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Evelynn Parker studied at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, with average GPA 3.56 out of 4.0.

Real Estate Sector in Dubai

Real estate in Dubai is supported by both the government and private sector. The government, through various programmes, organises affordable and suitable housing for its citizens. The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, established in 1999, provides interest free loans and non-refundable grants for constructing and buying homes (Dubai Land Department 2013). The recipients have to apply […]

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Digital Marketing The internet offers a wide range of communication tools that ride on the social dimension of the online experience. The communicative power of the internet has essentially replaced many of the traditional tools particularly in the world of traditional advertising in print and broadcast media (Cone 2011). Marketing a product via a website […]

Technology Research Proposal

Technology is a subtle tool for enhancing the effectiveness of various societal systems. In education systems, integration of ICT technology may incredibly aid in shifting learning from the teacher-centered to the student-focused one. In this context, integrating ICT technology into learning coupled with teaching calls for school leaders to focus their strategic leadership efforts on […]

Reflection of photographic arts

Learning the fundamentals of photographic arts improves the success of an artist. The fundamentals of photographic arts combine technical brilliance and creativity. We can add value to a story when we learn the technical and creative aspects of photography. Image technology contributes to the change in photographic dimensions (Barba, 2001). Today, artists edit images using […]

Three Approaches to Evaluating Skill at Work

Introduction Globalisation and industrialisation across the world have resulted to extensive development of workforce-related aspects that influence organisational performance to meet the changing market demands (Scholarios & Taylor 2011). As inter-organisational and international competition within regional and multinational organisations increase, the need to improve service delivery through competent workforce has been one of the yearned […]

“British Society Since 1945: The Penguin Social History of Britain” by Arthur Marwick

This paper is aimed at reviewing the book British Society Since 1945: The Penguin Social History of Britain written by Arthur Marwick. This author examines the dramatic transformation of Great Britain after the Second World War which proved to be a turning-point in the political, economic, and social history of this country. In particular, it […]

“Interaction” in Human Computer Interaction: iPad’s Design Framework

iPad’s Design Framework The iPad’s entry into the market signaled a new era in Human-Computer interaction. It came with enhancements that have revolutionized how man interacts with computers. The concept of Multi-touch moved touch screen technology many steps forward. Some of the novel interaction features of the iPad, which were not previously in the iphone, […]

Motion Sickness: Review of Different Countermeasures

Abstract Motion sickness is a condition that commonly affects travelers. Many theories have been put in place to explain its pathogenesis. Many treatments have been tried, with pharmacotherapy being widely applied. This paper looks at the different available countermeasures. The paper is an article review that analyzes the findings of literature that has been done […]

Adoption of M-learning Technology

Executive Summary Current trends in education show that Mobile learning (M learning) has significantly redefined learning processes. However, at the heart of its adoption lie serious concerns about the benefits, limitations, and implications of M learning. This paper explores these concerns by evaluating the issues that surround the adoption of M learning and its potential […]

The Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is the top performer in the international banking industry and is one of the biggest world’s banking institutions. This multinational corporation currently employs over 150,000 of workers all over the world and operates in more than 40 countries (RBS, 2015). It maintains its reputation as a top player at […]

Egyptian style art piece – The Turin Erotic Papyrus

The Turin Erotic Papyrus (Papyrus 55001) is somewhat a pornographic artwork, which is now stored in Turin museum of Egypt heritage, situated in Italy (Manniche 52). This ancient artwork is made of a series of vignettes, which are drawn on a papyrus tube. The tube is divided into three parts, with the first part consisting […]


CSR New trends and focuses that companies are trying to employ Concepts of social responsibility or alternatively corporate citizenship have formed a predominant business lexicon hence attracting the attention of the academicians especially due to advents of the technological advancements of the 21st century. Nelson and Jane (2004, p.3) notes that, “over the past decade, […]

