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King Lear: Summary of the Plot, Analysis of Characters, Main Themes, and Personal Opinion

Introduction The struggle for power constitutes a root reason for conflict in Shakespeare’s King Lear, wherein a royal family betrays their ties for the sake of authority and order. Chaotic events of the post-Medieval rule are perceived through the prism of jealousy, betrayal, and dishonesty. A brief overview of the plot, characters, and central themes […]

Dairy Crest Company

Appendicies Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard refers to the strategic planning and management system that is deployed widely in business institutions, as well as governments with the aim of aligning business operations to the vision as well as strategy of the organization, enhance internal and external communications, and examine organization performance in terms of attainment […]

Cloud computing Summary

Cloud computing has been gaining popularity for the last few decades. In fact, small as well as large organizations have realized the potential of cloud in saving costs of procurement, installation and maintaining data storage systems. Synchronized sectors, including banking, have realized such benefits in utilizing cloud computing. It is imperative for organizations to make […]

Violence on TV

It is said that television and media brought about new problems that are evident in the modern day and age. Mostly, these influences are harmful in relation to violence and people’s general behavior, which is characterized as careless, destructive and unpredictable. In reality, there is a great difference and separation between the violence that is […]

Determinants of success in the Swedish food and drink industry

Introduction Background The food and drink industry in the European region is one of the most attractive markets. However, the high rate of globalization has provided a major challenge to industry players due to intense competition (Dagnino & Rocco, 2009). The industry has become internationalized over the past decade. Three major wholesale and import groups […]

The federal government should run a national system of health care

Introduction Many debates have emerged as to whether the government should run a national system of health care or not (Giaimo 148). This comes after realizing that the health care costs are continuously going up. This leaves many Americans worried about the cost of their health care and health insurance services. Some of the reasons […]

Cirque du Soleil’s- HRM practices

Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian based company that deals in the organization and staging of entertainment events. The company hosts its events in different countries in the world. Due to its international inclination, Cirque du Soleil ought to create an inclusive and accommodating environment for all its employees and stakeholders in order to enhance […]

The Establishment of an Immersion Program at a Prep Elementary School in Saudi Arabia

The rationale for the choice of the model The rationale for the establishment of the partial immersion program at an elementary school in Saudi Arabia is based upon the benefits of this model for the students’ cognitive abilities and proficiency in general and political and educational advantages of this model of bilingual education within a […]

Caterpillar Company Analysis Using Porter’s 5 Forces Model

Introduction Porter’s five forces analysis is necessary for Caterpillar Company as it assists in comprehension of the market strengths and weaknesses. Although the Caterpillar Company has been a household name in the global heavy machinery manufacturing industry, there are several players that have limited its competitive advantage in the industry. The five forces determining the […]

Evaluation of World Markets

The current state of globalization has opened up different international markets for companies operating in different business industries. The globalisation concept enables companies to invest in foreign markets and expand their market share across the globe. One of the clear phenomena following this development is that most of the companies investing in different international markets […]

Day-Pro Investment Options

Introduction The net present value is a more accurate method than the payback period and the accounting rate of return when choosing between two mutually exclusive projects. The main weakness of the payback period and the accounting rate of return is that they do not consider the time value of money. The two methods may […]

Critical Marketing

Critical marketing has recently become one of the most popular objects of research and analysis. With the growing body of marketing literature and increased relevance of marketing strategies in business, more scholars are willing to reconsider the relevance of the most popular marketing concepts and advance the role of ethics in strategic marketing. In this […]

Innovations in Healthcare Service Delivery

In medical context, innovation refers to the development of new services, technologies, and ways of working within the healthcare settings (Edwards & Grinspun, 2011). Over the last century, the expansion of service sectors has been attributed to the increase in the adoption of innovations and technologies. From the early 1980s, the adoption of innovation in […]

Gesher Benot Ya’aqov

Introduction The Gesher Bent Ya’aqov is an interesting archeological site located in Israel. The site was discovered in the 1930s. Excavation of the site revealed that the site had been occupied for thousands of years and there was usage of fire (McManamon 2011). The sediment layers at the site indicate that the occupants had used […]

Value of Leadership Conversations

Introduction The debate whether great leaders are made or born will never escape the media and academic discussions due to the reasons presented for and against this topic. There is a significant difference between managers and leaders and this should be the starting point of unraveling the mysteries behind this discussion (Knights 2010). This essay […]

Human Computer Interaction – Heptic Technology in PlayMotion

The traditional PlayMotion era in gaming is over. With the introduction of haptic applications of in gaming, PlayMotion does not constitute the ultimate gaming experience any more. PlayMotion makes it possible for gamers to experience the gaming environment in enhanced ways. It translates their actions into shapes and patterns by applying gesture recognition technology and […]

Strategic Human Resources Management

Abstract Strategic management, as a practice that assists the managers in executing their work is perceived as fresh idea yet it was established in 1950s and 60s. The idea has been accepted across all the sectors as a gateway to solutions. Changes in work environments can only be incorporated in the long-term plan of the […]

Linguistics in Opera and Libretto

Introduction Opera is performed using theatrical scenes where the art involves a combination of singing and dramatization. This kind of text is referred to as the libretto. It was a very popular form of art in early Europe. Opera remains popular today in some quarters of the society. The art brings together singing, speaking as […]

Introduction of a new system: Top Cuts

Introduction Introduction of a new system in a business organization can be one of the most challenging and risky undertakings that a business can carry out. This is especially the case if a completely new system is required or available, and the business has been using another system. The risk is usually because the management […]

Technology in business

Summary Many companies today are competing for survival in the world market. Technology has also played very vital role in terms of boosting the competitiveness of organizations in the world market. In addition, leaders of different organizations are adopting different leadership strategies to enable their organizations to become competitive in the global market. As a […]

Communication models

Abstract Organizations have been in existence ever since humanity came into existence. Within these organizations, there has been a need for communications plans and proper organizations models so that there is a proper and smooth operation. Human beings do communicate differently and these in turn affects organizational operations, as they are the people who make […]

Case Study – Stone Container

Introduction Stone container operates in the United States of America and was heavily indebted in 1983 because of acquisitions, which were highly indebted. The company required a financial plan, which was going to change its capital structure to the better. Various options were considered from debt capital to equity. In financing the operations of a […]

Ecosystem Report (Geelong Botanic Garden)

Introduction Ecosystem comprises of biotic and biotic factors that are present in a given environment. The biotic factors are the living organism such as microbes, plants, and animals, while the abiotic factors are nonliving components like water, air, rocks, soil, sunlight, and topography. The interaction of biotic and abiotic factors in a certain environment occurs […]

Modern Advancements in Foreign Policy

McCormick, J. (2009). American Foreign Policy and Process. Belmont, MA: Wadsworth Publishing This book offers the audience a challenge of studying and understanding the ways in which foreign policies have been altered. The work illuminates on foreign policy process from the early years to the present era of terrorism. The author, McCormick, holds that foreign […]

An analysis of the 2005 Al-Qaeda letter from Abu Muhammad to Abu Musab

Various variables must be considered when analyzing and laying out strategies for dealing with enemies. These variables of the operational environment include Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure and Information (PMESII). Additionally two other variables i.e. Physical environment and Time (PT) have been added to the Army doctrine. In analyzing the letter from Abu Muhammad to […]

The Eighteenth Amendment

Introduction The United States common tradition did not rule out the use or acquisition of any alcoholic drink. However, the Eighteenth Amendment proscribed the shipping, rummage sale, and production of alcohol. The devoted faction strived to support the control of alcohol purchase and consumption based on several reasons. In fact, the group discerned the direct […]