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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Introduction Pride and Prejudice is a world-known novel written by an English author Jane Austen in 1813. The story revolves around the importance of education, marriage, financial viability, and traditions in the United Kingdom during the Regency era. Humor is used as the primary artistic means of the narrative, which attracted many readers and ensured […]

Porsche Company

Porsche AG Background Ferdinand Porsche, who was a renowned professor, is the one who started the car manufacturing company as early as 1931. The company initially did not produce any vehicle with its brand but specialized in offering motor vehicle development work and consultancy services to other automobile manufacturing companies. The company produced its first […]

Publix Grocery Store

Publix is a private food retailer company that operates in five states across the US. George Jenkins founded the company in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida (Publix, 2013). Over the years, Publix has grown tremendously to be a Fortune 500 company. It has over 1073 supermarkets in different states with more than 160,000 employees. The […]

Models of Implementing the Change

The outcome of globalization is evident in the opening of various markets. In many organizations, this has created an opportunity to expand operations by tapping into new markets. This means that an entity has to re-evaluate its strategies, policies, goals and work force. Thus, change is unavoidable (Riley, 2006). Amongst the work force, change is […]

Yoga for Stress Management

Introduction Different people have differing levels to which they can effectively withstand stressing environmental conditions. Factors such as personality types, the emotional stability attributes of different people, and personal temperaments may determine this ability (Kumar & Sharma, 2011). Exposure to stressing environmental conditions has negative consequences to both psychological and physiological health of an individual. […]

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Introduction Education plays a very important role in the early developmental stages of a child. It equips them with about their environment and various factors that affect their lives. Early childhood education is useful since it shapes the way a child develops. These early years in life of a child entails massive mental development. This […]

The Airline Business

Introduction The airline business is a highly competitive industry that requires heavy capital investments. EADS is currently a market leader in aircraft manufacturing and R&D. It is a major player in the commercial aircraft industry in Europe with customers drawn from airline operators and governments. Airbus, EADS’ subsidiary, focuses on large commercial aircraft and innovative […]

Dunkin Donuts in Saudi Arabia

The following report is a part of a project that also includes presentation, and the purpose of this report is to support the presentation with some key financial information and a comprehensive company analysis of a foreign company that has recently entered the Saudi Arabian market and now operates in Saudi Arabia. As more companies […]

Home Depot, Inc.: Strategic Plan

Introduction The Home Depot is a famous American retail company that offers a variety of home improvement services and products. There are a number of stores in America, and several representatives in such countries like Canada and Mexico. The company introduces itself as a powerful marketing example on how to offer, develop, and implement its […]

Dr. Maya Angelou and her Leadership Abilities

Abstract This paper discusses the essence of Maya Angelou’s leadership abilities in regards to her endowment with the psychological traits of a truly charismatic individual. The main idea, which is being promoted throughout this paper’s entirety, is that the first key to the effectiveness of Angelou’s leadership-style is her unwavering allegiance to the plight of […]

The Concept and Process of Training and Development

Introduction Employees in an organization learn new skills and knowledge for both personal and organizational benefits. Training and development provides the same outcome using different methods. Managers in the organization use development and training to improve on the employee’s performance through learning. Differences between the concept of training and development Training is a process used […]

Reasons and obstacles for women to penetrate retail industry in Saudi labour market

Women in Saudi Arabia have not been participating in the retail industry at the same rate as men (Weston, 2008). The reasons behind the occurrence can be attributed to cultural, political, social, and economical parameters operating in the Saudi Arabian jurisdiction (Leavy, 2007). The low participation means that women fail to get a chance to […]

Transport Policy and Plan

Introduction Freight transport system is becoming less sustainable. This is because it has increased in volume and become more intricate, coupled by environmental and societal concerns as well. The increased demand for raw materials and finished products and the need to move some of them over long distances has in turn strained the transport system […]

The Effectiveness of Public Relations and Relationship Marketing to the Successful Promotion of Winbeldon Championships

