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Data Collection in Intelligence

Intelligence in the United States is considered as a specialized product of information. Its sources emanate from an effective collection, assimilation, analysis and interpretation of data. The ability of the intelligence community to generate requisite information depends on the capacity to collect relevant and precise data. Therefore, the adopted methodology is critical in developing acceptable […]

Mapping the Innovation Process at Etihad Airways

Introduction Innovations play an important role in the company success. They allow remaining the competitive edge in the market and maintaining profitability. The innovation process assumes several stages each of which is characterized by its peculiarities and specific features. The aim of this essay is to map the innovation process at Etihad Airways which is […]

Burger King’s Case Study

Burger King’s communication objective is to increase the company’s sales by targeting the super fan customers who happens to be young men. These activities are also geared towards ensuring shareholders’ satisfaction, in addition to increasing the company’s share value. To achieve these communication objectives, the organization has put in place plans to communicate and promote […]

Starbucks – Marketing Management Perspective

Introduction & Background After the post World War II trends of doing business have been changed. There are changes inside and outside businesses, and this is because businesses have started to identify and face serious challenges. Business environments are changed as the scope of the environment is expanding rapidly (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). Presently, organizations […]

Procurement and Its Role in the Organization’s Processes

Lead-in statement Created by Aiden Platt, the presentation titled “Procurement: An Emerged Profession” concerned the specified phenomenon and covers the significance of procurement within an organization, as well as defines the role of the former in a company. Platt also discusses procurement methods as applied to a very specific area of entrepreneurship (i.e., the production […]

Edmodo in Saudi Secondary School EFL Instruction

This paper analyzes the article by Fatimah Al-Kathiri called “Beyond the Classroom Walls: Edmodo in Saudi Secondary School EFL Instruction, Attitudes and Challenges” that was published in English Language Teaching journal in 2015. The author describes the research of the employment of a digital tool called Edmodo in order to enhance the learning of English […]

Principles of Assessment: Expository of Scientific Report Writing as an Assessment Item

Importance of Scientific Reporting Writing Skill for Undergraduate Science Students Scientific report writing skills help the student manage to think critically and creatively in approaching scientific applications. Creative and critical thinking helps the student have analyzing power for science and related fields; this makes them write clear and detailed reports (Biggs 1999, p. 15). In […]

World Media Culture

Introduction Media is a reliable source of information given the fact that it always endeavors to remain impartial and transparent. Any media source that tends to be influenced politically is most likely to lose trust of the public. As opposed to a hundred years back where media information only reached a few individuals especially in […]

Phenomenon of Pixar’s Success

Internal Analysis Phenomena within Pixar Pixar’s success can be attributed to the internal resources the company possesses. In terms of tangible resources, the company has financial capabilities which enable it to fund projects, create a desirable environment for its employees to grow, and support operations. In terms of intangible resources, Pixar’s greatest asset is its […]

Budget Forecasting and Its Importance in Planning

Budget forecasting is very essential in planning. In most cases, budgets are prepared for upcoming periods, which could be in terms of weeks, months, years or decades. Budget forecasting is fundamental in setting future targets. Therefore, the budget compels a firm to aim higher in order to achieve predetermined targets. However, a number of businesses […]

Toyota Corporation Company Change Implementation Process

Nowadays many organizations are now and then experiencing tremendous change processes to align their objectives to the ever changing market. Globalization has created more market opportunities for many multinational corporations. Majority of these companies have capitalized on this chance to enhance their growth and development. In today’s economy, the rapid societal and technological changes that […]

Cyber theft

Introduction The modern day world is becoming a global village with expanding usage of the Internet. The Internet has now penetrated across the globe even to the developing countries where it is being embraced and used widely. The invention and adoption of the Internet has accelerated the growth of business through improved means of communication […]

Strategic and Operational Planning

Introduction There are various reasons for the success or failure of companies. Companies operating in the same line of business may perform differently due to their varying circumstances in business. Marketing strategies, management strategies, and innovation are some of the aspects of business that have been examined by this article. Johnson& Johnson And Pfizer Johnson […]

“The end of fashion: How marketing changed the clothing business forever” by Teri Agins

The history of fashion dates to the 17th century. French designers described fashion using beauty models. By the 19th century, few designers lead the fashion world. Quality and expensive garments were displayed by high income earners. The latest designs were exposed at civic events and weddings. The elites controlled the operations of fashion designers. By […]

The Emirates Airline Company

Introduction Managing change in an organization is crucial in ensuring that a firm remains stable and competitive in any industry. Organizational change involves changing structures within the organization that consequently enables any firm to remain effective and efficient to all stakeholders, including employees, customers, management team and the immediate environment in which the firm operates. […]

The economical aspects and different perspectives for fast food industry in Canada

An introduction and history for the fast food industry in Canada Canadian fast food industry is a lucrative industry to investors due to its non-intermittent growth; moreover, this industry started its operation at the very beginning of the industrial age and gained more and more consumers from its inception at the early 19th century. The […]

Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Flow Next to High-Rise Buildings in Hong Kong Due to Air-Conditioner Heat Rejection

The article under consideration is titled “Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to flow next to high-rise buildings in Hong Kong due to air-conditioner heat rejection”. It is written by Bojic M., Savic S., and Nikolic D. in 2008 in the International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy. This article presents the Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation […]

The Nature of Nonpoint Pollution Control Problem

Efforts to control pollution have traditionally targeted point sources of pollution. Currently, most developed countries are focusing on controlling nonpoint sources of pollution (NPP). According to Segerson and Wu, control of NPP is always difficult due to their diffuse nature.1 In this context, observing the emission of pollutants is often difficult. Consequently, policy instruments that […]

Controversy Surrounding Immigration

For several years, debates have occurred on whether illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States. Laws used to regulate both legal and illegal immigration have caused debates in social and political settings. Some leaders have supported measures aimed at controlling the influx of immigrants. Recently, republicans in Kansas differed on whether […]