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Isabell Wilkinson studied at Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, with average GPA 3.08 out of 4.0.

Strategic Role of Human Resources

Introduction One of the strategic roles of human resource management is to promote effective teamwork at the workplace. Organizations bring together employees with different abilities and behaviors. Consequently, the behavioral strengths, as well as, weaknesses of every employee must be identified in order to promote teamwork. A team refers to “a congregation of individuals, each […]

Single Black Custodian Fathers: Revealing the True Nature of Stressors and the Basic Obstacles

Introduction: About the Chosen Article Prejudice has always stood in the way of efficient communication and developing trustworthy relationships (Chin, 2004). The communication issues between Africa American population and the American population are, unfortunately, no exception to this rule. The current state of affairs is hardly tolerable already; however, when it comes to prejudice standing […]

Vegetarian VS Meat-Eating

Introduction Food is the most basic need of man and all people have to eat in order to live. Obtaining something to eat is therefore an integral activity of the human experience. Naturally, human beings can live on meat and vegetables since they are omnivores. Eating meat and vegetables provides the required nutrition for a […]

International Expansion Analysis: TripAdvisor Case Study

Introduction In the last few decades, the world has witnessed increased integration of the global economy, which has resulted in new opportunities for economic, and income growth. One of the significant driving forces is globalization as characterized by the production of goods and services, linked, and synchronized on a global scale thus opening significant opportunities […]

Power of Children in the Tourism Industry

Introduction Across the world, tourism is a major economic activity, which contributes significantly to the economic growth of many countries that have tourist attractions. Since people are social beings, they like travelling to various tourism destinations as tourists. Since routine schedules of workplace and businesses are boring, people use tourism as a means of rejuvenating, […]

Pastis Restaurant, New York

Pastis Restaurant is a French eatery located in the New York’s 9th avenue and is operated by Keith McNally. The restaurant offers a wide variety of French cuisine as well as a range of services including take outs and deliveries. Besides vintage French wine, Pastis Restaurant offers a wide variety of meals for breakfast, brunch […]

The Meta-Analysis Method

Introduction There are a number of research methodologies that can be used for carrying out an investigation. The type of methodology chosen for use depends on the nature of the topic or question to be covered in the research. These methodologies may either be quantitative or qualitative in nature. Meta-analysis is a method which involves […]

Leadership and Communication

The suggested article by de Vries, Bakker-Pieper, and Oostenveld (2009) has led me to the following assumptions. First of all, the study has made me think about the importance of communication which may vary depending on the type of leadership but cannot be denied. The idea of equating leadership to communication, as the authors suggest, is […]

Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies

Abstract Proponents of using quantitative or qualitative methodologies in the research process are inclined to point at advantages of their preferable paradigm while ignoring strengths of the other methods. Nevertheless, debates on the problem seem to be groundless because today researchers choose methodologies while focusing on the purpose of their studies, and they often mix […]

Possible Use of Alternative Energy Sources

Introduction Throughout the century, fossil fuel has been responsible for economic growth in many countries. For example, it has driven economic growth in industrial Britain, the dominant American economy, and the emerging Chinese manufacturing sector (Conserve-Energy-Future 2015). Owing to its tremendous potential in fuelling economic growth, in the past, researchers have linked energy use to […]

Emotional Intelligence in HR

There have been changes in IQ scores as years advance. The high scores recorded in the rise of IQ are because of the changing trend in evaluation taking a turn from strictly intellectual testing to testing of competence in the light of psychological statuses gauging empathy, initiative and the self-discipline of people (Riley, 2013). It […]

The Gospel of Amazement

Background As Jesus was heading to Jerusalem, he passed between the cities of Samaria and Galilee, a path that took him through a certain village where he came across ten leapers. These Samaritan men stood a far from the rest of the people as they had been cast off by the society because of their […]

The Enactment of a Men’s Health Policy in Australia

Introduction In 2005, the Australian Medical association (AMA) prepared a position paper which discussed in detail some of the major challenges confronting men’s health (O’Kane et al., 2008). In the position paper, the AMA clearly outlined the need for particular subgroups to be accorded greater attention by policy-makers and healthcare workers aimed at assisting them […]

Global Inequalities: Are they Gendered?

