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Turisme de Barcelona

Executive Summary The tourism industry has flourished worldwide due to increase in tourist attraction centres. Among the top tourist destinations are cities like Las Vegas, London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona. In 2010 Barcelona managed to become one of Europe’s most important tourist destinations with millions of overnight stays and accommodations in hotels. Among other Spain […]

Ha Jin’s ‘The Bridegroom’ and Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘A Family Supper’

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly clear to more and more people throughout the world that the ongoing process of Globalization doesn’t only have strictly economic, but also psychological connotations. That is, the earlier mentioned process affects the manner in which individuals perceive the surrounding reality and their place in it. This, of course, causes many […]

Forms of propaganda

‘Confessions of an Economic hit man’ and ‘The American War Machine’ are forms of propaganda that use several similar techniques to advance their agenda. One of the most obvious techniques of propaganda that they both have used throughout is emotional appeal. As noted by Shabo, emotional appeal is a very compelling method as the audience […]

Significance of Information Security: User’s Responsibility

This topic is important to me because I have always been passionate about information and issues that directly relate to information such as information security. This is because I highly value information and the role that information plays in ensuring that the business organisation is able to work towards achieving its objectives. My passion for […]

Exelon Company Strategic Plan

Executive Summary Exelon Corporation is one of the largest electric utilities based in U.S, Chicago. The company primarily engaged in generation of energy, transmission of energy and distribution of energy. Exelon is also engaged in distribution of natural gas, solar, nuclear, and hydroelectric energy. Organizations that desire to operate competitively in the future have to […]

“Glass Ceiling” Concept

Abstract Recognizing the implication of failure to manage organizational diversity, many organizations endeavor to provide equal job opportunities and career development through upward mobility practices that do not segregate employees based on their demographic and psychographic differences. However, cases of glass ceiling are still common in corporations across the globe. The current research discusses the […]

“Gender and Economic Sociology” by England and Folbre

The author has averred on the idea that education and economy linkage structures do produce variation patterns in the modern or industrial societies. The author conceptualized two education-economy linkages to theoretically examine how the inter-schools, labor division and firms for personal human capital development as well as the recruitment mechanisms structuring people’s movement out of […]

Cultural Differences: Individualism vs. Collectivism

Several cultures around the world are distinct and unique. Notably, many cultures also have similarities and diversities. The features of different cultures also show massive structural differences. The cultural differences are crucial to understanding the origin of people around us. The understanding of the relevant cultures helps in knowing where the people around us originate. […]

Promotion Strategies in Effective Marketing Plans

Discussion To ensure that the rapid diagnostic product achieves success in the market, an effective marketing plan that differentiates the company in the market place should be set up elaborately. This is intended to offer the company an excellent opportunity for early success. The marketing plan incorporates key elements that would help commercialize the rapid […]

Energy Disruption: Causes and Effects of the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors Leak of

The Fukushima nuclear disaster that occurred in March, 2011in Japan as the result of the earthquake and tsunami led to a number of the serious problems and energy disruption. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit the country, becoming the worst catastrophe since the World War II. The public reaction on this event was expectedly […]

Concept of Project Plan in Project Management

Conducting Project Plan from the Perspective of a Project manager Project management is the process of planning and organizing resources available to managers in order to foresee a triumphant completion of particular projects (Business dictionary, 2011). A project is an endeavor taking a short period of time with a definite beginning and ending. It is […]

The History of Great War

World war one also known as the Great War took place between 1915 and 1918. It involved the major powers of Europe of that time (Henig, 2002). Its causes were as varied as the nations involved in the war. But it is widely believed that it was a battle for supremacy. The Germans wanted to […]

DODAF is Potentially Deficient if it Does Not Contain a Knowledge Component

The Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DODAF) is an architecture and infrastructural body which main responsibility is publication of materials. In fact, the department publishes information regarding development in the architectural field. These materials are usually submitted by any of its members to the editorial department. The editorial board works with authors to determine the […]

How Internet Communication, and Social Media influences Politics and Social awareness in the World

Introduction The invention of the internet revolutionised politics and social awareness across the world. The social media has flourished immensely since the inception of the internet. The internet stimulated the formation of web communities. It is these communities that communities that created avenues for communication across the globe. The internet connection enables people to convey […]

Contribution of Empiricism and Rationalism to the Emergence of the Scientific Perspective in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Introduction Science is one of the aspects that have completely transformed the lives of human being, especially from the eighteenth century. The world now depends wholly on science (Panek 2000, p. 87). Empiricism and rationalism have made major contributions to the emergence of scientific perspective, especially in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. According to Shapiro […]

Developing the Work Team

Although many authors use the terms “team” and “group” interchangeably, hence drawing no distinction between the two, it is suggested in this paper that teams differ from groups in varied ways. In essence, teams consist of small groups of people who not only share responsibility for outcomes for their organizations, but are committed to achieving […]

Films Noirs and Their Characteristics

Films noirs concentrate on tormented characters who appear doomed to run in circles without the hope of finding a solution. Their actions cannot be accommodated in the rural areas because the societal rules are very strict. The characters are said to be alienated from the other members in the society, who have meaningful lives (Naremore […]

Project Plan of car tracker software

Executive Summary This project is meant to create awareness of software that were developed by students of this university. The management of this university has been encouraging creativity and innovation from the student body. As a result, various groups of students have made massive efforts, with the help of their lecturers, to come up with […]

John Stuart Mill’s theory

John Stuart Mill argues that actions should be solely guided by the Greatest Happiness Principle (9). I find Mill’s argument very convincing. In this essay, I will first briefly summarize the argument. Next, I will discuss an objection that one could possibly raise to it. Then I will reveal a serious hidden flaw in the […]

Ecstasy and Memory Impairment Neurological Correlation

Introduction The three articles chosen for analysis focus on the neurological correlation between ecstasy and memory impairment; one by Simon and Mattick (2001) assessed the relationship between ecstasy use and memory impairment. The second one by Zakzanis & Young (2001) dwelt on memory impairment in abstinent MDMA users over one year. Lastly, a study done […]

Comparison of three tablet computers: Ipad2, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy

Executive Summary Customers across the globe aspire to shop for the most cost-effective Tablet Pc in the market. In fact, several Tablet Pcs are offered at inexpensive prices and have appealing specs to different classes of users. On an average, a Tablet Pc in the current market costs $200. These tablets embrace the latest android […]

A Culture of Change

“Describe the key elements that organizations use to make change a part of their culture”. As a means of achieving cultural change, an entity ought to familiarize itself with the diverse aspects. First, the process of change must begin with influential employees in the organization who will convince colleagues that change is significant. As such, […]

Maori and Tibetan Education systems from 1945 to present

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental to the development and ultimate advancement of the community. Educators and governments all over the world have acknowledged that the educational structure and practices adopted can have a significant effect on the education of the population. This can lead to significant impact on economic and social […]

A new international market

Globalization has changed the nature and scope of strategies and competitiveness for many companies. The increased market liberalization, and fast circulation of information, has encouraged internationalize for many firms. However, exploring new international markets is an expedition involving various risks and involves the transfer of local market information within a diversified firm to help in […]

Boot Camp for Juveniles

Introduction Boot camp, “frequently called shock or intensive incarceration…are designed to be an alternative to probation or to prison” (Wilson, MacKenzie, & Mitchell, 2008). According to Jones (2012), the first juvenile boot camp was established in the 1980s to take quick action on juveniles with “diversion ideology”. These camps handle first time offenders who can […]