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Grant Snyder studied at The University of Texas at Arlington, USA, with average GPA 3.39 out of 4.0.

The role of country of origin, ethnocentrism and animosity in promoting consumer trust: The moderating role of familiarity.

Introduction Jimenez & San (2009) carried out an enriched study pertaining “The role of country-of- origin, ethnocentrism and animosity in promoting consumer trust: The moderating role of familiarity.” This study was fundamentally aimed at coming up with a multidisciplinary model that elaborates matters relating to a country of origin(COO).The study deeply looks at these issues […]

Araby by James Joyce

In the story “Araby” by James Joyce the use of darkness and blindness is symbolic. It is a symbol of insight in Araby (Araby 1). He described the residence of the boy as blind: “North Richmond Street, being blind…An uninhabited house of two storeys stood at the blind end” (James 1). This symbolizes the blindness […]

Country profile: Kenya

Introduction It’s notable to mention that each country in the world has a profile; the country profile acts as an easy way and instant guide of summarizing the country’s political, historical, economic, geographical, statistical and international relations among other factors (, 2011). Statistical profile Kenya is the selected country from Africa which this paper will […]

Total Quality Management (TQM) as a Significant Issue in the Contemporary Strategic Management

The present paper is dedicated to Total Quality Management (TQM) as the present-day forefront issue in strategic management. The history of its emergence is discussed, and the evolution of business focus is outlined. TQM emphasizes continuous improvement at all organizational levels, focus on constant learning and advancement. The benefit of TQM is in its ability […]

Criticism of “Our Faith in Science”

Every individual has a right to believe or not to believe. Faith is something subjective that related to all people independently. The authors of the article “Our faith in science” are Kirszner and Mandell who touch upon different issues, finally making an emphasis on ethics in science and application of ethical decision-making strategies to scientific […]