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“Goodbye, Dragon Inn” by Dir. Tsai Ming-liang

Introduction For numerous decades now, the creativity industry has been playing a significant role in shaping the socio-economic status of artisans involved in arts as well as the entire public. For instance, movies have essentially improved the social and cultural lives of individuals globally, with most of them providing important lessons that viewers can emulate. […]

Aviation Psychology

Introduction Depending on the new adventures and past experiences, the mental issues that pilots and their support team face before, during, and after flights are numerous; nonetheless, such issues are mostly psychological. Generally, the aviation psychology concepts are defined based on the context of discussion. Aviation psychology studies the psychological behaviors of pilots and flight […]

Evidence Based Management

Evidence-based management entails the use of scientific facts, experiments, or research works that are relevant and current in the decision making process. It has been used in the medical fields to come up with remedies for various chronic illnesses, but unfortunately very few percentages of doctors and physicians utilize this in their decision-making process which […]

Palm’s Feedback Loops and Organizational Learning Opportunities

Introduction An organization has numerous constituent parts, which are finance, marketing and personnel departments. The above functional departments interact in the course of daily operations of the organization. An organization is a subsystem of a larger system within the community. System methodology assists in analysing the effects of interactions between organization and the surrounding, how […]

Response to Intervention Model

Bibliographic information about the program and costs Initially, the Response to Intervention (RTI) model was adopted in 1970s as a tool for assessing learners with potential learning difficulties. Such learning challenges covered various areas in acquiring instructional information. It aimed to replace the conventional model of ‘wait to fail’. The RTI model moved away from […]

“Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief” by John M. Frame

Introduction The book “Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief” by John M. Frame can help Christians and believers understand the teachings of God. The author presents his mature thoughts as a seasoned theologian. The reader can use this book to understand why God has a good plan for every person on earth. The author […]

Organizational and Group Dynamics

Introduction Organizations are constantly evolving to accommodate different individuals from diverse backgrounds who posses different ideologies. As a result, people have ideas and beliefs that may sometimes lead to conflict within an organization. A group consists of two or more individuals who have common goals and seek to accomplish defined tasks. Groups have some degree […]

How Business Ethics Reflected In Milk Powder Production

Introduction Longenecker (2005, p.3) pointed out that the modern aroused public consciousness regarding the corporate scandals with ethical failures has concerned the business leaders as well as governments to keep spotlight on the morals of the corporate world. Such awareness has concentrated strapping social pressure on the legislators to reform the existing law and to […]

Uber Company

Introduction Nowadays, the taxi industry has been considerably improved and varied. There are many interesting options on how to satisfy customers, offer appropriate services, and gain a number of financial and organizational benefits. Though there may be certain challenges and mistakes in a decision-making process, taxi companies try to solve the problems in a short […]

Cultural Diffusion

Introduction In all parts of the world, people interact and in one way or the other share their ways of life. On the same note, people are curious about how others carry out their life which makes them learn different methods of accomplishing tasks. The process by which cultural traits and items are spread from […]

Marriage and Family Counselling

Transference and Counter-Transference Transference is a process through which a counsellor tries to understand a person who is not known to them (the counsellor) but who is significant to the client. This is so that they can understand the other person’s attitudes and feelings. Transference basically involves the projection of feelings or attitudes (Myers & […]

Review of revenue estimates in Federal, State and Local Budgets

Introduction Public budgeting primarily involves the allocation of resources, with the main objective of achieving the government’s goals and objectivities within a particular period of time. It serves to reflect the financial plan of the revenues and expenditures of the various levels of government, which are federal, state and local governments (Bovaird & Loffler, 2000). […]

Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning

Introduction In the year 2007, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Paramount Company established a team that would oversee the development of the company’s new product into the market with the help of technological innovation. This product was meant to be exceptional in the market through gaining a competitive advantage. The team was made up […]

Case Study on Ryanair

Executive Summary Ryanair gives us a good overview of strategic management practices that improve the status of an organization and makes a company get more profits. From the statistics of Ryanair collected over time, one is able to see the competitive moves and business approaches that the management has taken. These systematic steps have led […]

Information Security & Privacy in Healthcare: Discussing the HIPAA Standards & Requirements

Introduction Today, more than ever before, it has become increasingly apparent that the daily functioning of a healthcare institution fundamentally depends on the integrity, availability and dependability of its information systems. Patient health information, research, operations, and finance all depend on highly accessible, reliable, and robust software applications, data, and information technology infrastructure (Glaser & […]

The Darwinism theory in the text The Island of Dr Moreau

The Darwinism theory talks about evolution or better still the transmutation of species. This entails the transformation of various species from their original form to a lot more different forms through what is commonly called genetic transformation. This simply means that the present existing organisms descended from somewhere and therefore there is a difference between […]

Social Media Marketing Plan: Subway Fast Food

Introduction The communicative power of the internet has essentially replaced many of the traditional tools, particularly in the world of traditional advertising in print and broadcast media. Properly designed online marketing and product distribution management strategy facilitates the success and sustainability in online marketing since it operates within stipulated business laws. This analytical treatise attempts […]

Youth, Crime, and Violence

Introduction Written by Rodrigo Bascunan and Christian Pearce, the book Enter the Babylon System: Unpacking Gun Culture from Samuel Colt to 50cent is a fiction book that attempts to give an insider view on the situation of gun culture in the American society. The violent gun culture in society has become one of the biggest […]

The failure of examination in evaluation

Introduction According to Lamond (43), examination systems have been applicable since time immemorial to gauge one’s knowledge on particular topics. The authenticity and process of examining individuals have been applicable in the public domain to determine whether it is the best way to judge a student’s ability and qualifications. The grades, degrees and scorecards play […]

Relationship between Christian Faith and Science

Christian faith and science seem to have no relationships because the foundation of faith is a belief while the basis of science is empirical evidence. Religious beliefs are the foundation of faith that science can neither prove nor disapprove in a laboratory. While science deals with the physical environment, faith entails spiritual matters that are […]