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Harper Holman studied at the University of Southern California, USA, with average GPA 3.62 out of 4.0.

Expedia Travel Company’s Marketing Mix

Introduction The concept of market mix was introduced by Neil Borden in his article “The Concept of Marketing Mix”. However, it was E.Jerome McCarthy who classified marketing elements generally referred to as “market ingredients” by Borden, into four main categories. These categories include price, place, promotion and product. The concept became known as the 4P’s […]

Corruption in Russia

Introduction As Boylan (1-2) argues, corruption is one of the prime causes of Russia’s political, economic and, social problems, because of the rampant involvement of most government officials in corruption. As he further adds, although the government has put down measures to contain the practice, for example, the adoption of the 1997 anti-graft legislation, such […]

The Meaning, Structure and Purpose of Life

Moliere once said, “We only die once…and for so long!”[1] of all the subjects that have remained unclear and marred by uncertainty is the subject of life and death. Very many people have tried to understand what life is and the purpose of our existence on earth. However, there has never been summative explanation generally […]

The Socialite club logo and brochure design

Introduction Most desktop publishing applications have a common design area with a toolbox that contains various tools like the shape, text, animation tools among others (Adobe Creative Team 2010; Cohen 2010). These tools are used together with texture and colour palettes to develop and colour publications. The designer can also choose from a set of […]