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GCGDA’s Project Management

Introduction Project management plays a foreground role in the utilization of organizational resources and achievement of the organizational goals. Project management inculcates processes, activities, systems, structures and people in the organization. It determines how the interplay between the mentioned factors contributes to the success of this organization (O’Connell 1994). This study highlights the various issues […]

How technology changes society

Abstract Road traffic accidents elicit increasing public concerns considering the overwhelming environmental, economic and social impacts. The brutality of these random incidents is specifically disturbing in developing countries. In these countries, the condition is rapidly worsening. Incident Management Systems (IMSs) are suggested as a strong tool that will facilitate the management and harmonization of salvaging […]

How a Student Should Study For a Test

Students face a lot of challenges when they are studying for tests. These difficulties bar them from attaining good grades in tests they do. Therefore, students need to be guided on how they should study for tests to ensure they achieve positive outcomes. This paper will discuss how students should study for tests to help […]

Afforestation in Hong Kong

Afforestation in Hong Kong is one of the topics of the on-going debate on sustainability. Chinese government is trying to address the problems related to environmental problems and afforestation is seen as one of possible effective ways to solve such issues as soil erosion, vast amounts of carbon dioxide, etc. (Xin, 2012). Though, it is […]

Chapters 1-12 in Frame’s Systematic Theology

Key Learning from Chapters 1-12 in Frame’s Systematic Theology Chapters 1-12 from John Frame’s Systematic Theology provide the background for understanding the idea of theology in general and systematic theology in particular and present the information on the basic definitions, the Biblical Story, and the Doctrine of God. This reflection paper provides the detailed discussion […]

Poison politics: A contentious history of consumer protection against dangerous household chemicals in the United States

The authors’ main idea is firmly nested on showing how earlier regulatory history of household poisons worked and its limitations, and also the lessons that could be learned for modern-day practice especially in the context of poison prevention and product packaging (Jones & Benrubi, 2013). The authors use several essential facts to support the main […]

Briefing the CEO on the Organization’s Financial Status

Financial performance is the measure of a firm’s success as shown by its financial records over a given period. In the evaluation of the financial performance, all the organization’s financial records should be cross checked in order to extract its current financial situation for comparison with the initial records. The business’s fiscal performance can also […]

Overview of the Management Plan

Introduction A plan is an integral part of all complicated tasks to be done. In this respect, a plan should cover all stages of the process including financial part and risk management. Expanding into different markets is a really complicated task that requires a lot of information to be processed, assessed, and used while planning […]

Workforce diversity management

Executive Summary Globalizing organizations encounter enormous challenges in the quest to manage the diversities of their workforce. These diversities entail differences existing among people working in the organization with regard to parameters such as gender, race, community values, age, sexual affection, income levels, work experience, parental status, religious beliefs, ethnicity, religion, and physical abilities amongst […]

Video Business Case Report for Michael Horton CSC

Introduction The purpose of this video business report is to present the issues that affect operations of Computer Science Corporation (CSC), a company that is based in Australia. The report is based on an interview with Michael Horton, the vice president for natural resources department in the company. CSC falls under the industry of information […]

Differentiating Students’ Learning Profile

Introduction Differentiated teaching or instruction predominantly centres on the student, through matching the individual characteristic needs to teaching instruction and assessment. This method brings on board the entire students irrespective of individual’s emotional orientation or ability because the performance depend on entry points, work covered, and teacher’s end expectation from the student (outcomes). In order […]

Managing Conflict in People in Organizations

Abstract Organizations are made up of individuals with different beliefs, values and interests. The interactions among members of the organization often lead to disagreements on acceptable beliefs, norms, values or strategies. Thus, conflicts occur when individuals disagree on acceptable values, interests and beliefs (Gala and Garoupa, 2002, pp. 41-65). Conflicts have both positive and negative […]

IBM PC and Sony Walkman

Rare and unique features of the IBM PC and the Sony Walkman The IBM Personalized Computer (PC) was an exceptional product owing to its small size. The PC was made in record time; 12 months through the use of pretested parts from vendors. This PC was exceptional because not only could it process text and […]

Problems in Ungoverned Spaces in Modern World

As the world steadily become a global village, several aspects of humanity and the need to protect human rights from excesses of illegal activities in ungoverned spaces across the world. Reflectively, these spaces are characterized by failed governance, terrorist, piracy, drug trafficking, and abuse of human rights. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly support […]

