All papers submitted by Giana Logan

Modern Marketing Strategy

Marketing enables potential customers to know about products and services available in a certain company and thus make them gain interest in those products. The needs of consumers have risen because they now have access to information through the media and other sources Perner (2010, p.2). Therefore, it is important that a company have marketing […]

Mass Media and Activist Groups

Introduction The mass media is a powerful component for social movements. Getting good media coverage strongly affects the way different social events are identified in the public eye. The comprehensive media coverage also makes messages stronger. The media devotes attention to, for example, a social movement because they think the event will make interesting news. […]

Components of Project Portfolio Management

Project portfolio management can be discussed as a process of conducting and coordinating several projects combined in a portfolio in order to achieve the certain strategic goals. Therefore, there are two perspectives, from which it is possible to discuss the components of project portfolio management. On the one hand, it is important to concentrate on […]

International Organizations: NATO and the UN in Iraq

Introduction The international system is the interaction between units whereby various variables at the systemic level come together to influence the external behavior of a state. In this case, foreign policies are determined by the activities at the international level. In other words, the effectiveness of foreign policy depends on the interpretation of international system, […]

The Long Years of Fighting with Piracy: Evaluating the Changes

Introduction In the past few years, the problem of Somali piracy raised a number of questions, making people fear the cruel robbers and causing economic instability in a number of countries. Due to the actions undertaken internationally to eliminate the Somali threat, the piracy threat has been gradually reduced. However, the economic misbalance within Somali […]

The Role of the Mirabal Sisters in the Attempts to Challenge the Patriarchy

Nowadays, it is not always possible to find a powerful book written by a modern writer who makes a decision to discuss the inequalities which bother people, human challenges, and inabilities to live in society with a strict political regime. However, the work by Julia Alvarez created in 1994 is one of the literary treasures […]

Child Psychology Development

Language and intelligence It is evident that the fundamental nature of human knowledge and the way it is acquired has been witnessed. The main tension lies when it comes to acquisition of words (language), theories and concepts. Such tensions develop precisely when researchers opt to pit one type of content or process onto the other. […]