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Perfume Advertising and Adaptation

From industry to Luxury: French Perfume in the Nineteenth Century According to this article, the perfume industry started getting more attention from the nineteenth century. This is a period when people started concentrating a lot on their body odors. People became sensitive to unpleasant odors. Initially, one could tell the difference between the rich and […]

Thomas Green Case

Introduction The case of Thomas Green is, perhaps, one of the most graphic examples of a communication process going wrong because of a wrong leadership approach adopted and the lack of conflict management skills demonstrated by all parties involved. Despite the fact that some of the ideas that Green voiced during the meeting seemed rational, […]

Paul Klee Versus Cy Twombly. “Around the fish (1926)” and “Tiznit (1953)”

Introduction “Around the fish (1926)” and “Tiznit (1953)” could not be more distinct from each other. Each work of art epitomizes what its creation is about. One painting is geometric, another is haphazard; one is rhythmic, while the other seems to be free from such coordination. However, these diverge differences do not mask the similarities […]

Psychopathy and Externalized Disorders

The prevalence of psychopathy is at 1% in society today while in other populations such as prisoners and those in mental institutions the prevalence is higher. Psychopathy is a mental condition characterized by an inability to be emotional or to develop emotional relationships. It is usually characterized by acting on impulse, not feeling guilty, tendency […]

Surrealist Photography and Experimental Photography

The two photographic techniques that are highlighted extensively are surrealist photography and experimental photography. These two techniques showcase objects in an in-depth manner, concentrating specifically on the surroundings of the image and creation of an abstract form of art that shaped the history of photography. These two photographic techniques started in the early twentieth century […]

Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

Architecture history is an interesting subject in which we how art has evolved over centuries from Neolithic architecture of 10000 BC to the contemporary architectural designs. The existence of this history shows the gradual evolvement of the art to what the world has today. Each of the architectural designs has its own outstanding and unique […]

Gathering Current Market Information

Introduction Gathering current market information is one of the factors that organizations should integrate in their strategic management processes. However; the process of gathering market information is complex and costly. Consequently, most organizations do not conduct marketing research but purchase market research reports from established market research companies. However, the growth of information technology has […]

Consumer Behavior: Investigating Cultural Sensitivity

Consumer behavior is determined by various factors that influence the response of goods and services in the market place. One of those factors is the cultural factors or influence, where beliefs, values and perceptions of different communities determine consumer behavior. With globalization, the world has become a global village and as such, international marketing has […]

Differences Between Confucianism and Daoism

Confucianism is a traditional form of ethics that was developed among the Chinese people during antiquity. Confucius, a Chinese teacher, taught his followers various things about living in a society (Harwood 52). Other influential people such as Jesus of Nazareth did their teachings in a style similar to his. However, Confucius lived more than five […]

Financial Analysis of Mr. Joe Schmoe’s Performance

Outline Clipboard Tablet Co. is a firm that manufactures digitized tablets for the mass market with three main products namely; X5, X6 and X7 tablets. The former VP for marketing, Mr. Joe Schmoe has been responsible for product development, R&D and marketing of the company’s products. As a new VP in charge of the company’s […]

Analyzing the consumer Market: NETFLIX

Netflix is an American company, which uses technology to enhance film distribution. The company started its operations in 1997, in California, headed by three social entrepreneurs Randolph, Reed, and Mitch. It started as an online-based film-rental company where consumers could rent an item and have it posted to their destination. During this time, Netflix charged […]

Investment Management in Modern Business

Introduction Investors are always very cautious with their money as they always want to invest in the company that has the least number of risks as well as the highest profits. Investors are interested in the company that is well managed as can enable them recover continuous income on their invested capital. As noted by […]

Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

Vision Statement and Goals From the earliest times of humankind, people have attempted to understand the human behavior and comprehend the behavioral disorders worldwide. Although the clinical psychology has a relatively short history, it made a significant contribution to the understanding of psychological health and problems. The field continuously engages a large number of professionals […]

Healing Traditions from a Jewish and Messianic Perspective

Introduction The issue of healing has been discussed broadly throughout human history, with different societies taking varying positions. As a result, the issue remains debatable, regarding how people perceive healing and how these views influence their healing options. It is believed that whether traditional or modern, every person has to undergo a healing process, mostly […]

Star Assessment

Introduction Assessment is an essential tool for gauging the amount of output of a certain ‘work in progress’, in relation to the inputs. More often, assessment is done in academic institutions and in places of work. Assessment is an equivalent of a test if we take an example of an academic institution. Thus, it is […]

Delinquent Behaviors in Organizations

Introduction As human social behavior continues to evolve with people spending most of their lives within social groups, institutions, and formal organizations, the concept of sociology continues to grow. Currently, sociology continues to dominate research studies as human beings within certain social groups evolve behaviorally, with both genders engaging in serious discourses (Macionis, 2011). Being […]

Pornography: The Architect of Sexual Offenders

Abstract The infiltration of pornographic materials in the society has increased the number of sexual offences due to their perverted influence. Many people consume pornography in order to get the sexual gratification that they crave for. The psychological impact of pornography can not be ignored if the fight against sexual violence is to be won […]

Digitization and convergence of music industry

Traditional record industry business model Sacha Wunsch-Vincent and Graham Vickery note that the relationship between the artist and the record company is usually contractual which normally last for a limited period of time or number of records depending on the specification of the contract.1 Record companies converts the artistic creation into consumer products alongside investing […]

Personality Instrument Assessment Paper

Abstract This paper is meant to discuss how to assess the different personalities of individuals. These individuals live in a world where they have to relate to each other and at times this becomes impossible because of the different personalities that each possesses. We even become ignorant of trying to understand our own character traits […]

Chicano Studies

Introduction The first article analyzed in this paper is ‘Sexual Violence in the Politics and Policies of Conquest’. It was written by Antonia Castaneda. The article was published in a book written by Adela Torre in 1993. The title of the book is Building with Our Hands: New Directions in Chicana Studies. It makes up the second chapter of the book. ‘The Borderlands in North American History’ is the […]

Spiritual Diversity in the Christian Religion

Introduction Christianity is a historical religion that revolves around Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior of humankind. It claims its origin right from the Garden of Eden in the creation story where the first man and woman fell into sin. Jesus came to rescue man and reconnect him to God. Understanding of these facts […]