The world has experienced dramatic changes in the way business is conducted and also in the way information on a particular event, occurrence or product is disseminated. The world has also experienced great technological advancements that have given people easy accessibility to information on almost everything that a person may be interested in (Waters, Tindall […]

Strategic Management of the BMW

Introduction Success in a company depends on the quality of the strategies that the company management put in place. Notably, the company strategies could be modified from time to time to make the respond to the company’s physical and economic environment. Often, rigid management strategies may not led to organisational prosperity because such policies cannot […]

Developing Creating Thinking Skills through Active Teaching

Transition Model Perspective Creating thinking skills can be developed effectively through active teaching strategies. Because the skills imply free control of imagination and ability to make associations between ideas, a transition model can allow teachers to render all possible information to their students through active engagement and interaction. Because the model is composed of 6 […]

The Instructional Power of Games-based learning and simulations in education

Abstract Psychologists emphasise integration of games in the school curriculum to enable students develop in all their faculties. Besides the physical fitness aspect, games provide students with an avenue to release the mental tension resulting from rigorous academic engagement. Research indicates that the learning process can be made more enjoyable by using games as part […]

Government Housing Programs to Assist Low-income renters

Introduction History materializes to be probably extreme in the implemented programs that involve costly and lumpy investments bearing long useful life and particularly where political consensus is difficult to realize. The significance of history as well as the reliance conduit of a policy is more outward in the federal housing policy. In the fiscal 1980, […]

The International Relations Theories in Addressing of Environmental Issues

Introduction International relations refer to the branch of political science concerned with foreign affairs of a country. It defines the ways in which countries relate with one another in the currently globalised world. The concept of globalization has increased a global approach to seeking solutions to problems arising that could be facing a particular nation, […]

Comparison of observation and sampling as methods of research

Introduction Research is the act of finding knowledge by such means as investigations so that facts can be established. Research variables are those individual empirical items that can take on different values. This work discusses two methodologies of research namely; observation and sampling. Its main focus is the advantages and the disadvantages of each method […]

Interpersonal communication concepts in everyday relationships

Introduction Human beings have often been called social animals. This being the case, communication is an important aspect of the modern life. Communication takes different forms from vertical communication, horizontal, intercommunication among others. Interpersonal communication is a more popular form of communication than other modes of communication whereby the communication is between two or more […]

Abu Dhabi Airport Information Technology

This paper aims at describing how Information Technology is helping or can help improve processes in Abu Dhabi Airport. This paper will begin by identifying key functional departments at the airport. After that, it will discuss the information technology employed in each department, and what needs to be done to enhance the current information communication […]

Freedom and responsibility

The article describes believes as well as the actions of a farmer who thinks different from what the other people do about animals. The famer feels and practices animal farming, because he believes that animal meat should also be incorporated in their diets. This was against the traditions of those in the United States as […]

The Impacts for Recreation when Clearcutting on National Forests

Abstract Clearcutting controversies have dominated forest management since 1960s and 1970s, when popular legislations were made paving way to new environmental movement. Traditionally this approach has been applied to regenerate new tree species and for commercial timber production. However, the changing social values placed on forest and increased public awareness calls for rethinking of forestry […]

The Concept of Normality In Relation To Eating Disorders

Normality is a concept that can be understood in different perspectives. Sociologically speaking, normality can be differentiated from the norm which refers to the acceptable behaviors in a society. Normality refers to the adherence to the acceptable standards set by a society. Normality is closely guarded by the social constructions of a particular society in […]

Italian Immigrant Community

Italian Institutions Italians immigration in to Canada since 1497 has been creating attention among the native Canadians since time immemorial. During the World War II, most Italians allied with the Germans against the Canadians and this caused havoc and great enmity among them. They were discriminated against in many social economic activities especially job allocation […]

Interview with Mr. Lee: Action Films of the 1950s

Introduction Interview is used by researchers for several purposes. Factually, an interview is a primary data collection method on beliefs, practices, and opinions among others. This paper presents the action movie scene in the 1950s in the view of the 72 years old Mr. Lee from Tennessee Valley. The paper explores the movie scene during […]