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Donald Trump: His Political Course and Contribution as a President

Donald Trump, a well-established multi-billionaire, a successful real estate developer and a distinguished celebrity, is a controversial but prominent figure in modern history. Despite major analysts’ predictions, his presidential election victory became an ultimate event, and Trump’s “drive, persistence, and eloquence astonished the whole world” (Krylov par. 1). Though there are many contradictive opinions regarding […]

Product Place: Lush Location Strategy

Due to the unique characteristics of the Lush Company’s industry of operation, it is vital to balance the elements of intangibility, inseparability, and heterogeneity in the 4Ps of its market mix (Eldring, 2009). Therefore, it is important to establish means and ways of reaching the potential market consisting of sensitive clients through the following strategies. […]

In Pursuit of Excellence

Terry Orlick’s book In Pursuit of Excellence is primarily intended for professional athletes who strive to attain the best results. However, it can also be of great interest to people who want to achieve success in a certain professional area that may not be related to sports. Furthermore, this book can benefit to people who […]

Marxist Critiques of Capitalism: Theory of Surplus Value

Introduction Marxist critiques of capitalism challenge each other in many aspects. However, the three critiques are interrelated. Theory of surplus value This theory states that surplus value is a factor of surplus production. This theory also encompasses labor. Thus, capitalism exploits the common work force. The surplus production is constantly being created. In fact, workers […]

International Entry-Mode Choices

Executive Summary It is surprising that the profitability of large retail booksellers in Japan is relatively poor with their sales being small compared to other countries in the world (Directory of Japanese publishing and bookselling, 1982). One of the major players in the market is the Saihan system that ensures market control by fixing the […]

Process Involved in Choosing a Measurement Tool for Variables in Research

According to Santayana (2008, p.1), “measurement is at the core of doing research”. Generally, after conducting research, researchers have to reduce their finding to numbers in order for people to understand their study findings. Such measurements are exceptionally essential in the measurement of hypotheses. Researchers therefore must come up with sound measurement tools for both […]

Information Security Management

Introduction Information is critical to the functioning of every organization. It defines its operations and activities. The concept of security management is thus elusive and focuses on organizational security. Organizations have remained active in terms of acquisition of information management systems. These systems are meant to aid organizations in securing their information. This paper discusses […]

The Case of Etisalat Company

Introduction Research and analysis of the factors that are responsible for the success or failure of any business indicate that good customer service plays an integral part in the success of any business (Goodman 23). Such can be attributed to the fact that the quality of a company’s products or service can be manifested in […]

Porter’s Five Forces and Best Buy

Introduction The model that has been developed by Michael Porter can be viewed as incredibly efficient and still can be used by modern companies. The need to have an understanding of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses should not be disregarded during the development of their strategies, and it could lead to a significant competitive advantage […]

Evaluation as a Important Part of the Educational Process

Evaluation is an important part of the educational process. It is crucial for future success of the educational process and educational program. It shows what kind of work has been done, what objectives were accomplished and what are the benefits for participants. In education, evaluation is a basis for decision making that allows defining the […]

The reasons behind poor training among vocational teachers

Introduction The word vocation is mostly used to refer to the process where individuals are prepared for professional work in the global labor market. Vocational training is a specialized form of training because those undertaking it are only taken through selected areas study. Therefore, vocational training aims at improving the living standards of those undertaking […]

iPhone Case Antitrust

Introduction In 2007, Apple Inc. released another revolutionary product into the mobile market known as the iPhone. In this report the discussion presented will focus on the Company marketing and pricing strategy with a view to identification of possible unfair competitive practices used by the Company. iPhone: Pricing and Marketing Strategy In 2007 the product […]

Design plans for Quick Fit Furniture PLC

The business environment today has become highly competitive. Any business willing to sustain itself through tight competition and impressive profitability in the long run has to devote its efforts in attracting new customers as well as retaining existing ones. Latest empirical research has demonstrated that the only way businesses can attain above goals is through […]

Sydney Expansion Plan

The project, which is going to be implemented by the government of Sydney as well by some private companies, can radically transform the landscape of Barangaroo suburb and the city in general. This development plan includes the construction of new Casino Events Centre, Multifunctional Convention and Entertainment Centre, and expansion of Exhibition Center (Whiteling, 2011, […]

Strategic Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is the art of managing employees in an organization. It involves the use of people to achieve organizational objectives in a productive manner and still satisfy the needs of individual employees (Fuller, 2005). This is the traditional approach to human resource management. Human resource management has always been viewed as a […]

ITM501 SLP 1

A web browser is a piece of software that requests, decodes and then presents the files that constitute internet pages. “Without doubt Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox are by far the frequently used browsers, but there are most certainly at least 50 to 70 others that are readily available for public use, and nearly […]

Capital budgeting practice

Preferred capital budgeting NPV and IRR are the most recurrently used capital budgeting practice, judging by the retorts of the interviewees (Graham & Harvey, 2001). The outcomes depended on the nature of the firm and its supervisory distinctiveness. Large firms are comprehensively more prone to use NVP as contrasted to miniature firms. Vastly levered firms […]

Obesity and Healthy Eating

Introduction Obesity has been on a steady increase in the US resulting in a decline in the individual’s health since people who are obese are at increased risk of physical as well as psychosocial health consequences. The high prevalence rates of obesity particularly among children and adolescents have caused alarm. Calls have been made for […]

International theories and Copenhagen Climate Treaty

Introduction One week conference was held in Copenhagen in Denmark for two weeks; in December 2009 to fight against global warming, an effect of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. The participants included countries all over the world. President Obama of the U.S. was optimistic and had hoped that U.S. would be at the front line in […]

HealthSouth: The Rise and Fall of the Scrushy Empire

1. Summary: Richard Scrushy founded HealthSouth in 1984 with $50,000. The company was a privately-held health care franchise of clinics dedicated to physical therapy of elderly patients. Scrushy became CEO of the company. By 1998 the company had experienced tremendous growth with over 1,900 centers in USA, UK and Australia. Scrushy was particularly fond of […]

White Wines vs. Red Wines

Usually people who love wine prefer white or red. Although both of them are produced by grape, there are several differences between those two noble beverages. According to a number of researchers, red wine contains elements good for heart; therefore, red wine is more helpful for health due to its capability to prevent heart diseases […]

Munchausen Syndrome

Introduction Munchausen syndrome is described as a fictitious mental disorder in which a person pretends to be sick by exaggerating false symptoms. Similarly, another person may lie about sickness of another individual under his or her care, a condition commonly known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Common victims of adult perpetration are children under the […]

The Societies of Mali and Ghana

The following is a brief investigation into the social life of the societies of Mali and Ghana kingdoms, revealing their similarities, differences and the possible causes of these differences and similarities. Similarities Justice is highly valued by the two societies of Mali and Ghana. In Ghana, the king adorns himself like a woman, with necklaces […]