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Giselle Marsh studied at the University of New Mexico, USA, with average GPA 3.26 out of 4.0.

Education System Inequality

High-quality education is not only a fundamental right, a necessity for every citizen. Many sectors of the economy require education. The second objective of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goal is to achieve universal primary education, which should be availed to all children, regardless of their race, sex, or socioeconomic background (Budig 37). Through education, […]

Tourism Types: Camping

Introduction Camping is one of the common outdoor activities that usually take place at a camp site. Participants, commonly known as campers, leave the comfort of their homes or regions to spend one or several nights outdoors (Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook 195). The art of camping may involve the use of tents, cabins, […]

Taran Swan and Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon established its name as a cable channel of choice for kids aged 2 to 11 years old since its inception in 1978. It was, however, acquired by the entertainment powerhouse Vacom in 1986. Nickelodeon sought to increase variety of its products and went beyond the ordinary cartoons which were common among kids’ channels. The […]

Result of US-Venezuela Relations

Introduction The United States has had an eventful relationship with countries of Latin America. Latin America has historically been the US’s backyard as far as foreign policy is concerned (Cottam 4). Given its diversity and active politics, various US administrations since Kennedy have focused on different issues including military operations to achieve predetermined political and […]

Ford Motor Company

Country and US MNC Selection Many people consider Ford Motor Company (Ford) as an important American automobile company. The American Multinational Corporation (MNC) is headquartered in Michigan. Since 1903, the company has grown steadily to become a leading automobile brand in the world. This exercise digs deeper to analyse the strategic approach and performance of […]

Strategic marketing – foreign market analysis and entry

When exploring the foreign market analysis and entry of a new business, the most fundamental consideration to make is usually the strategic marketing. The latter has been regarded as one of the most effective processes that businesses rely on in order to grow the sale of their products. Various studies reveal that the effectiveness of […]

Promoting Diversity at Workplaces

Introduction The success of contemporary business institutions lies on the capacity of the businesses to encourage and promote diversity. Business institutions that embrace and emphasise on “…diversity in their working cultures can significantly benefit in a variety of ways, including indirectly improving their bottom line” (Agócs & Burr 2004, p. 33). Moreover, organizations that encourage […]

Athenahealth Inc. Overview

Economic Athenahealth Inc. was formed in the year 1997 (Hill 90). Its headquarters is situated in Watertown, Massachusetts. The United States’ GDP trends have improved steadily over the past few years (Evans 24). As of Q2 2014, its GDP was at estimated at $17.3 trillion. Based on this, it is apparent that the company has […]

Learning Perspectives and Human Resource Management

Several theorists have forwarded various hypotheses on effective human resource development practices. Most of the research that has been conducted on human resource management seeks to consolidate and improve human resource management. In this scenario, three scholars present their views on various aspects of human resource management including the element of the self-sufficient personnel, social […]

Value of Smartphone Security

The rapidly spreading enhanced technology, the use of Smartphone becomes inevitable. They are reliable considering the privacy of information as they contain standard security. The security standards include the use keystroke dynamics, monitoring the time of key holding, the flight time, multiplayer access regulations, priority regarding the application accessibility. All phone security related phones get […]

Relate Gender, Ethnicity and Identity

Identity can be described as a person’s emotional connection to a certain social category system. The aspect of identity, gender, and ethnicity are closely related, and it can be difficult to draw a separation between the concepts. Nonetheless, there are research studies that have been conducted to elaborate on the three concepts. This paper looks […]

American Political History

Introduction President Hoover offered the citizens of America very unsatisfying leadership despite the fact; the citizens were ready for change. People needed a president who would go out of his way to bring back the federal government to its economy. At this time the illegible democratic candidate was Franklin D. Roosevelt who was deemed the […]

Counseling in Business

Introduction Employee counseling at the workplace is an activity that is being adopted by many organizations (Navare, 2010). This has been deemed necessary due to the constant pressures and the increased levels of stress in people’s lives, especially the workforce (Cooper, 2000). In the workplace, employees have been pointed out to be in need of […]

International Marketing: CMF

Introduction Colgate Max Fresh (CMF) was launched in the USA market by Colgate-Palmolive as a premium brand of toothpaste. CMF was introduced to enable Colgate-Palmolive to compete effectively with its rivals such as Proctor & Gamble. CMF was very successful because it managed to increase Colgate-Palmolive’s share of the US market to 34.8% in 2004 […]

Maintaining Ethical Standards in Business

Introduction Ethical behavior in business has remained a major subject of discussion in almost every business environment and company boardroom. Many company managers and businessmen invest heavily in programs that are aimed at instilling and nurturing reputable business behavior to augment good business performance, image and winning the loyalty of customers. Despite these efforts, cases […]

