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Felipe Nash studied at Texas State University, USA, with average GPA 3.11 out of 4.0.

Using Teams in Production and Operations Management

Introduction Coca Cola Company is a global multinational with operations in many countries. The company is a manufacturer and retailer of various beverages and non-alcoholic drinks. All withstanding, the company is well known for its flagship brand Coca Cola although it has more than 500 brands. As far as a wider global presence is concerned, […]

Politics and Public Policy

Introduction Public policies formulation and implementation form some of the most important factors that define and dictate the trends of social-economic and political considerations in a country. With all societal aspects being directly or indirectly guided by the public policies that operate in a country, their establishment has remained one of the most contended consideration […]

Nuclear Waste Disposal

Introduction The main challenge associated with the nuclear energy is the disposal of the resultant waste. Although several ways of storing nuclear waste have been established, nuclear waste disposal remains to be a major issue as none of the available alternatives are comprehensive enough in their solutions. The biggest challenge emanates from the fact that […]

Porsche Case Analysis

Problems Currently, Porsche faces several types of problems. In particular, many customers of this company have become much more price-sensitive since they were affected by the global economic recession that began in 2008. Additionally, it should be kept in mind that the maintenance of sports cars is very expensive. Therefore, even many well-to-do clients may […]

The Comparison Between the Two Different International Editions of Vogue Magazine

Due to the ongoing process of Globalization, the contents of the most popular media-products are now becoming increasingly uniformed. This simply could not be otherwise, because the earlier mentioned process presupposes standardization. In its turn, the latter allows companies to substantially increase the extent of their commercial effectiveness. As Vrontis, Thrassou and Lamprianou pointed out: […]

Management Strategy in the Public Sector

Introduction Local authorities are embracing the use of strategic management in their daily processes. Many have recognised the usefulness of the approach but few are yet to optimize its potential. Internal and external environments in public organisations make strategic management a challenging task for many. These firms require a comprehensive analysis of strategy use in […]

Virgin Australia Airline Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems ISO 9001: 2008 Quality policy In 2012, Virgin Australia Airline was ranked as the best airline within the Australian airline industry. The firm’s success both in international and domestic markets hinges on its commitment towards provision of high quality services. Virgin Australia has formulated comprehensive quality policies, which has enabled it to […]

Estisalat Corporation Analysis

Abstract One company called Estisalat has over a long time dominated UAE information and communication (ICT) industry. In the telecom market, Estisalat has enjoyed monopoly up to 2007 when a new corporate player Du entered the market. With the realization of the importance of ICT in the development of other industries, the UAE government opened […]

Emotional Intelligence in Groups

Introduction In their article, “Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups”, Druskat and Wolff (2001) set out to discuss the concept of emotional intelligence and the role it plays in today’s organizational settings. The authors aim at revealing to readers the relevance of emotional intelligence in facilitating efficient organizational performance. The authors are accredited scholars with […]

Social Studies in the Elementary School

Social studies that are taught in elementary schools involve making young children understand their family and community well. Social studies are the source of knowledge and understanding to the youngsters in the elementary schools (Parker, 2003). Children who are equipped with this knowledge understand the past well, to handle the present, and plan for their […]

Movie Erin Brockovich

The movie Erin Brockovich is a 2000 chef-d’oeuvre piece of art, which highlights effects of environmental pollution by industries across the world. The environmental issue raised in this film is water pollution by hexavalent chromium used by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in Hinkley, California. In addition, the movie highlights an occupational health issue where […]

“Differentiation and Integration in complex organisations” by Paul Lawrence and Jay Lorsch

Six organisations were put through a comparative study. The selected organisations were all drawn from an industrial establishment of the same nature. In the comparative study, the researchers focused on a number of key subsystems so that the study could be undertaken in a more rigorous manner. The sub domains considered in the study included […]

Wheat Case

Through the analysis of Carden (2010) involving natural disasters and their impact on product prices, it was shown that you must first take into consideration what type of product has been affected, the demand side of the product curve as well as the amount of reserves that is present in the current global supply chain […]

