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Gender Inequality as a Global Issue

Gender inequality is a global issue where men and women enjoy different levels of representation in various spheres of life. Generally predisposed against females, multiple factors conspire to limit their opportunities for education and employment, as well as, in more extreme cases, lead to violence. The causes of such inequality can stem from biology, culture, […]

How Does Magnetic Train Works

Introduction With the changes in information technology, a lot is expected from scientists and engineers on what they will do to facilitate change. There are many changes in terms of transport and communication, which remain to be vital in today’s society. Globalization has even increased the need to travel as well as uses the least […]

The Business Environment of Amazon

The business environment consists of the factors that affect the operations of a business. These factors are identified through the environmental analysis, which is conducted either in the form of the SWOT or the PEST (EL) analyses (Powell, 863). Resources and capabilities are used by the business to gain the competitive advantage. These are the […]

The Unequal Distribution of the Ill-health Burden

Introduction Despite nations across the world seeking solutions to the international health care problems to ensure a universal access to health care, the unequal distribution of the ill health burden continues to affect the medical sector. The high cost of medical care, the increasing disease complexities, and the unequal distribution of wealth due to the […]

Globalization and International Approach in Management

The importance of employing international approach is growing as the globalization tendencies become dominating. Every person involved in managing services has to know specifics of globalization process as they can influence the potential decisions. The development of globalization processes leads to the extension of transnational companies and corporations. Such tendencies cause the need for changing […]

“Humor and Laughter” by Attardo

Introduction Humor and laughter are essential parts of the discourse that intend to express a happy emotion. Historically, the two aspects of conversation did not acquire substantial attention until the 1990s when studies and publications regarding the topic intensified. Since then up to now, a synthesis of the different elements of humor and laughter lacks […]

AT&T Audit and Analysis

Introduction This audit report was prepared for AT&T Inc. The company is operating in the telecommunication industry. It has been operational for several decades now providing Americans and other countries with the best services in the telecommunication industry. At the present moment, AT&T is the biggest provider of fixed telephony services in the U.S. The […]

Singapore Country Analysis

Executive Summary Singapore was a British trading colony since 1819 until its eventual independence in 1965. Singapore’s strategic location along trading lines worked well towards making the country one of the prosperous economy with strong international trading links. Apart from its location, Singapore’s political system and legal framework is attractive to investors. Foreign investment and […]

Wal-Mart and Tesco Incorporation

Analysis and Interpretation of Sales and Profit Figures Wal-Mart and Tesco operate within the retail industry. Wal-Mart Stores Incorporation has a number of retail stores under different formats which are distributed around the world. In the United States, Wal-Mart operates three main formats which include Sam’s Club, International and Wal-Mart US. Since its inception, Wal-Mart […]

Isidore Sharp and Four Seasons Hotels

Introduction Isidore Sharp is a Canadian Businessman and is the founder and the current Chairman of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. He graduated from college in 1952, and eight years later, started the Four Seasons Hotel in 1960. Sharp opened the first hotel in 1961, in Jarvis street in Toronto. In addition, he teamed […]

Ethics in Financial Management

This paper looks at how ethics can affect the performance of business organizations. It has looked at the various ways through which morality within the financial management industry affects the performance of these industries. It has also illustrated how a number of companies have fallen because of failing to put into ethical considerations. Introduction Ethics […]

Ecotourism and Voluntourism Strategies and Recommendations

Introduction Conservation is the process of human beings utilization of natural sources in order to produce the maximum sustainable benefit to current generation at the same time upholding its responsibility to achieve and ensure that the same resources are reserved for future generations. Conservation therefore entails maintenance, preservation, restoration and sustainable utilisation of natural surroundings […]

Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology

Psychologists are tasked with the responsibility of explaining human behavior. It is common phenomenon to experience people who suffer from abnormal mental disorders such as hysteria and schizophrenia (Durand, 2010). Appreciating that the disorders exist is not enough. It is important for all psychologists, students and the society to understand abnormal psychology. This would be […]

World Political History

Introduction History tells us that humans have always looked for ways of governing themselves in order to maintain social order in their respective communities. To effectively achieve this goal, some form of political organization was needed. This essay looks compares some of the political organizations in the history of man’s existence in the world. World […]

The Importance of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility in Sport: Creating and Maintaining the Perfect Balance

Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of self-regulation incorporated into organizations which functions as an instrument by which the corporation examines and ensures its active conformity with the provisions of the law, ethical norms, and global practices (Séguin and Parent, 2010). The main role of social initiatives is to uphold responsibility and promote […]

Federal worker’s ‘tax’

Introduction: the proposed federal budget deficit cut In view of the ever increasing budget deficits, the federal government has developed an ambitious 10-year plan to help reduce government expenditure on welfare. This plan mostly targets federal employees, who will be required to double their contribution towards pension and retirement healthcare policy. Within the plan, the […]

Market Structures

Introduction In an ordinary market structure, there is the assumption that there are several and different sellers and buyers. The result of this is fair competition where price of goods is determined by the forces of demand and supply. This is so because, in such a market, both the seller and buyer are equally able […]

Children and exposure to the real world

In his article “school is bad for children”, John Holt proffers his opinion that is formed from a very different angle altogether, on the issue of the present form of education as a virtue to children. The author curtly implies that the present mode of learning for young members of society would be more effective […]