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Emmett Hewitt studied at San Francisco State University, USA, with average GPA 3.55 out of 4.0.

Strategic HRM at Quantum

Summary of the Case Quantum Corporation manufactures and markets computer hard disk devices throughout the world. The company has managed to maintain profitability since its formation in 1980. It has achieved this mainly through its differentiation strategy that focuses on high quality. The HR strategy at Quantum is one of its strongest areas, with the […]

Risk Management and the Environment

Introduction Projects face risks that have detrimental impacts (Chapman & Ward 2003, 31). These include risks associated with financial, technical, commercial, execution and legal aspects. It is vital to define each of these risks, identify their scope and propose effective mitigation measures. This paper discusses the potential risks associated with the establishment and operation of […]

Multicultural Teams and Their Leadership

Introduction As a result of globalization, many organizations are employing people from different countries in order to pool resources and boost their operational efficiency. However, documented literature indicates that having a culturally diverse team presents numerous challenges based on language differences, communication issues, different working techniques and conflict resolution mechanisms (Gibson & Vermeulen, 2003). If […]

Research Ethics

Abstract This paper is bout business research ethics. Generally, when undertaking a business research, the researcher needs to understand that the exercise involves dealing with many other societal issues that can directly affect the final outcome of the research. This paper explores in detail various aspects of research ethics in business. Even though personal values […]

“The First World War” John Keegan

Introduction The book The First World War by John Keegan is a historical book that narrates the situations before, during, and after the First World War. Therefore, this paper is an analysis of the whole book that explores different elements that have been brought out by the author as well as the goal that it […]

Factors that Influence the Development of M-Commerce

Introduction Wireless communication networks are experiencing an unprecedented growth in the business arena. Mobile commerce (m-commerce) refers to the direct and ancillary transactions that are carried out using wireless communication devices. There are various sociocultural, economic, technological and business factors that have influenced the development of m-commerce. Technological Factors The concept of m-commerce is highly […]

E-Recruitment Strengths and Weaknesses

E-recruitment is the use of information technology to enhance or speed up the process of recruitment. This process includes seeking for employment, advertising vacant positions, and the major back office processes which link line managers and human resources personnel to local database. If e-recruitment is used effectively, it can help the company find appropriate candidate […]

Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, Nigeria

Introduction Chapter 1 highlights performance appraisal as a fundamental strategic human resource management practice that organizations should adopt in their quest to promote their performance. This chapter involves a critical review of past literature on performance appraisal. The significance of this chapter is to identify gaps and areas of improvement with reference to performance management. […]

Barton Case Study

Assessment of the Financial Position and Performance of the Barton Firm In order to assess the financial position and financial performance of the Barton engine business, it is important to consider carefully the ratio analysis of the company, as it assists comparisons, simplifies financial-statement, aids the top-management to recognize whether the business’s financial position is […]

Student Athletes and Education

Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and lawn tennis are some of the major sports in the United States. But these activities are not considered as mere games by many Americans. The purpose of sports in their lives is more than its capability to entertain. It is more than an excuse to spend the weekends and holidays. […]

Marketing Strategies of Major Car Manufacturers in Emerging Markets

Introduction and Research Problem Motor vehicle industry is rapidly growing. The demand for new car models is on the rise thus forcing major car manufactures to strategize their businesses in order to enhance their market share and global presence. Concurrently, there are emerging markets for major car manufactures. It is evident that such manufacturers strive […]

Managing Openness: International trade data and analysis.

Introduction Trade stats express is a service provided by the international trade administration to avail the latest annual and quarterly trade data of the United States. It gives the current trade statistics at national and state levels. The export and import trade balances are custom-tailored to year and dollar ranges as well as display preferences. […]

A cost benefit analysis of the environmental and economic effects of Nuclear Energy in the United States

Overview There are myriad environmental benefits presented by the production and use of nuclear energy. Studies on this fuel have indicated that it has a negligible contribution to global warming since there are no emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition, other toxic gaseous compounds such as oxides of sulfur and nitrogen are not emitted in […]

Computerized Systems: Material Requirements Planning

Introduction In the quest to handle inventory and to run firms efficiently, entrepreneurs have resolved to computerize their operation activities. The commonly used system is the Material Requirement Planning (MRP). According to Groover (741) MRP is a computer-based system that translates the operation master plan into series of activities and operation from the final product […]

