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Dominic Hill studied at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA, with average GPA 3.04 out of 4.0.

Trends in Supply Chain Management

Discussion Lean manufacturing has become one of the biggest trends in the development of supply chain management. Traditionally, organizations faced challenges of increasing wasteful production throughout their operations (Brian, 110). Following this need, stakeholders across industries have focused on development of production approaches that would enable firms to minimize on the costs resulting from wasteful […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Different Measures used to Protect Operating Systems

Introduction Computer or network operating systems are faced by various security vulnerabilities that can cause a breach of data or loss of important information. These risks usually arise from networks whereby an unwarranted user can access an operating system without the necessary credentials. It becomes important that computer systems apply various security strategies to ensure […]

Overview of policies/economic instruments to reduce firms’ toxic substance emissions

Introduction Background to the study City growth has diverse environmental impacts such as loss of natural ecosystems, increased congestion, and reduced water quality. The recent evolution of cities emanates from various factors such as the emergence of national and international markets. Social factors have also played a fundamental role with regard to urban development. Currently, […]

Organisational Change at Nokia

Nokia has been a leading seller of mobile phones in Europe and across the globe. The new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) decided to present new changes in order to make Nokia a leading competitor in the industry. According to Stephen Elop, Nokia Corporation had become insensitive about the changing expectations of its customers. The employees […]

Occupation as Ends and Means

Though explored quite deeply in the present-day healthcare and nursing environment, the significance of occupational therapy (OT) still needs major enhancement. Despite the fact that the field in question was established quite long ago, it still lacks consistent strategies, as the analysis of the article by Gray (1998) shows. While the article under analysis represents […]

Personal, Professional, and Career Development

The ideal development of a person follows a unique route directing resources, facilities, capabilities, abilities, potentials, and interest among other in a line of presumed achievement. Most researchers argue that there are intuitive characters and motivations that shape how an individual grows and becomes prevalent in a community. Essentially, these developments are associated with personalities, […]

Caribana Parade Project of the Toronto Sun

Introduction Despite the fact that project management is an art and a science, the backbone of a successful project lies in application of soft skills in deliverable variables. These variables authenticate project leadership and management science, risk assessment, and analysis which are basically the soft skills in project management. Project Management is done to prepare, […]

Self Esteem

Self-esteem has been a topic of heated debate throughout decades. It has been acknowledged that it affects people’s lives. It is also known that numerous factors contribute to development of low or high self-esteem towards self-image. One of the major factors is biological as people are born with certain traits of character which help them […]

Victimization of the Black Americans

From time immemorial, America has been a platform of racial and cultural segregation. The Blacks in this country have, for a long time, faced unimaginable discrimination. There have been a number of indicators of racist brutality and violence against the black. The roles played by white women and white blacks in the fight against racism […]

Corporate Advertising Campaigns for Consumers

Abstract Corporate advertising campaigns impacts greatly public opinion especially on the need of environmental responsibility. The advertising campaigns are used as means of reaching larger population. The study analyses issues on consumer protection and the benefits companies receive in considering stakeholders while marketing their brand products. The introduction provides general overview on green marketing and […]

Brand management: secondary brand associations

Netnography In this section, it is necessary to describe the opinions and attitudes of customers who can buy the products of Perfection Fresh. This objective can be achieved with the help of netnographic study which is aimed at examining the preferences and opinions of online communities (Belk 2007, p. 129). Overall, it is possible to […]

Motivation theories in education

Introduction Motivation is a very important aspect of the learning process whether in the classroom or outside. This is because it helps create a universal interest among students which leads to improved general success of the learners. The use of educational motivation theories is based on the assumption that each and every individual has specific […]

Psychological Contract

A psychological contract refers to beliefs, expectations, values, and ideals shared between an employer and his or her employees (Dyck & Rule 2008). The contract, which exists in notional form, delineates the practicalities of the job including the duties and responsibilities of the job, worker-manager relationships, and the expectations of both the employer and employee […]

How Many Reasons for not using the EFQM Excellence Model are Just Excuses?

Summary Medhurst Derek and Richards Dave (2006) are the authors of the article with the above title. The authors work for D&D Excellence limited. The article is all about quality management strategies using a model called EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management).The article provides reasons in support and against the model. One of the reasons […]

Mise-en-scene, shots and sound: Hitchcock’s spare use of cinematic repertoire in Sabotage’s murder sequence

Alfred Hitchcock’s innovative and seminal contributions to cinema are visible all through his films, as evidenced by the fact that his name is associated with at least one zoom technique. The murder sequence in Sabotage is a clear example of this creativity. This segment of the film, which could be merely sensational, nonetheless reveals several […]

Psychological Aspects of Decision Making

Executive Summary Decision making is a crucial activity in any business organisation. Decisions are mostly made by the managers and leaders of the organisation. In case, an organisation has invested in a certain project, it is possible for the management to reach a decision to escalate the organisational commitment to the project. The considerations that […]

The Free Market Strengths and Weaknesses

Philosophers labeling themselves as libertarians advocate for liberty. They argue that individuals should take the responsibility of self-ownership. This implies that individuals in society should exercise their rights in making personal choices concerning the way of life. In this group of thinking, individuals live as they deem right. This is provided an individual respects others […]

West Gate Bridge Project

An Analysis of the Project’s Structure and Management The project structure of West Gate Bridge Project had obvious cause of worry from the day it was commissioned. Taking a simple reflection into the genesis of the project, in 1961, Lower Yarra Crossing Company Limited was established with the sole purpose of seeing to it that […]

The Roma Problems and the Causes of Racism

The Roma’s origins were for a long time both a mystery and an excuse for their marginalization and mistreatment. Today they are generally accepted to have originated in the Indian subcontinent, based on linguistic and genetic evidence 1. The resulting history of their contact with Europeans is almost uniformly negative. In most communities today, the […]

The Changing Practice of Hospitalization for the Mentally Ill

Introduction There have been revolutionary changes in mental illness hospitalization over the years. Initially, the mentally ill patients were hospitalized for long periods and were protected from inflicting harm on themselves or others, but little treatment was offered. However, today there is the use of rehabilitative medication in order to try and make the patients […]

Maintenance Issues, including Outsourcing and Fatigue

Evaluations are continuously being done by organizations in order to get both operational and organizational efficiency with an ultimate aim of lessening the costs. Outsourcing makes organizations like the aviation industry to achieve their strategic goals. Airlines’ costs of operations are costly hence outsourcing makes them economically viable by making them offer services which can […]

Crisis management or crisis response system? A complexity science approach to organizational crises

Crisis response system Overall summary The organizational studies show that complexity in management have been there from long ago in organizations, thus complexity thinking have always been used and it is not a modern phenomenon. In this article, Paraskevas (2006) tries to show ways on how to formulate a crisis management plan that “consists of […]

Animal Testing Negative Issues

Introduction Scientists spend much of their time testing products that are designed for human beings on animals to be certain about the effects these products might have. When all this is done the lives of the animals concerned is put into imminent risk and nobody cares whether they make it through the experiment or not. […]