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Marketing Communication and Strategies in Communication Campaign

The presence of Chineese hospitable local partners In our marketing communication which is also called the integrated marketing communication, we found out that the the local Chineese partners were hospitable to the marketers. They were also able to adapt the Abercrombie & Fitch company’s messaging, communication and brand image to fit the mature and sophisticated […]

Responsibility Definition

Introduction One of the key factors that lead to success in life is being responsible. From childhood, my parents and the whole society at large have been pushing me to show responsibility through my actions, feelings and utterances. The question that is left begging is: What does responsibility entail? In my opinion, responsibility is making […]

Mentoring of New Teachers

The database used for the present paper was the EBSCO host. The tutorial watched was the ‘EBSCO advanced search – guided style’ one. The newly acquired knowledge included the way to apply limiters and expanders during the search process, where to enter the search term and which fields to search (subject terms). It also became […]

Heriot-Watt University Future Strategy

Introduction Heriot-Watt University Based in Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University is the leading university in Scotland. The university has a special place both within the country as well as on the global map because of offering practical solutions the current global challenges without neglecting its basic mission of providing appropriate education to local and international students. The […]

Making a Happier Military

Executive Summary The purpose of this dissertation shall be to evaluate the impacts of team building to the soldier’s performance. The undertaking shall focus on both the psychological and social impacts of team building in order to analyze the extent to which team building can help in establishing a happier military. To this end, a […]

US Intelligence

Research studies have proven that there was no sufficient intelligence applied by the Intelligence community before the advent of the Second World War. Even during the war, intelligence was handled in a casual and uncoordinated manner. According to the Federation of American Scientists (1996, par. 5), there was “insufficient attention to certain collection requirements”. From […]

The Electronics Industry

Introduction Communication remains one of the most important tools in the current market. The market has become increasingly competitive. As Chaston (2009, p. 78) states, the market is getting very competitive as the world embraces globalization. The world has been turned into a global village. An American company can now make its productions in China […]

Confucianism as the Foundation of the Present Chinese Culture

Introduction Confucianism is generally regarded as the foundation of the present Chinese culture1. To a great extent, it is associated with the way most Chinese national behave in different situations. Apparently, it a way of life that based on principles created by Confucius centered on the values held by three Chinese families namely Xia, Shang, […]

AT&T Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal Methods

Executive summary In many organizations, it is the responsibility of the managers to ensure that good employee selection and assessment is observed. When these processes are done poorly, an organization is likely to face significant challenges that can affect its operations. There are different methods of selecting and assessing people needed for various jobs. For […]

The University of Kentucky Hospital

Disaster procedures for staff members The University of Kentucky Hospital has a plan aims at providing an organized process of initiating, managing and recovering from emergencies that could occur within and outside the hospital, which could negatively impact the healthcare organization and the surrounding community. After a terrorist attack, the personnel within the hospital should […]

Transportation Standards and Environmental Regulations

The rapid growth of global economy and the rise of globalization in the past decade led to the increase in products consumption as well as the expansion of goods distribution streams worldwide. The outburst of the global economic development and manufacturing could not but have a robust impact on the natural environment, and global warming […]

Porter’s Diamond Model

Competitive advantage of nation’s theory Michael Porter introduced the Diamond model for competitive advantage of nations that analyses the competitiveness of a nation or even a major geographic region in the global competition. This moves away from the traditional economic factor of comparative advantage of countries such as land, resources, labor, population and location (Porter, […]

Effect of Local Language Communication in Decision Making for MNC Dealing with Local Customers

Abstract This study focuses on understanding the problem of local language communication in a multinational company management. The cultural context in which the subsidiary firms of multinational companies operate will help in understanding how local languages affect the business relations in MNCs. In this study, local language will be considered to be part of cultural […]

Going, Inc.

Going, Inc. is a commercial airline company servicing the United States, Europe and Asia is undergoing a problem of declining sales tickets. The company has over the last few years unable to offer satisfactory services to its customers. As a result, customer loyalty has heavily waned with most customers preferring other competitors in place of […]

Why Australian organizations must adopt sustainability reporting in the 21st century

In the 21st century, there has been increased need to consider current generation sustainability without limiting future generations’ capability to satisfy their needs. Different drivers compel organizations to give their sustainability reports periodically; Irja Vormedal and Audun 2006 note, “While the first wave of reporting in the 1990s was characterized by the growth of ‘pure’ […]

Young Australians and Racism

Racism can be a major challenge especially when certain races or groups of people decide to treat others as inferior or incompetent within a society. Recent studies have indicated that most of the young Australians from culturally different backgrounds are constantly experiencing various forms of racism in their daily lives. Over 70 % of the […]

Guatemala’s Economic Performance and Development

Introduction Background to the economic performance and development in Guatemala since colonial period The state of Guatemala is the most populous country in the Central American region, with an estimated population of about 13.39 million people. As of 2013, the country’s Gross Domestic Product per capita is estimated to be one-half that of an average […]

Change from Individual to Team Work at the Workplace

This week’s article analysis focuses on change from individual to team work at the workplace. Most organizations are in search of a strategy for viable teamwork. Internal competition is detrimental to the progress of an organization (Webber, 2000). Conflicts that arise during teamwork generate diversity of ideas (Maruca, 2001). This enables an organization to solve […]

Affirmative Action

The initiative for an affirmative action was to ensure equality in educational, contracting, and employment opportunities across all races and gender. Therefore, it was a means through which minority groups and women would gain equal chances to compete in the aforementioned opportunities. As a result of this, the affirmative action has played a key role […]

MDG poverty goals may be achieved, but child mortality is not improving

Article Summary The news article under analysis, titled MDG poverty goals may be achieved, but child mortality is not improving, appears in the Guardian newspaper. The article was authored by Claire Provost and details the progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), especially by developing countries. Provost begins by stating that two-thirds of developing […]