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Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour

Feminism is a prevalent phenomenon nowadays that affects numerous life spheres. In addition to that, it is a central concept of various literary works. As a rule, many famous feminist stories, novels, and plays were written in the mid-late 20th century when there happened the most crucial changes to women’s rights. However, there are some […]

When a Multinational Corporation Should Violate or Respect Local Cultural Norms

Introduction Workplaces are constantly learning about the importance of cultural diversity and then need to respect it. They also learn about the need to act ethically when a situation calls for it. However, ethical decisions must be based on certain moral standards. Sometimes one’s assessment of the truth, from an ethical perspective, may differ from […]

Parents’ Involvement and Factors Important for Children’s Growth and Development

To grow and develop successfully, children should be provided with the opportunities to communicate and interact with their parents and other children in order to receive the necessary support and build their first relationships. Nevertheless, these factors can guarantee the effective development of a child only when they are presented in the combination with the […]

English as a Communication Language

Overview The speaking and writing of English as a communication language is now widespread with all the world continents well represented in most countries. Hence, it has grown to be a vital tool of communication on a global scale. The advent and advances made in the field of technology such as the invention of information […]

The Medical Imaging Market

The purpose of this detailed report is to present various elements of the medical imaging market that CME should pursue (Yock et al. 182-214). Segment The market is segmented based on product, technology and geographical regions. Product The main products are X-ray Devices; Ultrasound Systems; Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners; Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Equipment; and […]

Tough Choices: A Memoir

Craly Fiorina is one of the most celebrated women in the world. She strived tactically to achieve her business and political objectives. Notably, she vied for Californian Senate seat with a Republican ticket in 2009. Additionally, she was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (1999-2005), AT&T, and HP. She has also been a member of the Board […]

Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al-Aswany

Introduction First published in Arabic, Alaa Al-Aswany’s 2002 novel “The Yacoubian Building” revolves around the lives of people in a modern society at Cairo, where greed for wealth, social and political power is presented as the main problem facing the people of Egypt, several years after independence and revolution. Although the book was published in […]

Addressing a Gender Hostile Workplace

Introduction Every person has the right to be protected from any offenses; the latter include various types of discrimination, such as discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, origin, religion, age, or disability (“Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination” n. pag.). However, such discrimination is not a rare thing, and it is important to fight […]

Food and Wine Tourism

Introduction In the recent times, competition in the food and wine sector has been rising. The dominant countries in the food and wine sector for instance France have been receiving competition from upcoming countries in the food and wine industry such as Italy, Spain and Australia. The rise in competition has resulted to competition for […]

International Business Environment

Scientific innovations and inventions in technology and transport networks has facilitated the growth of international trade; companies’ engaging in international trade benefit from an increased goods and services market but also suffer an increased competition from domestic and international players. Countries and companies trade the through economic policies of absolute and comparative advantage (Hitt, Hoskisson […]

Home and Community Care Program

Abstract Home and Community Care (HACC) is a funding programme established by the commonwealth and state government of Australia to support the majority of community care services. HACC services include community nursing, allied health services and personal cares. Additionally, the programme delivers meals and home care services. Access to services in HACC is based on […]

Managing Culture Diversity

Introduction Diversity can be defined as differences that exist among individuals. The differences may be brought about by age, race, as well as gender. When diversity is mentioned, individuals will majorly cover these issues. However, very little attention is usually given to diversity’s secondary dimensions like religious beliefs, communication style, relationship status, ethnic customs, as […]

Consultant and Client Communication Strategies

Businesses depend heavily on consultants who are useful in carrying out technical problems or tasks that arise in an organization. Consultants are usually specialists with skills, experience and knowledge used to drive a particular business activity. They oversee the implementation of a business activity that the organisation was unable to carry out or lacked the […]

Etihad-Virgin Blue strategic alliance

Abstract The purpose This paper examines the benefits that the domestic and international airlines draw from the formation of strategic alliances with other international carriers. Therefore, the purpose of the paper is to explore the significance of code sharing arrangements that most carriers have with other international carriers. However, the paper will narrow its focus […]

