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Gianni Guzman studied at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA, with average GPA 3.14 out of 4.0.

Fire Codes of National Fire Prevention Association

Introduction There is a great reduction on fire deaths in the last 10 years. The government has come up with different solutions to curb fire impacts and fire control measures. Government has empowered departments concerned with fire fighting agencies shaping code formulation and enforcement of the formulated policies. United States has recorded a significant decrease […]

American Expansion-Georgia and New Mexico

The United States was initially geographically smaller than it is currently the case. Major expansion and development of new territories was achieved using the manifest destiny doctrine. The manifest destiny proclaimed that the United States was destined to expand its territorial boundaries and influence across all North America. It was believed that the entire North […]

Theoretical Examination of Social Stratification

Introduction The essay is a critical examination of an article written by Mark Thomas, titled “Economic Security for Middle Class Families”. Through the reading, two theories are compared; social conflict and functionalism. This is done by comparing the characteristics of their approaches and how they will analyze the problems brought forth in the article. Lastly, […]