Corporate Social Responsibility: Viacom Company

Abstract Companies across the globe have devised different corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to address the common social challenges affecting their customers. Among the companies with comprehensive and well structured CSR initiatives include the Viacom Inc. This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the CSR initiatives of the Viacom Company. Reflectively, the company strives to […]

The Great Barrier Reef

Introduction The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) can rightly be viewed as one of the most important natural resources in Australia. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. However, this reef system is exposed to a great number of environmental threats, namely, water pollution, climate change, oil spills, overfishing, and so forth (Johansen […]

The History of Print Media and its Competition with the Internet

Abstract Generally, the world remains surrounded by paper publications. However, people currently give minimal attention to the roles of print media and their significance throughout the history. Consequently, the present status and the future potentials of print media are unclear due to the emergence of internet and other relevant technologies. Observably, there is need to […]

Conflict management in planning

Introduction Planning in any sector entails forecasting on developments and laying strategies on how to react to these developments when they fall due. It should therefore be done carefully and skillfully in order to avoid conflicts that may arise in future following the developments. In public sector, the urban and regional planning process the necessary […]

Sustainability of industries

Introduction Sustainability operates on the assumption that virtually all essential human needs rely on natural resources for their fulfillment. As a result, human beings depend on natural resources either directly or indirectly to fulfill their needs. Sustainability is important since it ensures that human beings interact appropriately with nature to avoid depleting the essential natural […]

Negotiation in Business

Introduction In business, the art of negotiation is very critical in reaching a compromise in all the process of decision making. Notably, bringing the two parties together to agree on a common course is a necessary practice in ensuring success in the running of company operations. There are a number of definitions, which have been […]

Microsoft Operating System for Personal Computers a Monopoly in the Market(s)

Definitions and explanation of terms Technology has evolved since the emergency of microprocessors. The sizes of computers have reduced rapidly over time due to innovations in technology. With the reduction of the sizes of the computers, software development has followed the same trend. An operating system (OS) “is an integrated set of programs that is […]

The Patent Rights and Its Importance

Patent can be defined as the right entitled to an individual due to specific contribution in a particular area. A person may be entitled to a patent for various reasons. To start with, an individual may be granted a patent because of coming up with a new idea that never existed before. A patent is […]

Home School versus Public School

Introduction For many years, people have argued on the best system of teaching their children. The decision on whether to home school or take a child to a public school is vital to the future of the child. Public schooling is most common in United States, but this does not disregard homeschooling. Homeschooling is considered […]

The Wisconsin Cooperative Movement

The agricultural sector plays a very important role in any economy. It is important to note that no country has ever developed without first strengthening its agricultural sector. However, agricultural products are not easy to market and they usually attract low prices compared to other goods. On the same note, value addition for agricultural products […]

Blue Nile Inc.: World’s Largest Online Diamond Retailer

Introduction The 21st century has witnessed numerous developments in the human society, specifically, the growth in technology, which has influenced all other human sectors, including transport, commerce, communication, and industrialization among others. The rise of globalization has also been evident in recent days, which in turn has influenced trade across nations, hence raising new opportunities […]

Historical and Theological Context of Byzantine Iconoclasm

Introduction The place, function, and importance of religious images in the Byzantine Empire were a subject of concern for both the secular Emperor rulers and the religious leaders. Byzantine Iconoclasm concerns the banning of the veneration of religious icons within the Empire. The point of contention amongst the proponents of iconoclasm (iconoclasts) and those in […]

Divorce Reform: “Gender and Families” by Scott Coltrane and Michele Adams

Summary of the article In their article, Michele Adams and Scott Coltrane expounds on how divorce was perceived in America in early days and the steps that were employed in order to reduce its occurrence in the societies. The article also expounds on how the Americans believed in divorce strengthening marriages. According to the authors, […]

Letter of Advice

Introduction Let me take this opportunity to congratulate each one of you for finding love and your apparent commitment to establish a functional relationship. Your desire to learn how to use interpersonal communication in your relationship indicates that you are committed to establishing a long-term interdependent beneficial relationship. This step is an admirable start, and […]