Medical Ethics: Case of Jane and Phyllis

The Philosophical Approach to Be Used For the Case The philosophical approach that seems to be appropriate for this case is Consequentialism/utilitarianism theory. This philosophical approach is concerned mainly with the outcomes of a particular action as the basis for judging whether the action is right or wrong. The consequentialist theory holds that the moral […]

Films Comparison: “The Fields” by Roland Joffe and “Hotel Rwanda” by Terry George

Introduction Movies and films play an important role in reflecting on real life issues in societies besides entertaining. Such issues include; moral decay, corruption in government, infringement on human rights and poverty. This paper will examine two movies; “the fields by Roland Joffe and Hotel Rwanda by Terry George”. The review focuses on similarities and […]

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Introduction Negotiations are often held in order to achieve goals that exist in an environment of contention. This means that there has to be more that one party that seeks to take advantage of scarce or shared resources. The need to ensure that one gets the most out of a negotiation warrants the identification of […]

Confessions by St. Augustine

Introduction The book “Anthology of English Literature” mainly emphasizes on literature in the western world. The book was first published in the year 1962 after which it has gone through various editions. Out of all the anthologies published by Norton, it is the best selling of all with the highest number of printed copies. M. […]

Theory Critique of Bureaucratic Politics on Public Administration and Public Policy: Rational choice theory

Introduction Rational choice theory is also termed choice theory or still rational action theory. It is an approach by social and political scientists to understand human behavior. This approach was formerly applied by economists; but has recently become popular in other disciplines such as sociology, political science, and anthropology. The spread of the rational choice […]

Motorcycles Project Management

Abstract New projects are rolled out everyday in various organisations. However, only a few projects are completed successfully. This is due to the fact that most companies fail to plan ahead and are hence unable to cope with the unforeseen challenges. This paper will focus on the crucial elements that JJ motorcycles should address as […]

Dnata Company in UAE

Very few companies have managed to maintain progress over the years of their existence, and Dnata is one of them. Since the very start of the business, only the most recent innovations were used to develop the company’s strategy and only the latest technologies were utilized to provide the services of decent quality. However, over […]

Whether cognitive dissonance plays a role in the elections and the voting process?

The question of the article is whether cognitive dissonance plays a role in the elections and the voting process. Cognitive dissonance supposes that people who have chosen a specific behavior will align their attitudes according to such behavior. In case the behavior is realized to be unwanted or negative later, the individual will be even […]

Immigration’s Economic Reasons

Introduction Migration occurs when there is a movement of people from one country to another. This is caused by factors such as economic pressures, social networks and connections, immigration control policies and cultural perceptions among others. Economic reasons In my own assessment, the most important cause of migration flows is economic pressures. Mostly, when economic […]

Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring

Introduction The entrepreneurial activity cross-national assessment by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) cycle is now in its eighth stage. The GEM began in 199 comprising of ten countries. However, the project in 2006 expanded to encompass forty-two countries. GEM being a principal research project in wide variety of countries aims at analyzing and describing the […]

Prospects of finding life in Mars

Over the years, human beings have contemplated on the possibility of existence of life in Mars. It is important to question the conventional assumption of the requirement for a planet to have to life (Grinspoon 304). In the history of mankind, people have told fictional stories about the Martians who had invaded the Earth at […]

Compensation Systems and Employee Benefits

Introduction The skills and training needed by workers in today’s working environment has been greatly influenced by technology. The manager responsibility is to recruit, select, and compensate employees in its organization. Changes like this makes employees rely on effective management. Emphasis is laid on output and performance. The manager and the staff create policies and […]

Christianity in Sudan

Abstract Christianity in Sudan can be traced back to the 5th century even before the colonialists and Muslims stepped into Africa. Christianity was the official religion of the three Nubian kingdoms along Nile River: Makouria, Nobatia, and Alwa kingdom. Ever since the Muslim Arabs occupied North Africa and particularly northern Sudan, Christians have never had […]