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Harlow Hebert studied at American University, USA, with average GPA 3.66 out of 4.0.

Benefits of a Valuable Strategic Fit

Approaches for competing internationally The three main approaches for competing internationally are global strategy, transnational strategy and multidomestic strategy. Multidomestic strategy requires business managers to think and act locally. The strategy focuses on offering different products in the market. Further, the competitive approaches used by firms vary from one country to another. The strategy has […]

George Bush election campaign

The commercial (Priorities) was made for George Bush’s presidential election campaign of 2000. George Bush is talking about his vision and his agenda. Major priorities of the then-candidate were strengthening of economy, education and the military. Apart from the reflections of Bush’s vision, this commercial can be regarded as a reflection of the situation in […]

Business Events Management

Introduction The science of event management has become a necessity in today’s business world. Since events are occasional, proper planning is important to ensure that an event is successful. Although some of the plans are overridden by occurrences during the actual event, planned events are better in relation to the impromptu ones. Events management involves […]

Why Forest Sustainability and Accountability of its Use Is Challenging

Introduction Sustainability is an important concept in environmental conservation. Its importance is especially critical in forest management because sustainable forest management is an exclusive discipline of environmental science. The importance of embracing sustainability in forest management is pivotal to the discipline because reversing the losses in forest cover through the adoption of sustainable practices help […]

Parking Solution in Driving

Driving to the necessary destination is pleasant and convenient. People manage their time and get to their destinations on time. However, this pleasant experience is often overshadowed by the chase after a parking lot. Parking has become a burning issue nationwide. Notably, representatives of parking businesses gathered earlier this year to discuss the most topical […]

GB Events Technology Management

The director of mechanical engineering at GB Events Technology held a meeting where he described the services and products the company produces. GB is a large global company that makes large equipments along with industrial materials and products. The company has expanded its business to provide industrial software applications. It uses the state of the […]

Contemporary Healthcare Initiative

The Health Care Initiative My place of work is a military college for health sciences. The college constitutes a part of Saudi’s armed forces medical services in the ministry of defence. The college receives funds from the ministry of defence. Therefore, its budget must be developed in accordance with the national funds that are allocated […]

Animals as Symbols of the Human Behaviour

Introduction Non-human creatures are interesting, especially when playwrights and filmmakers deploy them to represent human characters. The use of animals is common in literature materials, especially those that target youngsters. These writings offer amusement and moral lessons to their readers. Such lessons are important in terms of boostingthe readers’ maturation and/or highlightingways of tackling various […]

“SFO Sends In Specialists to Probe Lloyds” by Goff, Binham, Arnold, and Parker

Introduction In the business environment, there are series of moral dilemmas that often arise in the process of running or managing a situation. Reflectively, the moral dilemmas may be experienced in the balancing, management, or accounting departments of a company. The article, “SFO sends in specialist to probe Lloyds” by Goff, Binham, Arnold, and Parker […]

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Abstract Creating a healthy work environment is a process that requires careful planning and implementation. It also requires the combined efforts of both leaders and employees. A healthy work environment caters for physical, social and psychological or mental health of all personnel in an organization. The sensitization process caters for both the psychological and social […]

Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament

Comparative Studies History of Methods The rediscovery of Egypt took place in the eighteenth century, while Mesopotamia was rediscovered in the mid of nineteenth century. This involved the discovery of the ancient languages, various texts that were used in those early times, and many other artifacts. Scholars have engaged in detailed work of translating the […]

Creativity and Innovation Management

Introduction With the ever-changing business environment and emerging challenges, business owners and managers and opting to shift from traditional ways of doing business to advanced and better business approaches. This is mainly through creativity and innovation, which allow the adoption of a new idea in achieving the desired goals for a company or individual. Without […]

A critical Evaluation of a Second language

Introduction There has been an increase in language testing and evaluation in the world due to globalisation. There has also been a wide acceptance of second language training in many countries in the world today. Therefore, there is a high demand of a common language that can aid in the interaction of people in tourism, […]

Operations Management: Luen Thai Apparel Company

Executive Summary Sustainable development is vital in a business environment. Reflectively, this concept defines the feasibility of a company and its solvency within a specified period of time. In the contemporary society, the term sustainability refers to the ability to survive within a profitablemodel. In business environment, sustainability is affected by forces in the market, […]

