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Toyota Motor Corporation

Firm’s History Toyota is a Japanese company that deals in the manufacture of automobiles. It is a multinational company with operations across the world. The company was started in the year 1937 by a man known as Kiichiro Toyoda. He had inherited a company that dealt with the creation of automobiles from his father. The […]

Zhao Zhao and the Chinese Contemporary art

Observation, description, and location Zhao Zhao’s Constellations are a series of art pieces made from glass (exhibit 3). Marks are created through gunshots. They are part of a series of art pieces with a similar form and content providing a trend in Zhao’s art (Zhao Zhao: Constellations 2013). Constellation II is an art piece from […]

Determining Protein Concentration using Kjeldahl Method and Fat Content using Bligh and Dyer and Soxhlet Methods

Abstract This study sought to determine protein concentration in different food samples using the Kjeldahl method. The study also determined fat content in the same food samples using the Bligh and Dyer method and the Soxhlet method. The protein content values obtained were approximately the same as the NIP content of 27%. The Bligh and […]

Vision Leaders in Organizations

Introduction Leadership is all about influencing others. An organizational leader should possess the best leadership quality when executing his or her duties in the organization. A leader should be able to define the strategy for the organization and offer the best direction for the execution of the planned strategy using decision making skills. Strategic planning […]

The Code of Ethics of Social Workers

The activities of social workers are regulated with the help of different codes and standards. The Code of Ethics worked out by the National Association of Social Workers is used to control professional actions which are connected with ethical issues. The profession of social workers is based on assisting those people in need and on […]

The Future of ICD-10 in America’s Healthcare System

Abstract In 2014, the US is set revolutionize its healthcare industry. On the 1st of August, the country is expected to make major changes in its healthcare information management system. The change will be marked by the introduction of International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10). The new system will replace the existing ninth revision. […]

Organization Analysis of NYS Dept of Taxation and Finances

Organization’s structure NYS department of taxation and finances is logically organized. In most cases, tasks are done by a team, as opposed to breaking it down to accomplished by an individual employee. In IT, working in a team is preferable to working individually. This is because software and hardware problems are sometimes complex and therefore, […]

Security Organs in the US

Defense Support of Civil Authorities and its importance Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) denotes the process through which the US military can be deployed to undertake tasks that are meant for the civil authorities (Tussing & McCreight, 2014). Conventionally, the military is charged with the responsibility of defending the US territories against intrusion by […]

Microsoft Company

Microsoft Corporation has been a monopoly in computer operating systems and software market for a long period of time. It has been accused of violating anti-trust laws and using noncompetitive practices to dominate the market. The current market share of Microsoft is large, thus, enabling it to remain a monopoly in the operating systems market […]

Wordsworth’s Vision of Childhood in His Poems “We Are Seven” and “Alice Fell or Poverty”

Introduction William Wordsworth’s vision of childhood is reflected in his poems “We Are Seven” and “Alice Fell or Poverty”, where he describes his childhood experiences. From the two poems, it is evident that these childhood experiences continue to influence him throughout his adult life (Moorman 81). For instance, both poems show the evidence of some […]

Brand personality on International scale

Introduction Over the recent past, marketing has grown to become a critical part of any organization. This is because of the numerous changes that the business environment is forced to undergo in the quest to survive and/ or thrive in market as it seeks to attain its goals and objectives (Klaus, 2002). One of the […]

The Change of the US National Security Strategy

During the last fifteen years the National Security Strategy of the United States has undergone several changes. This includes the relationships with foreign governments in terms of economic cooperation, the struggle against terrorism, protection of the environment, eradication of poverty and other important problems. Secondly, we need to discuss internal policies, pursued by the state. […]

Critical Incident Analysis in Teaching

The description and analysis of critical incidents Introduction Even outside the teaching profession, individuals are faced with incidents that require reflective thinking. Reflective thinking is a concept that dates back to early 20th century. According to Dewey (1933), reflection denotes ideas originating from feelings of uncertainty generated by experienced situations. In simple terms, Dewey (1933) […]

Curriculum Analysis

Curriculum Documentation and Origins I will be analyzing the Read 180 curriculum which is a reading program. For the standards I will use the Virginia Standards of Learning test and Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI). There are various types of documentation made about the program. The first is peer-reviewed sources which include books, articles, internet sources […]

Challenges of Developing Economies

Introduction In the twenty first century, the globalized world has made trade one of the most powerful links between lives. Trade also acts as an unprecedented wealth source. In addition, world trade has the ability of reducing the poverty gaps between the rich and the poor. However, the poor economies have continued to lag behind […]

The Power of Pictures: An Analysis of Anthony Browne’s Picture Books

British children’s picture book author and illustrator Anthony Browne has established himself as an innovative force in the canon of children’s literature through such works as Gorilla and Piggybook. The author has published nearly 40 titles since the 1970s and enjoys international acclaim. Anthony Browne’s works have been hailed as penetrating social critiques that encourage […]

Fashion and gender: Globalization, Nation and Ethnicity

Introduction Fashion may be generally taken to represent the trends in style particularly in dressing, accessories as well as in beauty enhancement. In this context, fashion is taken to be the mode of clothing in relation, glamour, style and splendor considering personal appearance, identity as well as the cultural and social significance. Today, fashion is […]

Utilitarianism: The Moral Story of Flight 93

Introduction The brave yet tragic story of the Flight 93 is one that is known by many. Flight 93 simply refers to a passenger flight of the United Airlines which was allegedly hijacked by terrorists as one of the planned 11th September, 2001 terrorism attacks. However, in trying to regain control of the flight, the […]

How to be Healthy

Introduction Almost every person hopes to have a long, healthy life. However, many persons do not recognize the fundamental life choices that when made, can enable them live healthy, and often take these choices to be sacrifices that are not worth making. Choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle has several benefits to the body such […]