All papers submitted by Fernando Zamora

The Bluest Eye by Tony Morrison

The portrayal of racism and its destructive consequences in literature serves the purpose of emphasizing the need to transform our society and respect the diversity of cultures. Tony Morrison is the author of the novel titled The Bluest Eye, which presents an overview of an African-American girl’s life and the challenges she encountered. This paper […]

Women and feminism

Introduction Feminism refers to a movement and a set of ideologies aiming at redefining, identifying, and defending the political, economic and social rights of women in society. In particular, the major role of feminists is to advocate for equal chances for women in education and employment. The theory emerged from the imaginations of various women […]

Effectiveness of Complete Care Division

Problem statement and background information Customers are the main source of motivation for the existence of any business. A mutual relationship developed between a firm and its customers should provide benefits to the two parties. Customer complaints are handled by a team of experts who are skilful in the field of customer care services. The […]

Personality Assessment Instrument or Inventory Critique

Introduction Psychological assessment is a testing procedure that utilizes a variety of methods to affirm a particular hypothesis about an individual’s demeanor and abilities. The process is also referred to as “psychological testing or conducting psychological battery on an individual and is often conducted by a licensed psychologist” (Katz & Sanders, 2013, p. 225). Psychological […]

Eco-tourism in Dubai

Introduction In the past decade, Dubai has grown to be not only a commercial hub, but also an excellent tourist destination (Anheier 2012, p. 94). A key sector driving Dubai’s flourishing tourism industry is the eco-tourism sector. Even though eco-tourism is a new industry in Dubai, the rapid tourism boom in the region threatens coastal […]

Low-Power Microcontrollers

The advent of mobile devices and their popularity among consumers in the electronics market has led to development of ultra low voltage microcontrollers. These devices are intended to increase efficiency of the mobile devices and extend the life of their power supply. This is particularly important since most mobile devices are designed to use portable […]

Tiffany Co. Jewelry

Introduction The company analysis proposed in this paper is that of Tiffany Co. Tiffany has been a household name for fine jewelry and silverware since 1853. The company was established in 1837 as a small stationary store. Tiffany is known for its exclusivity and quality. This paper proposes a method of conducting an internal and […]

Internal organization Analysis of Best Buy Company

The perpetual technological development has made organizations to device new approaches of operating in the current global and dynamic market in order to remain relevant. Best Buy Company is not an exemption. Resources, whether tangible or intangible, form the core competencies for organizations to acquire strategic competitiveness (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson 72). The process of […]

Economic Globalization and its Limitations

Introduction One main feature of the twenty first century is globalization. This phenomenon has permeated and affected almost every facet of today’s global society, ranging from the economic to the social sphere. Brady and Denniston (2006) describe globalization as the integration of regional economies, societies and cultures of the world. This has led to what […]

Capital structure

Executive summary This report analysis the capital structure, use and effect of leverage, dividend policy, long-term financing policies, working capital management practices, and mergers and acquisition. The analysis involves three hospitality industry companies, including Entertainment Properties Trust, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, and Host Hotels & Resorts. The analysis of capital structure and leverage is done […]

Toyota Motor Corporation Product Liability Lawsuit

Introduction Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world’s largest motor vehicle manufacturing corporation. Headquartered in Aichi, Japan, the company’s ‘Toyota’ automobile models are quite popular in nearly all regions of the world due to their comparatively cheap prices and fuel efficiency. As an international corporation headquartered in Japan, the corporation off shores much of […]

“The Blitzkrieg Myth: How Hitler and the Allies Misread The Strategic Realities of World War II” by John Mosier

Those people, who want to improve own lives and achieve success in present and future, have to pay much attention to such issue like their history and be able to learn on the mistakes, made by other people from the past. The German nation is considered to be one of the most remarkable ones due […]

Contemporary issues in multimedia and information technology

Media and the rising ease of information access have facilitated major legal and societal concerns in the past. Digital convergence and globalization in the present societies raise intricate legal, societal and ethical issues, regarding information access, privacy rights, intellectual property rights and freedom of expression (Gupta, 2005, p. 123). Because information and Communication Technology is […]

What Lurks behind the Other Side of the Coin: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s Story, Explored

Introduction A Gothic novel has been amply represented in literature and studied well enough, yet it is still unbelievably popular. Edgar Poe, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Bram Stocker, Daphne du Maurier, Mary Shelly, Oscar Wilde and many other writers became famous owing to the Gothic universes that they created. Evolving with every new story and […]

Presentation on John Locke’s A Letter Concerning Toleration

Introduction In pages 37-62, John Locke discusses the necessity of toleration in relation to different religious views accepted in the society and focuses on the idea to distinguish between the civil jurisdiction and religion. The main points discussed by Locke are: The necessity to differentiate between civil jurisdiction and religion. The role of the magistrate’s […]

Ancient Societies In Asia

Introduction Technological innovation is the highlight of any progressive society and as such its use towards the development of early societies is integral towards determining how such societies progressed as a result of new innovations that changed their way of living. Examples of innovations that changed societies can be seen in the development of maritime […]

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Concepts of Ethics Ethics is one of the most significant branches in philosophy (Sims 12) that deal with the concepts of morality and special standards of special business behavior. In the third chapter of the book under consideration, the author defines several important concepts of ethics which are corporate behavior, discriminatory workplaces, lack of respect […]

Education as Growth

Abstract Is education necessary? In line with Dewey’s writing regarding education, (39) there is a large notable distinction between inanimate things and living, in that lifeless things react from forces, which have to be grater than the resistance involved. They are not able to react against the forces to change the outcome. Living things have […]

Global Supply Chain Management of Wal-Mart

Abstract The inventory management in a firm or organization highly depends on the management of resources and facilities as a measure towards economical expansion. Supply chain management depends on progressive and efficient production and distribution. In order to keep production and distribution costs at minimal levels, the organization ought to select raw materials and suppliers […]

Information System

An information system can be simply defined as a set of interconnected mechanism that gather, process, accumulate and dispense information to assist in making decisions in a given company or organisation. It usually contains information regarding the persons, places and facilities in the organisations surrounding environment. According to Oz (2008), the components of information systems […]

Problem of Trans-Racial Adoption

Introduction Adoption involves intersection of the life of the child, the birth family and the adoptive family. The intersection of the three parties proves complicated at times, bringing issues of the family structure, maltreatment, absence of facial resemblance, search of identity and cultural roots, relationship and connection with adoptive parents and psychological distresses. The law […]