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Procrastination and its Causes

Every person occasionally postpones tasks at hand for various reasons, such as fatigue, unwillingness to engage in it at the moment, or lack of spare time to spend on the issue. However, some people get into the habit of delaying things that they have to do, thus disregarding deadlines and causing troubles for themselves and […]

Critical Analysis of Greece

Introduction Globalization is instrumental to the current economic trends in countries all over the world. These include the intra-industry trade, which brings together or connects the world through the sharing of ideas, technologies, and trade markets among other things. According to Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage, countries trading with each other benefit a lot from […]

Discrimination in the Workplace

In Ricci v. DeStefano, the U.S. Supreme Court made a contentious ruling on workplace racial discriminate practices. In the case, eighteen firefighters from New Haven’s fire department had sued their employer for engaging in discriminatory practices. Seventeen of the firefighters were Caucasian while one firefighter was Hispanic. The officials of the fire department refused to […]

Psychoanalysis of Lacanian Theory and Practice

In psychoanalysis of Lacanian theory and practice, is evidence of symbolism, imagery and reality as the story develops. In fact, the story is primarily developed through these aspects of literature. However, all these have a close relationship and conciseness with other forms of psychoanalytic literature. The purpose of this analysis is to provide a critical […]

Conflict at Hotel Fortina

Abstract The aim of this paper is to discuss the conflicts that are likely to arise within and between the departments of Hotel Fortina. Conflicts often occur in organizations when employees are not able to tolerate their colleagues’ influence. Organizational conflict is usually undesirable since it can cause low morale and productivity, as well as, […]

Delivering Strategic Human Resource Management

Human resource planning has evolved over the years to incorporate various business tools and make the management process measurable and certain. Nevertheless, the task of managing people to achieve a central organization objective remains challenging. The General Electric case study brings out the potential of tactical approaches to human resources, with a place for the […]

A Comparison of Construction Surety Bond and Insurance

Introduction Different instruments such as insurance policies and surety bonds have been developed in an effort to assist individuals and institutions in managing risks (Grovenstein et al. 356). Surety Information Office argues that how “one evaluates and manages risk on construction projects and makes fiscally responsible decision to ensure timely project completion is critical for […]

Core Concepts of Knowledge Management

Introduction According to Schneider (2009, p. 73), knowledge is one of the most important factors in any organisation in the current society. With the increasing level of competition, firms are under pressure to have a knowledge management system that can enable all the stakeholders to share relevant information within the shortest period possible. There has […]

Pipeline Installation Elements

Introduction Pipeline installations have relied on a number of strategies depending on the location. This article provides a brief description of some of the methods used in pipeline installations. The article reviews the following pipeline installations: Pig traps Block valves Offtakes Compressor stations The designs of these pipelines are not standard. Instead, they depend on […]

Tough Guy: case analysis

Introduction Emotions are an integral part of human beings. Scholars propose that emotions form part of emotional intelligence (EI). Although the issue of classifying emotions as a form of intelligence is controversial, irrefutably, feelings affect behavioral patterns in the workplace and thus they should be regulated for the overall benefit of an organization. This paper […]

Importance of Effective Communication in BPM Projects

Introduction Business project management (BPM) refers to an approach that involves synchronization of business processes and operations in order to satisfy the needs of customers (Chong, 2010). Its main role is to improve the efficiency, flexibility, and effectiveness of businesses processes through innovation and incorporation of technology. In order to achieve success during BPM projects, […]

Analyzing the AGOA Project in Sub-Saharan Africa

Introduction Dependency theory tries to explain a situation where resources flow from poor and less developed states to the developed states. Through this theory, the developed countries benefit at the expense of the poor states and therefore the gap between the poor and the developed countries continues to widen (Hyman, 1994). This theory is based […]

Book Review of Thomas Weiss’ What’s Wrong with the United Nations and How to Fix it

Introduction Weiss is a commonplace figure in the global scene if his authorship on matters concerning global institutions is anything to go by. What is wrong with the United Nations and how to fix it is not Weiss’ premier on the subject of the UN. He has written other volumes on the same such as […]

Chesapeake Energy Company

Chesapeake Energy Company is a natural gas producer (CSRHUB 1). The corporation incorporates its actions and possesses immense compression, midstream, oilfield and drilling properties. Oklahoma City is where the head office of the company is located. Chesapeake holds principal places in Marcellus, Fayetteville, Barnett, Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Granite Wash and Bossier natural gas shale plays […]

Integrated Marketing Communications: Microsoft Retail Stores Marketing

Executive Summary The plan by Microsoft to enter into the United Kingdom through retail stores will be faced with strong competition from Apple. United Kingdom market has potential for growth given the current economic growth trends. To ensure success of these retail shops it will be important to communicate this plan to the target market. […]

Human Resources Management in the Children Medical Research Institute

Human Resource Management is an intricate part of management that plays a vital role in the efficient running of a company. An amalgamation of self-confidence, rationale, superior administration practices as well as common sense forms the core principles of successful and effective management of people in the place of work. As much as it may […]

Bush Tax Cuts Debate

Introduction The year 2001, saw America rise up to the prospects of a grim economic outlook since there were signs of an impeding depression. As a result, former president Bush decided to introduce new tax measures that were going to simplify the tax system, as well as, act as an incentive for economic growth (Harvard […]


Introduction This assignment is a discussion on the topic of competitiveness. The discussion pays close attention to the forces which shape competition in any given market or industry. The forces include threat of new entrants, bargaining power of suppliers, rivalry among existing competitors, bargaining power of buyers and the threat of substitute products or services. […]

Emergency Preparedness in Nuclear Installations

“Emergency planning and preparedness is concerned with that sequence of events, where the well-established standards, rules, regulations and procedures governing the use of radioactive materials and the normal maintenance of a facility are no longer being satisfied” (Collins and Emmerson, 2005). Different types of nuclear and radiological emergencies have occurred in the past years because […]

Community Hazard Analysis

Community hazard analysis is essential for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery planning. In the process of creating a disaster program analysis, this reflective paper identify and characterize disasters, evaluate each on frequency and magnitude scale, and estimate overall risk. Besides, the paper determines potential, direct, and indirect social and economic costs, effects, acceptable risk level, […]

The Hamilton Health Inc Marketing Research

Introduction Marketing research is a strategy that businesses use to amass information regarding their operations from production to supply. In order to do this, the marketing research uses a systematic process of collecting, recording and assessing information dealing with marketing of the companies productions. The objective of the process is to identify and analyze how […]