondent is […]

Keurig Company

Introduction Keurig Inc. is a company that has ventured into the coffee business providing its clients with solutions to quick and effective coffee brewing. Since its inception in 1992, it has established itself with excellence, as its name suggests (Cravens & Piercy, 2009). The company had succeeded in introducing the single-cup brewing system in to […]

Economic, Political, Social, and Racial Concerns Affecting Mexican Americans

Despite the adoption of the Amnesty Immigration and Reform Control Act, the Mexican Americans still encounter immense difficulties in adjusting to alien cultural, political, and social environments. In fact, the negativity on the part of the U.S. citizens is historically predetermined. One the one hand, the existing legislature supports the legalization of foreign- born population […]

Church Going

Philip Larkin’s poem, Church Going, is an exploration into the future of religiosity in modern life. Post Second World War, there arose a disassociation with religious discourse in most of the European countries, and many literati plunged into creation of art and literature that mused on the futility of observing the pious way of life. […]

Technology Prioritization Proposal

IT systems have become indispensable in the management of healthcare. It is clear that modern healthcare systems cannot operate without IT systems. However, the cost of IT infrastructure can be prohibitive. In this regard, every healthcare provider must find a way of prioritizing its IT budgets to achieve the most value from its investments. This […]

Building Small Hospital

Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to elucidate the factors that would contribute to the successful opening of a new hospital. The report begins with a brief introduction about the medical science industry. The report then addresses the rationale of the proposed change plan and why the same is necessary. The next part […]

Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project

Advanced Project Management: Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project Management Approach of GGOWL Mega Project Greater Gabbard Wind Farm Mega Project is a massive project that sought to make massive contribution into the energy sector. The management approach taken in this project would dictate its success or failure. As shown in the case study, this […]

Project Management: Project Life Cycle

Introduction Projects are temporary endeavours. They are constrained by time, scope, and monetary resources. Projects must fulfil specific goals and objectives as explained in various phases that constitute the project life cycle. A project life cycle begins with scope definition followed by planning, execution, and finally delivering (Cadle & Yeates 2001). An important aspect of […]

Consumer Preference towards the Shopping Environment

Introduction Many researches are focusing on consumer behavior and preferences in Malaysia because of the increased shopping activities in the region. The shopping environment in Malaysia has changed significantly over the last couple of years because of the economic gains achieved by the country. Malaysia is one of the upcoming global economies in terms of […]

Sex Slavery in India

Introduction India is an Asian country with an emerging economy and a population slightly hovering over one billion people. Despite posting impressive economic growth figures, a large section of the population still lives under the poverty line. Additionally, the country has high incidences of social ills mainly brought by its unique demographic trends and sometimes […]

Decline of Christianity in Europe

Introduction A century ago, Europe was the only continent that was famous for Christianity religion. It is from this continent that missionaries had ventured into other continents globally to reach out to those who had not been converted to Christianity. Most of the missionaries who went to evangelize to people in other continents were very […]

Nucor Corporation

Introduction Nucor Corp is one of the largest companies that produces and recycles steel. In the US, Nucor is the second largest steel producer with average net sales of about $4.6 billion. Approximately, Nucor recycles over ten million tones of scrape steel (Nucor Corporation, 2009). With the new trends in the emerging stages of globalization […]

The Coca Cola Company

Introduction According to the requirement of the assignment (to chose and write about one of the global top ten brands), the Coca Cola Company has been chosen. In this paper, a short background of the Company has been included. The mission and vision statements, and goals & objectives have also been listed. Further, the most […]

Social Bias Concept

Introduction Social bias encompasses a whole range of prejudicial attitudes toward members of a particular group, race, religion, or sex (Fazio & Olson, 2003, p. 297). In most cases, social bias is taken to represent both the conscious and unconscious expression of the prejudicial attitudes in interpersonal interactions, speaking, and writing among other contexts. On […]

Analysis of China

Introduction China is located in East Asia and it has the largest population in the world. It is one of the largest countries in the world. The population of China is estimated to be 1.3 billion people. The Communist Party of China (CPC) is the sole party that governs China. China is therefore a single-party […]

Article Critique: “The cost-effectiveness of screening mammography beyond age 65-years: a systematic review of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force” by Mandelblatt et al.

The Mandelblatt et al.(2003) article examined the cost effectiveness of screening patients 65 years and older on the basis that such tests were warranted given the potential for sufficient treatments to be applied so as to prevent the spread of cancer and ensures that the patient live a longer life. Such a position goes against […]

Planets around stars

There is an opinion that our universe is endless, however, we have too little knowledge about it. Scientists all over the world develop different theories and search for new planets. There are a lot of various theories about the creation and development of new planets. The problem of the endless of the universe is also […]

Voluntary disclosure reporting

Voluntary (or market) disclosure reporting presents beneficial social and environmental impacts on a company, compared to pressure-oriented one. Market disclosure reporting is on the rise (Peiyuan 2005, p.1). The content of market disclosure is designed to justify social values held by the company, keep pressure groups at bay, integrate the corporate social responsibility components as […]

Reluctant Information Sharers

Peter Flagstaff’s concerns about inefficient knowledge management are closely associated with the pitfalls in organizational learning. Therefore, in order to improve knowledge sharing among the employees, the top managers should pay attention to developing learning capability of their subordinates. Motivating workers to engage in learning is essential for efficient information sharing because it can help […]

The Burberry Company Marketing

Executive Summary The Burberry brand is an icon in the British fashion industry. But in for many decaes it is a company that no longer mattered when it comes to the new generation of consumers. Their problems were exacerbated by the over-licensing of their brand, global recession that severely affected the fashion industry and the […]

Impact of Training on Employee Development

Introduction Employee training has become a very important aspect in the modern business world. Due to the increased competition of customers and high profit margins, many organizations have formulated training schedules for their employees. Training is aimed at developing employee skills and knowledge. It is therefore associated with the achievement of organization’s goals and hence […]

Edward Albee Biography

Edward Albee was born on the 12th day of March 1928 in Washington D.C. Virginia. A rich family that owned theatres in Larchmont, New York, adopted him at the earliest stages of his life. His adoptive parents, Reed, A. Albee and Frances Cotter Albee got a son who was two weeks and little did they […]