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Study Abroad Specifics

Nowadays, borders between countries are becoming more transparent, and people have opportunities to go from their states to other states all over the world. They can use available options for different purposes, and one of them is to study overseas. People select overseas education for many reasons, including the higher quality of knowledge in comparison […]

Sports Players Income Analysis

Introduction There has been a lot of literature generated over the years on the management of sports. This is in regard to the efficient management of sports revenues where the value of the individual player or a sports team is identified to be crucial in growing the sport. Most authors have outlined the need to […]

Vodafone – International Marketing Plan

Introduction Vodafone Limited (1) suggested that the company is the first mobile operator of the UK, which started its journey in 1985; however, for its innovation, investment and appreciated customer service, the company has turned into the number one mobile operator in Europe and the rest of the world. In 2010, the company gained the […]

Fellini’s Interpretation of Petronius’s Opus Magnum: “Dinner at Trimalchio’s” in the Movie and in Reality

There are many ways to honor a bygone era and its glorious personalities. With the advent of cinema, the process of giving tribute to the connoisseurs seems to have become much easier; however, the simplicity of the task is only what one can see on the surface. Digging deeper, one will be able to see […]

Education Practices in Penslivania

Introduction In the recent past, many organizations have come up with policies that foster the welfare and the general well-being of children and the underprivileged in the society. These groups are well established and have a good network that reaches as many people as possible. The groups are funded by the government or they may […]

OptiMotors Company’s Business Ethics

Introduction Business ethics is a very important issue which all enterprises, organisations, and companies need to adhere to in order to be able to enhance their performances. Ethics does not only involve the internal customers who are the workers of an organisation but also extends to cover buyers or customers who purchase goods and services […]

Battle of Omdurman

The battle of Omdurman took place on the 2nd of September 1898. It was a decisive battle that established the power of the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium government on the territory of the present-day Sudan: “In 1898 Kitchener led a force of 8,200 British troops, 17,600 Sudanese and Egyptians up the Nile to capture a city in […]

The Use of Interactive Whiteboards in Guided Inquiry-Based Learning in Early Childhood Education

Abstract For the past 20 years technology has been increasingly applied in learning and teaching in schools (Glover & Miller, 2001; McPherson, 2009). During this period, it has gained much prominence as a result of rapid globalization and a move towards technology enabled society. Interactive whiteboard is one of the many technological and software developments […]

Google Operations

Сase Summary This case report entails an analysis of the innovative strategies in Google’s business model, and the company’s innovations in maintaining its position in the search market and changing its business model. Additionally, the report looks at the challenges facing Google in terms of executing the innovations, and recommends various priorities for the company […]

Host Country Analysis and International HRM Issues

Background of the organisation Brunt Corporation entails a group of hotels incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK), but the management has started investing in foreign countries. The corporation runs a chain of clean and reasonably priced hotels that provide budget accommodation to its clients. The corporation provides hotel services to leisure and business travellers, depending […]

Global Health Policy and Healthcare Financing

Introduction The world has become a global village because of advanced transport and communication technologies which have eliminated the geographic boundary. Global health is becoming an issue of concern to the global village, especially the communicable diseases. For this reason, there has been a united effort from the international society to fight various diseases. Various […]

The Gulf Cooperation Council Economic Development

Introduction A strong, reliable, and sustainable economy is always the objective of every nation across the world. Globally, oil-producing countries have continuously played a significant role in the international economy. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a renowned political and economic union, specifically for the Arab states, mainly depending on production of oil for economic […]

Another Choice, Another Chance

Introduction Another Choice, Another Chance (ACAC) is a non-profit organisation that helps young people overcome drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Since 1994, the organisation has operated a treatment facility at Sacramento, California (ACDC, 2012, p. 1). Since its inception, ACAC has helped thousands of youths overcome drug addiction. The main profile of clients who get […]

The Possibility of Ecologically Sustainable Forestry

Introduction Forests should be managed in an ecologically sustainable perspective, which entails management of forest eco-systems, wood production as well as non-timber values. There is need of maintaining integrity of the eco-system through establishment of wide range and even distribution of forest structures, species composition as well as biological diversity (Swanson and Franklin, 1992). Ecologically […]

