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The Mulatto by Victor Sejour: The Critique of the Slave-Owning Society

“The Mulatto,” or “Le Mulâtre,” is a short story written by the African-American writer Victor Séjour in 1837 that is commonly considered to be one of the earliest fiction works by US-American people of color. The story originally appeared in French, the native language of the author, in the Paris-based journal Revue de Colonies and […]

Organisational Development and Change

Introduction Proper organizational management is a critical provision in various corporations. It helps in attaining organizational efficiency, expertise, viability, and developmental desires. Contextually, this paper critically analyses organisational development and change with respect to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC), a leading referral hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Evidently, the hospital has enacted […]

Women in Management

Introduction For many years, women have faced challenges in the effort to rise to top positions in organisations. The number of women in boardrooms is too low compared with the number of men. As Ridgeway notes, gender discrimination has continued to dominate many organisation both public and private (1997, p.218). An invisible barrier exists (‘glass […]

Value Chain Model: Starbucks

Introduction The term ‘value chain’ was first coined by Michael Porter in 1985 to portray how the customer value builds up through a series of numerous activities to produce the desired product or service. It entails internal processes that an organization undertakes including design, production, marketing, delivery, and supporting the product to reach the prospective […]

Creating a Comprehensive Sustainability Practices

Introduction Human sustainability refers to the ability of an organization to align its business goals with direct and indirect interests of the employees. Therefore, sustainable practices are only achievable when human sustainability is aligned with organizational strategies. Through understanding the organizational sustainability, organizations need to comprehend the dynamics that prevail, drive and support essential programs […]

Financial Planning: Analysis

Introduction Organizations undertake financial planning in order to ensure that they utilize resources effectively to achieve their intended objectives. Financial planning mainly entails strategically devising means through which the organization can source funds and use them efficiently to achieve growth and development. However, a plan on how to allocate the funds is also critical in […]

Effective Performance Management

Performance management includes the steps, measures or actions taken to ensure goals are accomplished or targets are met in an organization, institution, a group etc. it may also include the process of building a product or a service. Performance management when carried out appropriately helps employees know that their efforts are recognized and acknowledged (Neal, […]

Assessing the Relative Health of a Family Business.

To assess a relative health of family business, scholars and other researchers who are interested in this issue employ various criteria. Some of the criteria used rest in the fields of corporate governance, family governance, business performance, philanthropy, social responsibility, ethics and environmental sustainability. This paper will discuss these commonly used criteria in assessing the […]

Singapore Airlines

Executive Summary Singapore Airlines is a premium carrier in Asia’s aviation industry. It is associated with excellent services and affordable prices. Its success is mainly attributed to its ability to pursue both cost leadership and differentiation strategies. Currently, its corporate strategy involves investing in aviation related businesses. Its business and functional level strategies focus on […]

Human Resources and Organisational Change Management

Introduction Change management is necessary for the turnaround of any business organisation, thus the human resources management is supposed to initiate flexible changes that can be adopted easily. For instance, relocation issues demand proper workforce planning strategies. The Human resource management (HRM) process addresses matters relating to staffing and retention of the right personnel. In […]

Business Economics

Currency devaluation and appreciation has been a debatable issue in macroeconomics. Currency devaluation means a reduction in currency value and currency valuation is the increase in the value of a currency (Zelkó 1980, p. 110). There are many factors that determine a country’s currency value. The most influential determinant is the economic performance of a […]

Company Analysis: CultureWorks ESL

Challenges that CultureWorks ESL deals with The company CultureWorks-English as a Second Language (ESL) is an institution whose primary business is teaching non-English natives to fluently speak the language. Among the key challenges that affect the institution is that there are very few levels of administration and that the study environment is not well-equipped to […]

Supply and Economic Situation

Suppliers can approach the issue of delivering new materials to different markets by adopting market entry strategies introduced by Australian Trade Commission on their official web site. Most of these strategies are aimed to help Australian companies to enter foreign markets though they can be also effective for other international companies to enter the market […]

Possibilities and Limitations of Creating Civil Society though International Donor Funding

Every functioning society is made up of the civil society which generally represents social as well as civic organizations which operate on voluntary basis. Such organizations are different from parastatals and other commercial organizations as they are mostly non-profit. As much as such organizations have shared values, goals and purpose, it is difficult to differentiate […]

Contemporary Issues in Management: Gender and Leadership

Introduction Issues associated with gender and leadership have been discussed for several decades though the debate on the matter is still on-going. Researchers note that the rate of female leaders is steadily increasing worldwide but male leaders significantly outnumber female leaders (Virick & Greer 2012; Page 2011). It is also important to note that researchers’ […]