Four Seasons Human Resources

Introduction Employee development according to Burbach and Royle (145) falls under one of three broad categories. For that matter, the first category defines employee development to be the combination of standards and procedures of human resource management that include recruitment, selection and their development career wise. On the other hand, the second category according to […]

The concept of corporate environmental responsibility

Background The concept of corporate environmental responsibility has been widely debated. There has been a contention over what should be the responsibility of corporate entities to ensure the environment is sustainably utilized. While some actors have argued that the sole responsibility of corporate entities remains to make profit for the shareholders, others are of the […]

Federalism Concept

The concept of federalism is one, which member groups are bound in togetherness by a covenant. There has to be a representative from the government who acts as their head. Federalism can also take a form of government where there is some division between the central government and various political units for example states or […]

Central China Television’s (CCTV)

Following the unprecedented growth of the economy, increased per capita income and literacy levels; the mass among the Chinese and other communities in the world was spurred. Most importantly, opposition nationalists who pushed for democracy as well as growth of urbanization and urban life played a critical role in the development of mass media (Blumler […]

Food for the Hungry – Non-profit Organization

Research is one of the most important practices that can significantly help in improving the performance of an organization, both in the short run and the long run. It helps an organization in making the most appropriate decisions when faced with difficult circumstances. Similarly, research can significantly help The Food for the Hungry to solve […]

The period of absolutism

The period of absolutism refers to the exercise of monarchial power which was never questioned by other social institutions like the legislature and the church. The monarchs mainly reigned from the early period of the seventeenth century up to the end of the nineteenth century. Absolutism entailed ending the feudal partitioning, emergence of state power, […]

BP’s Reaction to The Gulf Of Mexico Crisis

Introduction The Gulf of Mexico crisis involved an underwater oil spill which was caused by a continuous leak of crude oil from a well in the oil flow system. The spill was a result of an explosion that occurred during a drilling mission of an exploratory well. A large amount of oil was then discovered […]

Perspectives in world art and design

Brief biography Giotto Di Bondone was a reknowned italian architect and painter who lived between July 1266 and january 1337.1 In his most popular name, it is worth to refer to him as one of the most prolific artists who were utterly important in the renaisance of Italy. Giotto came up with contemporary pieces of […]

Advergaming and Mobile Advertising

Computer games can provide a platform for virtual world interaction with brands. Advertisement through computer games can either be Advergaming or In Game advertisement (Sever 2). The Polo Cup in Turkey was used by some brand sponsors as a medium for advertizing (Sever 1). Volkswagen brand used this platform for advergaming. Race paths and cars […]

Film Review: “Silenced” by Hwang Dong-hyuk

Silenced is a movie based on the events happened in one of the Korean schools in 2005. This film released in 2011 presents the problems which may exist in any society where corruption, influence of particular people, ill vision of the life and absence of the strong and legal regulatory bodies create terrible conditions that […]

Executional Report: Advertisements Testing

The purpose of this final ad testing The study was carried out by students to find out various aspects that contribute to effective marketing communication. These targeted various methods of communicating to customers and evaluated their efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness of marketing communication tools is extremely valuable because it helps marketers to pass the intended […]

Racial discrimination in US

In discussions that touch on race relations, understanding what is meant by specific terms is important. Race implies that the origin of human beings is common and that they originate from a common species. As a result, human beings are equal and any variations in what they achieve are based on economic, geographical, social, historical […]

InBev and Anheuser-Busch Case

Company Description InBev NV was formed after a merger between AmBev, the world’s fifth largest brewer, and Interbrew, the world’s third largest brewer, in 2004 (Inkpen 121). InBev has its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. It has a strong presence in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia. It employed about 94,000 people and operated in […]

Human Resources Management in Small Organizations

Businesses require human and physical resources for effective production. Both the resources need planning to ensure that at any one point, they are neither excess nor insufficient. Human resource management department of a company assisted by line managers and teams themselves undertakes the role of managing human resources. They set internal rules governing human resources […]

The movement of the Japanese Yen relative to the US dollar

Abstract Over past three decades, Japanese Yen has fluctuated significantly against the U.S dollar. It was stronger during the 80s to the early 90s, but this value has been deteriorating since mid 90s to date. Japanese government intervened in many occasions in their foreign exchange market to attain unjust advantage in the global world market. […]

Reflection of the Turse chapter

The war depicted in the given piece of literature was fought in Lebanon way back in 2008. The war broke out after a solution could not be found to the protracted political crisis in Lebanon (BBC par. 1). From the recount of the writer in Turse chapter 12, it is evident that the war broke […]

The International Free Trade in NAFTA Countries

Introduction Economic integration has been achieved by Canada, Mexico and United Sates of America through international trade activities. The countries involved have made it possible by removing barriers for the movement of goods and services. The trading environment is characterized by “trade agreements, trade policies and trade barriers” (Bergstrand, 1989). “The North American Free Trade […]