Constitutional Amendment that Allows Same-sex Marriage

Introduction The same-sex marriage debate has over the past decade evoked diverse comment and political turmoil as people argue both for and against it. This uproar has emerged since making gay marriages legal would require constitutional amendments that would redefine marriage. Marriage is traditionally understood to exclusively mean the union between two members of the […]

Diary of an Emirate Student

Introduction In this report the discussion will attempt to portray the school in the eyes of a European student. For this reason it is important to note that reports indicate that while Arabs know European culture very well, whereas Europeans often possess a stereotypical image of the Arabic culture (Ama 24). This is because a […]

Job Satisfaction Influence

Introduction Many organisations often strive to make sure their employees are satisfied with their jobs (Gregory, 2014). They do so because they know that job satisfaction influences organisational productivity (Shajahan, 2007). Relative to this assertion, Rast and Tourani (2012) say, “Satisfied employees would produce superior performance in a short time, which leads to increase profits. […]

Professionalism and Ethics

Introduction Professional ethics is a challenging field that demands professional concentration. Any profession demands organized and well developed career, enhanced by skills, knowledge and capacity to make sound decisions. This discussion explores professionalism and ethics attached to the field of engineering, with specific reface to mechanical engineering. Personal conflict of interest In several occasions, humans […]

The strategic training of employees in healthcare organization

The strategic training of employees in the health care organization is a priority. The research focuses on the reasons for the training of the health care employees. The study includes the different ways of training the employees to prioritize the patients’ benefits. The cost-effective strategic training of the health care organization’s employees should ensure evident […]

Human Resource Management – Leadership Qualities

Introduction Good leadership qualities are essential in modern organizations because leaders influence people to do things willingly and with high standards beyond their norm. It also entails serving an organization or a group within it. Unproductive leaders have a notion that their team must serve them because they take leadership for their personal gain, rather […]

Lysistrata: An Anti-War Play

Introduction Aristophanes’ Lysistrata discloses not only social relations, reconciliation, and salvation through protest; it also represents anti-war motives achieved through woman’s remonstration as the only means to safe Greece from destructions. The action evolves around the idea to come about the salvation of Greek people that is hatched by the main heroine of the play […]

Starbuck’s strategic plan

Introduction Star Bucks Corporation began its operations in 1971. It has invested in restaurants and has grown to become a leading global company. In order to understand its success, it’s important to analyse its market environment while taking into consideration its industry processes. Implementation Plan Due to its profitability and a positive forecast in revenues, […]

Innovation in the Service Industry

Introduction For a long time, services innovation has been ignored as compared to manufactured product innovation (Rubalcada, 2010). The services sector contributes to a large percentage of the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) of many countries across the world. Innovation is largely embraced in the manufacturing and technology sectors with little or no emphasis on service […]

Confucianism Ideology and Its Usefulness

Introduction This assignment is a discussion on the topic of Confucianism. The thesis statement of the discussion is that Confucianism is useful in cultivating and instilling good morals in individuals and in so doing contributes to harmonious co-existence of people in society. In the discussion I will argue that individuals gain good morals through the […]

Corporate Social Responsibility: Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts

Businesses should engage in corporate social responsibility since it contributes to the sustainability and growth of the world. It supports social causes in the society with the aim of satisfying basic human needs like hunger and lack of shelter; furthermore, it addresses various environmental issues including global warming. There are a variety of ways in […]

The Weekly Article Analysis on Motivating the Aging and Youthful Workforces

The selected article for week 4 analysis was about improving the workplace or organizational culture by servicing the needs of both the new and old employees. The article by Falkenrath (2010) discussed important issues that need to be factored by all human resource units to ensure productive and long-lasting manpower. In its introductory bit, the […]

Comparison of Antigone with Griselda

Whether Antigone and Griselda have anything in common There are numerous things shared commonly by Antigone and Griselda. These have made their compositions to attain prospected objectives. Firstly, these characters were brave enough to defy the aspects of masculine authorities as evident in the Antigone’s context. It is evident that women can also fight for […]

“Monster” by Patty Jenkins

Introduction Based on the life of serial kill Aileen Wuornos, the movie “Monster” incorporates a self narrative by the main character to drive the story and create greater character depth. The method of filming is reminiscent to the style used by Ken Loach in which the films have an incredible amount of authenticity and feeling […]