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Group presentation: New Delhi

Background The ability to identify internal issues affecting a slum area forms the basis for devising effective development and environmental models. Over the years, the growth of slums in many nations across the world has turned out to be a major problem that is strongly rooted in leadership, institutions and administrative structures. In New Delhi, […]

Summary: “Public and private families: an introduction” and “Public and Private Families: A Reader” by Andrew Cherlin

Introduction to the Sociology of Family Cherlin states that public goods are things that people may enjoy without their contribution in the production process or acquisition (Cherlin, 2013a). According to him, families are public goods because they fit the definition. Some members enjoy them without having to pay. Private goods are those that the owners […]

Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott

Information about Jeremy Scott Jeremy Scott is one of the most renowned American fashion designers at present. He was born in 1974. He moved to New York and entered Pratt Institute in 1992 (Van Meter 12). He stated he had quite rough time there as there were really high standards. After graduation, he moved to […]

Common and Distinct Characteristics of The Abkhaz-Georgian conflict

Common Characteristics All the conflicts involve several countries that are geographically neighboring each other within their locations. The Abkhaz-Georgian conflict involves Georgia and the breakaway territory of Abkhazia, as well as a lot of influence from Russia. The South Ossetian-Georgian conflict equally involved Georgia and Russia going into war, with Ossetian declaring itself an independent […]

Al-Jufair Food Industry LLC International Marketing Plan

Introduction In the business arena, marketing incorporates the valuable and proficient organization as well as employment of human and financial capital. The idea behind proper use of capital is to meet the organizational goals and customer demands. Marketing involves the formation, development and implementation of ideas. It also involves costing, advertising and circulation of products […]

Deontological Ethics in Business

Introduction This paper is based on a branch of normative ethics called deontology. In deontological ethics, employees are required to perform their duties according to the given instructions. They are supposed to perform their duties as instructed because doing otherwise amounts to an unethical practice (Seven oaks school, 2013). As an engineer, I would recommend […]

Security Control in Organization

Security controls are the requirements and standard guidelines required for a standard organizational security. These requirements can be divided into security, interoperability and operations. Security requirement An efficient system event listing: The system processing unit would automatically generate the total logs executed on a daily transaction. This is a standard requirement that must be utilized by […]

Migration Pull Factors

Introduction Migration can be described as a systematic movement of people, organisms, animals and other things from one place to the other. This means that migration can be looked at from various aspects and frontiers (Balin 2008, p. 14). Migration pull factors are factors that have ended up encouraging people to move from one place […]

Internationalization Process in China

Introduction Internationalization of SMEs The concept involved in the paper is about internationalization of SMEs in the era of globalization and issues related to it. After these, the issues related to establishment of Austrian SMEs in China are the point of review in the context of internationalization of SMEs. The Context of China As China […]

Oil and Gas Industry

Analysis of the industry Oil and gas are the major products in any financial system since they are depended upon in moving the economy forward. The country’s GDP relies heavily on the industry with many studies showing that a quarter of the country’s revenue come from oil and gas, which is close to twenty-five percent […]

Kelly’s cognitive theory

Human personality has been a complex issue for long and has inspired theorists to create ideas to enhance the understanding of the subject. The theorists have made several attempts to understand and explain how the personalities are developed, their variations, how they affect human interactions with the world and their relationships with different psychologically-related disorders. […]

Isolated Families – Australia

While researchers consider poverty to be a primary reason for isolation, all individuals who are unable to participate socially or integrate themselves into the social realm, or without the necessary tools of power could be at a risk for isolation (Hayes, Gray& Edwards, 2008). Members of some community could face isolation as a result of […]

The Process of Forming a Team

A team is a group of individuals that has come together for a common purpose. A team is the basis of any institution. One organization may have several teams drawn from its departments. There are several phases that a team goes through on its way to success. They include formation, storming, conflict resolution, performing and […]

Social Media as a Way to Capture the Present-Day Reality

Introduction: When Social Media Offers More than One Can Consume In the modern world, when social media has become an integral part of people’s lives, it seems practically impossible to imagine the humankind without the blogosphere, the existing social networks which can be considered another place for people to discuss and evaluate current events. However, […]

Market Research Proposal for Tesco PLC

Executive Summary This paper is a market research proposal for Tesco PLC as it seeks to venture into the UAE market. This research is motivated by Tesco’s foreign market expansion strategy which has been successful in most parts of Europe and America. In establishing if Dubai, UAE is a good market for Tesco, this paper […]

