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Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Introduction Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) supplies both electricity and gas utilities to its clientele, mainly based in California. The company has expressed its long-standing commitment to manage its corporate responsibility, through addressing the safety issues of its workforce and public, achieving diversity and widespread inclusion, constantly addressing issues related to environmental performance, as […]

Google Does No Evil

Introduction There is an overtly politicization of Google and its functions. Google and its search engine have absolutely changed people’s way of thinking. Google’s search engine has enabled efficiency and immediacy of everything. Whether it is a difficult word, a research topic, a difficult subject, a social or emotional issue, Google’s search engine has answers […]

Little Buddha: The Path of the Enlightenment

Despite the fact that Bertolucci’s movie has a number of flaws, historical inaccuracies and a rather jumbled plot, it can still be considered a rather impressive and memorable interpretation of Siddhartha and the Four Noble Truths. The first noble truth, i.e., the truth of dukkha, or suffering and anxiety, is shown in Siddhartha’s battle with […]

Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Managers

Executive Summary Project management is pivotal to business growth and development. In project management, project selection using a relevant tool is critical. Therefore, project managers should put emphasis on the best tool to use when selecting a project. It is prudent to note that, project cycle should be followed appropriately to ensure the success of […]

Positioning and Differentiation

Introduction Positioning and differentiation are essential elements to any institution that aims to market its services and goods to potential clients. Furthermore, these two concepts play a crucial role in ensuring the marketing process of an organization’s product succeeds. The hospitals under evaluation are Massena Memorial Hospital, which is housed in New York City and […]

The Suggestions for Managing Employee Turnover

Introduction Employee turnover, especially the voluntary one, has been regarded as an undesirable and unavoidable phenomenon that most often influences a company’s performance in a rather negative way. As a result, numerous studies have been devoted to the effective management of this process (Liu et al. 2011). In this paper, the phenomenon of employee turnover […]

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company

Introduction Founded in the year 2006, the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EIT) has been in the forefront of providing quality and variety of products and services such as mobile telephony, IPTV service, broadband connection, data hub, satellite services, and internet exchange facilities. The company has an integrated operations strategy. Basically, operations strategy is the backbone […]

Assistive Technologies Linked to Low Vision

This is a case involving Emily, a five-year old female student with eye disabilities. Emily has successfully completed her pre-school studies and is about to start her kindergarten soon, where she would be expected to participate in general education with typical peers. Children like Emily who have visual impairments are characterized with various academic and […]

Will We Still Love IKEA?

Introduction IKEA is a Swedish company that was started by a seventeen-year-old boy in 1943. This company specializes in the manufacture of home and office furniture. The company has experienced consistent growth, and is currently considered the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of furniture. A number of challenges in the local market have faced this […]

International and Intercultural Communication

A Comparison of the United States and Tanzania’s Cultures using Hofstede’s Dimensions The two countries that have been picked for comparison are the United States and Tanzania. The geographical distance between the two countries is huge. However, when the two countries are compared using Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions, there are both similarities and differences. The […]

Non-Profit Religious Music Promotion Business Plan

Executive Summary The business environment is often characterized by dynamics that require financial planning and rationale in making decisions. Specifically, a business in the music industry is dependent on perception and preference of the target clients. Texas Religious Music Promotion Company is a non-profit sole proprietorship business that will revolve around planning music events and […]

Seven Weeks’ War through the Lens of Clausewitz’s Paradoxical Trinity Concept

Introduction Attention step: Despite the decisive victory at the Battle of Königgrätz, Prussia offered Austria generous peace terms. Austria did not lose any territories, except Venice. The Seven weeks’ War must be one of the most famous conflicts in the world history; while it cannot be judged on par with the WWI or WWII, it […]

The Problem of Single Mothers in Dominican Republic

Introduction The Dominican Republic has an extremely high number of single mothers in its population. Statistics shows that the republic has about one and a half million single mothers. This is attributed to divorce, death of husbands, personal choices and other reasons. This population has a big effect on the social, economic and political status […]

Contemporary Mathematical Model of Human Behavior Under Some Environmental Constraints

Introduction The research article of Kozma, Harter & Achunala (2007) presents the rather interesting notion that when subject to particular constraints via an external environment or increased task difficulty the human brain actually shows a rather amazing ability to adapt to a given task at hand despite the increasing arduousness of the endeavor (Kozma, Harter […]

Counselor ethical boundaries and practices assignment

Boundaries and dual relationships As a professional counselor, one should consider the following criteria as part of an ethical decision making model. First, the counselor should identify all the ethical concerns involved in the issue. Second, one should consider one’s values and skills with regard to the problem. Step three should involve knowing the code […]

Apple Case Study

Introduction Apple Inc is a leading company in the global personal computer and digital music players industry (Yoffie & Slind 2008, p. 1). The core business of the company involves the manufacture and distribution of personal computers and various digital music players. The company has enjoyed a steady growth in sales and market share over […]