Harm Principle

John Stuart Mill an English philosopher promotes the idea of an individual’s liberty. The individual right’s liberty main concept is the harm principle. The harm principle promotes individuals rights. It states that the society can only exercise power rightfully over an individual if his or her actions cause harm to others. Mill used the utilitarianism […]

Reasons behind truancy

Introduction Truancy refers to unauthorised absentee from school during the compulsory going years. Several students skip schools for their own reasons and lose a lot in the education system. Different schools have various definitions for truancy but the number of truants is on the increase. Truancy has been linked with delinquent behaviour in students and […]

Strategic Leadership

Introduction Survival of today’s business environment requires strategic leadership. Therefore, in order to gain some competitiveness in the environment it is important that each business organization must have its unique form of strategic leadership. For that matter, strategic leadership refers to the potential of the manager to utilize good strategic plans in the employees’ management […]

Leadership of a Consultancy Group: Project Planning and Organising

Introduction Background Information Effective coordination among the group members of a consultancy team is indispensible for working out effective strategies for managing change within an organisation. Being a leader of a consultancy group, the rational allocation of responsibilities and obligations among the team members was highly important to facilitate the problem identification aspects and understand […]

Modern marketing approach

Introduction This paper supports the statement “the product/service dichotomy in marketing theory is no longer sustainable.” The present day marketing approach is a result of the many revolutions and changes that come about in marketing as a result of increased competition. Modern marketing approach emphasizes “cost leadership, differentiation and focus” (Baker and Saren, 2010) The […]

Case Study: Vancity

Vancity was an organization that was recognized for its commitment to social justice and community values. In 2009, its board was faced by a difficult decision to make. As a result of the financial crisis, the organization was considering repricing its line of credit offerings. However, this was an unpopular move among the customers who […]

Everest Mount 1996

Introduction Everest has attracted many people throughout decades. Successful expeditions to the summit encouraged many people to try their strength. However, many people lost their lives in such attempts. For instance, the expeditions led by Rob Hall and Scott Fischer in 1996 illustrate dangers associated with ascent of Everest. On May, 10 five people, including […]

Unfinished Migrations: Reflections on the African Diaspora and the Making of the Modern World by Patterson, T.R. and R.G. Kelley.

Introduction Professor Tiffany Ruby Patterson is an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University of African American. She teaches history, Diaspora and American Studies. Among many other writings she has co-authored with Robin D.G. Kelley an essay called Unfinished Migrations: Reflections on the African Diaspora and the Making of the Modern World. Robin D.G. Kelley is also […]

Change Management within Direct TV Business

Introduction Managing change within an organization entails the integration of essential plans and effective implementation strategies. The current world has experienced rapid changes in business management as a result of the recent technological advancements as well as changes in organizational cultures. However, change management is the responsibility of managers within an organization. Gronlund (2002) argues […]

Nike Company’s Marketing Strategy

Nike is a very well known company around the world. It is one of the most recognizable brands in any part of the world. This paper analyzes the company to uncover various facets of its operations and to get a glimpse of its overall strategy. Vision and Mission The vision of Nike is to “bring […]

Comparison of the Political Leadership: Ellen Jonson of Liberia and Yahya Jammeh of Gambia

Introduction Any positive progress in every country is absolutely dependant on the political and leadership stability it enjoys. This implies that political instability and poor leadership are the worst setbacks to constructive progress. Consequently, countries that enjoy political stability no matter how limited resources are at their disposal, development is inevitable. Thus, we cannot talk […]

William Moraley Biography

William Moraley always viewed the British colonies using a poor labourer’s perspective. He lived between 1698 and 1762. Moraley left England at the age of twenty years and moved to America as an indentured servant. This was after a short law apprenticeship. The experiences Moraley went through frustrated him greatly. Therefore, after he was through […]

Raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault

At a glance, the painting depicts people swimming on the raft. Their faces are exhausted, and it seems that they have been swimming for weeks or even months. The raft is almost broken, but still it is controlled by people. Some of the people are desperately trying to find the way home whereas others lost […]