Introduction Although our society has made positive steps towards reducing discriminations and inequalities, a considerable proportion of people around the world are still living under discrimination and inequalities. Usually, such inequalities are often based along gender, racial, ethnicity, religious and among other discriminatory lines. The United Nations and civil right groups, among other positive parties […]

Domestic Violence in the Lives of Women

Heise, L.L. (1998). Violence against women: An integrated, ecological framework. Sage Journals Online, 4, 262–290. This paper by Heise explains details the causes of domestic violence and classifies them as individual, relationship, community or society influences. She proceeds to illustrate how these determinants are interlinked and how they work together in the influence of domestic violence. She […]

The Rigidity Effects in Organizational Behavior: A Multilevel Analysis

Abstract Business environment keep on changing with time. Many changes have been witnessed forcing other businesses to close even as others to thrive. This difference therefore is squarely credited to the management for failing to timely accept the changes within the organization or its environment. Whenever a change or a crisis occurs, the management team […]

Tourism Motivation Categories

Introduction What makes tourist go to one place is of as much importance as when and how frequently they go there. It is, therefore, of critical importance to fully or largely understand what really motivates a tourist to tour one destination and not another. Motivation Categories Physical Motivators It is true and rightly, so the […]

Natural Selection Among the Foraging Blue Jays

David Stephens and Dack Anderson discussed the theory of short-term benefits as guide to animal feeding decisions. In a series of experiments conducted in an operant laboratory, blue jay birds were the subjects of the study. The foraging animals were tested in two situations namely the self control paradigm and the patch-use problems. The article […]

Promotion & Distribution Strategies: Polaroid

Polaroid Polaroid was a quite a successful company in the 70’s and late 60’s. The company underwent a lot of changes later. These changes, characterized by mergers and acquisitions, have reduced the company to a shell in the current world. Many scholars compare Polaroid’s stellar success and superb market-leading innovations to the current Apple’s. The […]

The economy of Saudi Arabia

The economy of Saudi Arabia is oil based and the government controls all the major economic activities in the country. Oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1930s by geologists from U.S but its large scale production started after World War II (Rodney, 2004). Saudi Arabia is ranked as the largest exporter of petroleum and […]

Concept of Managing Teams at the Workplace

Introduction The concept of teamwork at the workplace is practiced in many organizations. A team can be described as a group of people who depend on each other for skills and resources to enable them achieve a specific objective. Managers need special skills to manage various employees in the organization to enable them collaborate on […]

History of Red Bull Company

Introduction Red Bull is one of the leading energy drinks manufacturer and distributor in the world. The firm was started in 1987 in Thailand, and has since gained a global market coverage. According to Lehmann (2005, p. 138), this firm experienced massive success in 1990s because this industry was less competitive. The company chose a […]

Whole Foods Company Analysis

Definition of Whole Foods’ Products This company specializes in distributing organic foods that are produced in natural ways. These foods are grown in farms and derive nutrients from nature. The products’ nutrients are not supplemented by organic fertilizers like those of other companies like Wal-Mart. In addition, these products are processed and stored in natural […]

Popper on Corroboration

Popper’s theories have always attempted to draw the line between science and non-science. Popper is of the view that induction belongs to the non-science category. Therefore, Popper falls back on his best-tested theory as the best tool for scientific research. However, his views on corroboration seem to contradict his earlier dismissal of induction. According to […]

Major critical commentaries-Gender Regulations

It is evident that numerous people perceive the term ‘regulation’ as an institutionalized framework or a process meant to streamline various provisions in people. Nonetheless, the term acknowledges the laws, rules, and policies constituting the legal instruments meant to render people regular in this context. Critically, the regulation of gender has assumed critical provisions than […]

Choral Music History

Choral music entails the music sung by a choir. In this case, a choir is a musical assembly of singers. The size of the choir varies from a dozen of singers to a considerably large number of individuals as long as they can sing. Two or more voices sing each musical part to create a […]

Poverty in India and China

Abstract India’s slow rate of poverty reduction compared to China is due to the differences in their approach to the economy. Contrary to China’s, India’s economy is mixed which deprives the state of significant control in planning and execution of its policies. The differences in literacy levels and uneven distribution of per capita income also […]

Information Divide between Urban and Rural Territories in Australia

Executive Summary The report provides the analysis and discussion of the issue associated with the information divide between the urban and rural territories in Australia. The discussion of the issue is based on defining the concept of information or digital divide in the global context and with references to the situation in Australia. The report […]

Work place language policies

The paper tries to establish the legality of a policy requiring workers to use only English during business hours. Mary, a manager, was charged with the role of ensuring all the employees were not discriminated either on basis of gender or country of origin. One of the customer service representatives felt sexually harassed by Hispanic […]

Terrorists and the Left and Right: Definitions & Examples – Essay

Terrorism is one of the burning problems in the United States. After the events of September 11, 2001, many writers try to analyze, investigate, and classify the sources, reasons, and consequences of terrorism. “Defining terrorism is a difficult but not impossible task.” (Simonsen and Spindlove, 2006) Scientists offer lots of captivating ideas, which define terrorism […]