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Stress & Its Effects on the Brain and Body

Summary and Hypothesis Negative aspects of factors that affect human body functions cause stress. Negative factors, or stressors, arise from abnormalities in the physiological functions of the body. The physiological processes that keep the human body functioning properly may suffer interference from outside or within the body such that they are not in equilibrium (Goldstein […]

Music and Neuroscience

The study of how music affects the memory, motivation, and confidence has been the theme of interest for many researchers in this field. The interrelation of music to the mental and physical health of individuals has been the subject of debate aimed at improving scientific research. Many studies by Cardena (2011, p. 143) have maintained […]

The Most Challenging Aspects of Graphics Design

Abstract Evidence of improved learning outcomes when incorporating creative problem solving in the learning process can actually be seen in graphical design students who incorporate proper message delivery, research, conceptualization and understanding the audience. It is based on this that this section explores the personal and professional impact of the study and helps to reveal […]

Promotion Strategy and Customers’ Behaviour: Taobao

Introduction Business organisations must understand the behaviour of their consumers to sustain them as the most crucial tools for their success. Attempts to sustain customers involve putting in place appropriate marketing strategies that require a research on the reasons behind motivation of consumers to buy certain products and services. Developing such capacity is pivotal in […]

The Grizzley Bear Lodge

Case Summary The case study shows how Diane and Rudy Conrad have managed to establish a successful lodge. The small lodge serves breakfast to different clients. The Grizzley Bear Lodge has a small number of workers. The lodge provides personalized breakfast especially to individuals with special dietary needs. The lodge has become profitable. The partners […]

Construction Projects Success Factors

Title Construction projects succeed as a result of interaction and interplay of factors such as understanding of client complexity, emergent requirements, and perceptions of different stakeholders in the construction industry. Background Construction projects are regarded to be either ‘successful’ or ‘failed’ differently by different stakeholders in the construction industry. Perceptions among the key stakeholders in […]

Competitive Environment in a Global Industry: Agrana

Case Study Strategic Analysis Global-based companies are the companies that have extended their business interests to most parts of the world. These types of companies are directly affected by major global decisions. In most cases, businesses with global operations start small and eventually become big companies that serve many customers, mostly from all parts of […]

What Is Democratic Consolidation?

One of the most important inquiries that should be made is on how democratic consolidation can be understood especially from the political point of view. It is apparent that research has revealed that there is no serviceable or specific definition of the concept “democratic consolidation” (Schneider 215). Therefore, the concept has become common in comparative […]

Japan’s Role since the end of the Cold War

Most countries of the world were significantly influenced by World Wars I and II and other major conflicts. In particular, Japan bore the greatest brunt of the Second World War and was forced to surrender in 1945 (Sebata, 2010). Virtually all countries sought to enhance their national intelligence services for purpose of self-defense. However, after […]

Methods of Engagement in Afghanistan

In a more instinctive manner, there is need to redefine Afghanistan’s security, economy and identity in order to minimize the increasing rate of poverty, tension and insecurity in the country (Kinsman, 2006). According to neoliberal theorists, Afghanistan has lost its ability to pursue self-interests in the international realm. Evidence derived from comprehensive analysis indicates that […]

Business Innovation and Strategy

The beauty and cosmetics industry is at the core of becoming increasingly competitive through the use of newer technologies. Owing to the market created by the baby boomers when it comes to personalized beauty products, it is generally thought that the industry can use emergent technology to develop anti-aging solutions for use by beauty seekers […]

Incremental innovation

Small and gradual improvements on a product, service, or process are incremental innovations that add value and lead to sustained customer benefits, satisfaction, growth, quality of services, and maintains and improves a service or product’s position in the market. Innovations can be incremental, radical, and disruptive. However, this paper will emphasize on sustained incremental innovation. […]

Somewhat Flat World

Introduction Outsourcing stands as the major factor in determining business success in the modern world. In its meaning, outsourcing simply refers to the utilization of resources that lie from without an organization hence found within other countries or companies. The traditional notion of industrialization was centered on the use of many workers to join forces […]

Reflection on Making a Rindik

A rindik is a Balinese musical instrument that is made from bamboo. Rice farmers developed the instrument during the early years of the 20th century. A rindik is a traditional instrument whose bars are tuned in order to produce humming sounds of different pitches. To play the rindik, one requires high concentration and playing skills […]