Annual Educational Goal for Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

An annual educational goal (Pierangelo & Guliani, 2008) is a combination of many long term goals. A study by Arieh & Miller (2009) shows that functional objectives are developed by combining the learner’s name, the behavior that is targeted, intervention conditions and an acceptable way of determining performance. The annual goal and the functional objectives […]

Incorporate Of Call And The Internet In Learning English As A Foreign Language: Teachers And Students

Purposes: It has been widely discussed that Internet plays certain role in learning foreign languages. According to numerous works on the subject, Internet allows to increase the speed of studying process several times, providing stunning results. Engaging computers and Internet in the studying process has certain advantages and disadvantages, however, the former prevail. It is […]

Footsteps Historical Tours

Executive Summary The current information age dictates that organizations that are willing to succeed should have a strong presence on the internet. One such company that has developed the objective of increasing its visibility is Footsteps Historical Tours. It has contracted Inter-Net Ltd, which is an IT consultancy business, to provide it with a strategy […]

Policies in Canada to Enhance Economics

For some time, during and after Canada’s financial crisis in 2008, it was considered fashionable to refer to the country as a regulatory and fiscal prudence paragon. In the years preceding the crisis, the government in Canada involved in budget surpluses. This enabled the country to grow the economy, while avoiding huge debt loads. Extremely […]

Review of articles on emergence and up rise of street gangs

This article reviews two writings, Karen A. Joe and Meda Chesney’s article “Just Every Mother’s Angel”, an analysis of gender and ethic variations in youth gang members and another article by Suudhir Alladi Venkatesh, “The Social Organization of Secret Gang Activity in an Urban Ghetto”. I am going to review the two articles separately. I […]

Efficient Consumer Response

Introduction Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) is a concept that originated in the United States in late 1980s and early 1990s. ECR emanated from the threats of substitute stores and their supply chain. Trippet (1995) defined ECR as a concept that ensures the grocery chain work smoothly and proficiently in serving the consumers wants (Perona, M. […]

Importance of Diagnosis

The article examines the importance of organizational diagnosis in conducting managerial and organizational duties. It focuses on the contributions of Harry Levinson to the field of psychology. Levinson was a renowned psychologist who researched widely in the area of work and organizational practices (Lowman, 2005, p.17). This article discusses how managers can integrate work and […]

Concept of Downsizing Strategy in Business

Abstract Most research studies on the effects of downsizing in an organization have focused on various levels and organizational aspects. Downsizing is defined as a move geared at improving productivity, competitiveness, and efficiency via the reduction of the labor force. Despite that this strategy is geared at enhancing effectiveness and competitiveness, many organizations implementing this […]

Small Group Success

Introduction Acts 29 Network is a small group of Christian brothers in more than 400 churches in the US (Acts 29 Network, 2011, para. 1-6). The group’s mission is to spread the Gospel to the whole world and to establish new churches in different parts of the world. The group’s desire is to for a […]

Role of supply chain in operations management practices and performance

Introduction Supply chain refers to the interconnected network of business activities that are involved in the process of delivering goods or services to the final consumer. Supply chain activities start from the extraction or acquisition of raw materials up to the delivery of the final goods and services including transportation as well as storage of […]

Epistemological development of sustainable development theory from Brundtland´s “Our common Future” (1989) through to the present day.

As man approached the end of the second Millennium, a complexity of problems arose mainly because of man’s ability to manipulate technology and exploit resources at a faster rate than nature could replenish. The world, for the first time, experienced major environmental challenges that called for man’s attention. Of great importance in the early 1980s […]

Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

Sales and purchases of various products within the marketing realm solely depend on brand positioning and after sales reactions. The idea behind an informative advert is to express its product in as few words as possible but then achieve the desired result in a restricted period (Anderson, 2010). This paper drifts attention to Super Bowl adverts […]