JCB in India

Introduction JCB is a leading manufacturer of variety of equipment ranging from construction machinery to agricultural equipments. The company was established in 1964 in the United Kingdom. Currently, it is one of the top three companies in the industrial machine production. It has operations in four continents, market in over 150 countries and a workforce […]

The Role of Individuals in Society Based on Age and Gender: Bali and Aboriginal Australia

Introduction Since time in memorial, anthropologists have utilized the dynamics of ethnography to understand the socio-cultural lives of people in various places around the world. Durkheim argued that social generations could perhaps be understood through studying how time is appreciated. Evans-Prechard on his part argued that time and age are perhaps striking. Societies vary in […]

Literature Review on Hospitality Strategic Management

Background Strategic Management Since Early 1950s In the early 1950s, budgetary planning as well as control emerged to be the dominant theme in the hospitality industry management. Organizations within the hotel industry used these strategic planning aspects and as such, the hotel industry enjoyed a successful stint. However, the main issue with these aspects was […]

Palo Mayombe

Introduction Palo Mayombe is a Congo-inspired cult, which is one of the variant forms of Reglas de Congo religious cults, widely practiced in Havana, Cuba. It has its origins in the Bantu of Congo in Central Africa and encompasses many Congo religious cults including the Biyumba, Vrillumba, and Regla Conga. The Bantu/Congo religious practices reflect […]

Strategic Planning for Public Relations

In a global economy it is important for an organisation to manage the flow of information in order to keep stake holders updated at all times.1 In the case of a publicly traded company there is no excuse in keeping customers and shareholders in the dark in times of crisis.2 Yet, even multinational companies that […]

Major Economics Concepts

Introduction The economy is a complex intertwined system consisting of many parts that work collectively to produce output. Principles of economics are wide and diverse. They help in explaining the complexities associated with the economic system, besides providing crucial indicators for economic direction and wellbeing. Though these principles change with economic dynamism, their basic meanings […]

Lenovo Company Analysis

Executive Summary Lenovo Group Limited is a Chinese second-largest vendor of computer hardware and electronic products, headquartered in Beijing and Hong Kong, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States. The company trades in PCs, notebooks and other PC+ products. The company enjoys a larger market share in China (31.7% as at 1Q11). On the global […]

The Key Basic Guidelines for Any Essay

An essay is a composition which main purpose is to express a certain notion, concept or assertion; it is backed up using opinionated statements. It should follow a certain logical pattern that asserts and brings out the ideas of a writer in a clear way that any reader will understand easily. Students tend to rush […]

What Exactly Does It Mean To Be A Behaviorist?

In this book, the concept of a person being a behaviorist is critically observed. The influences of the behaviorist’s environment on the observations made by the same person are also under scrutiny. This is because the behaviorist is also a part of the society and cultural structure. In addition, the ideal perception of a behaviorist […]

Developed Study Skills Importance

Many students hope to find the special technique which could help them to study successfully because of the variety of materials and tasks with which it is necessary to cope every day. Nevertheless, there is no only formula which can solve all the students’ problems, but there are a lot of methods effective for developing […]

Rights to Civil Disobedience

Thesis Statement Legal positivism must be committed to the view that there is a right to civil disobedience. In some instances, the failure to have a clear legal meaning of civil disobedience rationalizes the need for guaranteeing the citizens the right without prejudice. Introduction From a liberal point of view, the government should endure some […]

The Last Supper in the Bible

The last supper is recorded by four of the canonical gospels in the bible namely Mathew, Mark, Luke and John (Harris). Based on the history of religion, there are two analogical interpretation of this religious landmark that bears significance from a theological perspective. Notably the Hellenistic influence over Judaism from the 3rd century B.C had […]

Current and emerging technology in the Internet Technology

Abstract Mobile computing provides significant benefits for organizations that choose to integrate the technology into their fixed organizational information system. This is necessitated through the combination of communication systems, software, and portable computer hardware which are interconnected with non mobile organizational systems distanced from the fixed workplace (Yuliang, 1998). Being a resourceful technology can be […]

Space Hazards as a Challenge to Astronauts

Introduction Space hazards refer to the events that take place beyond the surface of the earth and that may affect the health of an individual. The study of space is best understood under the subject of astronomy which explains what space is composed of as well as what can be done and what cannot be […]

Horizon Foods Company Analysis

This analytical paper seeks to analyze the operations of Horizon Foods Company which is specialized in food production. The characteristics of market served by Horizon Foods and problems facing its operation are also applauded. In addition, the treatise examines the possible causes of these challenges and recommendations which a task force would adopt in order […]