The Changes in Regional Tourism Organizations

The Changes in Regional Tourism Organizations Both developed and developing organizations have a wide range of activities. However, details regarding the development of the tourism sector are not very outspoken especially in the tourism literature. Information on tourism organizations is often centered about organizational roles, structures and roles of tourism organizations. Nonetheless, very little has […]

Negative Effects of Globalization in Developing Nations

Globalization refers to global integration of cultures, economies as well as people. Globalization has benefits, for instance, enhanced relationships between nations, increased trade as well as greater acceptance and tolerance of foreign cultures. However, despite numerous benefits connected with the issue of globalization, it is also must be highlighted that globalization has some shortcomings that […]

How innovation add value to hotels

In current business management strategies, management should look for the best methods to improve service and product delivery in their organizations; leaders have the role of synchronizing and combining human, financial, and physical resources within their organization; effective managers ensure that the above resources are to their optimal level. Well management organizations are building blocks […]

Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management

Introduction A business plan is a document that indicates a plan on how an investment is to be conducted. It includes among other elements; generation of ideas, financial and market analysis, strategic objectives, cash flows and profits and loss forecasts. Other elements that may be included in the business plan are a balance sheet projections, […]

The Armies of the Night by Norman Mailer and Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book by Maxine Hong Kingston

The mission chosen by every writer highly depends upon his/her civilian position. Understanding the potential of literature to influence the views and attitudes of readers, novelists frequently used their works as methods for communicating their civilian views to their readers. Raising the anti-Vietnam war concerns, Norman Mailer in his The Armies of the Night and […]

Concepts of Decision of making

Introduction Decision making is act of making a choice between alternatives. On the other hand uncertainty is the absence of all or some information about the future. According to Longford, S. (2008) intelligence is not only the information that has been selected and collected, but also analyzed and evaluated and distributed to meet the unique […]

Concept of Merit Principle in Management

Merit principle refers to the act of hiring, promoting, retaining, or firing employees based on their abilities, performance, and capabilities. Most governmental and non-governmental organisations adhere to the merit principle in their employment-related decisions to ensure that they do not exhibit any form of discrimination. According to this principle, an individual’s competence and ability are […]

Leveraging IT for Business Advantage – Café de Coral

Introduction Information technology has actually penetrated all spheres and aspects of the organization management. The initial role of information communication technologies being support of different business operations has also gradually grown to be central to the strategic management of the organization. The emergence of new IT systems has been the critical facilitator of the business […]

The article “The new era in world’s policies”

The article known as The new era in world’s policies (pp. 19-36) in the book entitled The Clash of Civilization and the Remaking of World Order by Huntington (1996) portrays a central theme of the events that occurred after the Cold War. Such events included conflicts, disintegrations and patterns of cohesion. These were shaped and […]

International Microeconomics Trade Dispute Case Study: US-China dispute on Exportation of Raw Materials

Background This dispute involves the United States and People’s Republic of China. The two nations are members of World Trade Organizations and are bound to other international trade agreements such as the GATT. The US accuses its trade partner for violating various rules that relate to the exportations of variety of raw material. Indeed China […]

E-commerce Development

Introduction As the world becomes a global village, information sharing is efficient and very cost effective. At present, just by a click of a button in search engine, information becomes available. Electronic commerce encompasses simultaneous transfer of relevant information online. This information exists in the form of business opportunities for auction, retail, wholesale, and corporation […]

Violence in the workplace

Introduction Violence can be viewed as the extreme form of aggression. These include rape, murder or assault. Violence has adverse impacts on the society, both psychologically and physically. There are a number of possible causes of violence. These include the exposure to violent media, violence in homes as well as the act where the acts […]

The Adoration of the Shepherds by Andrea Mantegna

The painting under consideration entitled ‘The Adoration of the Shepherds’ was created by Andrea Mantegna in 1450. The dimensions of the painting are 40 x 55.6 cm. The medium is tempera on canvas. Notably, the painting was transferred from wood. The painter used rich and bright colors. The picture reveals images of Christ, Maria, Joseph, […]

Process and Location Strategy

Process design entails making decisions on the overall process method for changing the raw materials into finished goods. The decisions comprise the selection of a process, the technology used, layout of facilities and process flow analysis. The decisions made at the process design helps in analysing the conversion of raw materials into finished products (Askar, […]

Rights of non-Muslims in Islamic political system

Introduction An Islamic state is likely to have discrimination between Muslims and non –Muslims; religion believes is the main driver to economical, political and social factors. It’s based on ideology and those who do not believe in its ideology and Muslim faith are not involved in policy making and administration. An ideological state discriminates people […]

Casablanca the Movie

Introduction The essay is a critical analysis of the movie Casablanca. The movie was directed by Curtiz Michael, produced by Wallis, H., Epstein, P. & Epstein J and was released back in 1942. It stars Bogart Humphrey, Henreid Paul as well as Bergman Ingrid. Those featured in the movie include Rains, Claude, Veidt Conrad, Lorre […]