Group Behavior and its Origins

Group behavior originates from causes that contribute to a group’s effectiveness, for instance, a well-defined structure with defined role, strong cohesiveness, and effective leadership. Kono & Clegg (1998, p.11) argue that a group behavior might refer to an organization as a whole or to a certain group formed to tackle specific tasks. Groups always interact, […]

Understanding Business Functions

Introduction Businesses usually carry out various activities in pursuit of their organizational objectives. These objectives differ from organization to organization depending on the nature of their business. However, there are those functions that are common in almost all organizations such as planning, budgeting, strategizing and performance measurement. These functions usually help the organization to streamline […]

The Post-War Army: Problems New and Old

Introduction The griffin novels tell us more about the lives of the soldiers and their roles in the various wars, than the events of the actual wars. We get to have a look at the background of the officers and their rise in ranks. Griffin tells us of the education that they obtained, and their […]

Effect of culture and religion on effective translation

Aims The study is aimed at investigating the extent to which the process of translation of languages is influenced by cultural as well as religious factors. Rationale Effective translation is an important element of ensuring that the target audience gets the information in the intended way by minimizing distortions and biases. Culture is known to […]

Police Trauma: Paying the Ultimate Price to Protect and Serve

Introduction Police Trauma Police officers usually encounter traumatic experiences in the course of their duties that usually predispose them to depression, suicide, alcoholism, and loss of family. Since many police officers are unaware of consequences of traumatic experiences, they find themselves in depression, battling with suicidal feelings, plunging into alcoholism and losing their families. According […]

Institutional implementation of technology

The interviewee, an instructional technologist, works in a training facility that provides instructions to teachers on how to incorporate technology into their class plans. From the interview it was established that the major forms of technology being put into use are computer systems and networking facilities. The interviewee trains teachers on how to use computer […]

The Problem of Lack of Trained Staff in Queens Hospital

The greatest problem that has adverse effects on service delivery at Queens Hospital is lack of properly trained staff. In the smoking cessation department, the employees and volunteers have not undergone the necessary training especially with regards to handling special cases such as mentally disturbed clients. They therefore tend to work with the assumption that […]

Cultural Diversity Management in the Workplace

Introduction There is a great diversity in the field of culture. Culture covers aspects like race, gender, language, values and beliefs and is developed from a combination of individual uniqueness and organizational or environment characteristics. Different people and communities have different cultural values and beliefs in regard to daily life. It is usually a hard […]

Consumer Behavior in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is very sensitive due to the nature of what it offers to its clients. The industry offers services to its clients which are intangible. The intangibility of services makes it very difficult to gauge the customer’s satisfaction (Kim, Cha, Knutson, & Beck, 2011). Customer satisfaction is the main role of any organisation […]

Virtual Teams: Virtual There

Virtual teams The article, Virtual there, was written by Alison Overholt on February 28, 2002. The article focuses on Virtual teams and how they can be used to offer businesses solutions. The writer uses an example of breast-cancer diagnosis to illustrate the benefits that can be accrued from virtual teams (Overholt, 2002) This paper evaluates […]

Betrayal & Loyalty

Introduction On December 7, 1941, American military men at United States naval base at Pearl of Harbor in Hawaii woke to a crude shock; the Japanese army had attacked them, something that invited the United States of America into World War II. Following this attack, the United States of America in retaliation, placed all Japanese […]

Incorporating Service Marketing in the Restaurant Industry

Introduction The study focuses on incorporating service marketing in the restaurant industry. There are over 8 million restaurants in the world today and over 300,000 restaurant companies. These restaurants are either full service restaurant or a fast food chain. However, the growth rate of the fast food chain in the world has superseded the full […]

The Concept of Genocide

Introduction Mankind has been known for aiming for peaceful existence in the society.However, peace has not been fully achieved as mass killing, and rape and deaths goes unabated. In recent past, daily media broadcasts were covered with terrible news of genocide going on in Bosnia-Herzegovina, genocide in Rwanda where more than one million people were […]

The Five Pillars of Islam

The Muslim religion is based on Five Pillars of Islam. These are basic values and principles which influence the notion, actions and morals of the faith. Every Muslim adherent is bound by the Five Pillars of Islam to uphold his or her devotion to the Islamic faith. Devout Muslims are required toask for forgiveness for […]