Value of Leadership Models

The leadership model can be viewed in three dimensions, namely skills approach, situational, and transformational leadership (Northouse 2010, p. 243). To understand the significance of the leadership models one should pay close attention toward the three elements stated above. Taking into consideration the skills approach, it should be pointed out that the being a leader […]

Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible

Why can the words of the Bible be considered as the Word of God? This question was discussed by a lot of scholars in different periods of history. Thus, there are some main religious principles on which this discussion and possible considerations of the Bible as the Word of God can be based. Theologians are […]

Two Emergency Response Scenario

The Incident Command System (ICS) provides guidelines that highlight problems and coordination of incident response resources. The ICS has become the most used system of coordinating events in the world. The ICS has five elements, which include command, planning, operations, logistics, and finance and administration. The event at scenario 1 heavily borrows from the ICS […]

Narrative Communication in the Teaching and Learning Process

Introduction Narrative communication in the teaching and learning process is an act of enhancing attention of learners through storytelling. Scholars have recently focused on the development of narrative approaches to classroom teaching and learning activities so that learners can understand educational experiences. A teacher’s main objective is to encourage learners to be attentive so as […]

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Major challenges Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) encountered many challenges as it developed the Delhi Metro. About 6 people were reported to have died, and 15 to have sustained serious injuries following the collapse of the transit under construction. This was one of the accidents that negatively impacted the organization in its endeavor to complete […]

Important Management Practices in Service Competition

Introduction Today, more than ever before, the global economy is transitioning from a products-oriented economy to one of value creation, employment generation, and economic prosperity dependent on services. As demonstrated by Bardhan et al., globalization, technology advancements, and shifts in the global economic environment has generated a triple convergence of new organizations, operating in a […]

Crime & The Media

This essay focuses on the depiction of law and agents of law in the American films Young Mr. Lincoln and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. These are films with legal concepts in representation of the law. These films depict drama within courtrooms during the delivery of justice. Law films may provide some fundamental insights […]

Viewing the Society through the Lens of Freudian Theories. Meghnagi’s Interpretation

Introduction: Diving into the Freudian World of Dreams What makes psychologists plunge into the weird world of people’s subconscious and research it thoroughly, with all the absurdities and controversies that it offers, is a complicated question. One of the greatest psychologists of the XX century, Sigmund Freud, cannot be denied his merits as a pioneer […]

HIV Epidemic in Enrique’s Native Country

Introduction In order to understand the HIV epidemic in Enrique’s native country, it critical to carry out intrinsic background research, establishing current dynamics, and designing the right remedy policy. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly explore on the HIV epidemic on children in Enrique’s native country in prescribing relevant remedial polices for the government. […]

Statistical Analysis Role in the Criminal Laws

In every professional field, statistical analysis of data is crucial since it enables professionals to be responsible for their acts. According to Venezian, Nye and Hofflander (1999), statistical analysis acts as a tool for measuring authenticity and liability of professional claims. For this reason, the tool highly influences how decisions are made and also enhances […]

Environmental in Business

Introduction While the word “biofuel” became an instant catchword, expectations were high that a solution for the ever-inflated oil prices and environmental troubles had been found. Unfortunately, politicians, environmentalists, cultivators, and consumers are slowly accepting that the condition remains a bit unchanged. While the possibility of plant energy might perhaps be eco-friendlier, the fossil fuel […]

Motivation in Radisson Hotel in Dubai

Introduction Radisson Hotel is located in a number of the developed countries across the globe. In a bid to provide guest with maximum satisfaction, the hotels experience a number of challenges, with high level of competition in the hotel industry being the major concern, especially in Dubai. This has influenced the position of Radisson Hotels […]

Differences between the European, American and Asian Packaging Systems

The culture of wrapping gifts is important in different countries. Presents become too symbolic and denote the attitude of the givers to the present receivers. However, present package plays great role in the meaning of the present as being appropriately prepared, present wrap may show the receiver passionate and loving attitude, or, vice versa, disrespect […]

Margaret Atwood

Introduction A poet is a person who has a poetic imagination, thought, eloquence expression and creation. On the other hand, poetry is an imaginative awareness expressed by means of sounds, rhythmic language, and meaning with an aim of evoking emotional response. “Poetical” is the exhibition of rhythmical or imaginative quality by mean of poetry, while […]