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Jace Baldwin studied at the University of South Carolina, USA, with average GPA 3.27 out of 4.0.

Common Sense and Compassion in the Workplace Replaced by Litigation

Ordinarily, human resource professionals across the world spend most of their time trying to understand how best to handle employee relationships in order to protect both the employer and the employees (EEOC, n.d.). Considering that there have been numerous incidences at the workplace requiring the intervention of a legal process, I am strongly convinced that […]

A Film Analysis on Titanic

The film “Titanic” represents the ship that was deemed unsinkable and occurrences on her 1912 maiden journey from Southampton, in the United Kingdom, to New York City, in the United States. On the ship was a girl (Rose DeWitt Bukater, acted by Kate Winslet) engaged to a rich man (Caledon) that she never loved. Despite […]

The Comparison of Montessori Education and a Regular Mathematics Program in Kindergarten Classroom

Background According to Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences, children can acquire knowledge through different ways because they have different capabilities and competences. It is apparent that every student has special skills and learning needs. However, teachers often fail to identify the capabilities of their students in part because of the conventional teaching methods that they […]

Google Docs Challenges and Opportunities

Problem Statement Most businesses depend on technology in their everyday tasks. From email and phone sessions to websites, there is almost not a single activity which does not involve technology. These technologies, which are now taken for granted, have bridged some great holes in business communication. As businesses grow geographically and internally, there is a […]

Kitchen Delight

Situation In 2010, Jeff and Paul who were proprietors of Kitchen Delight bought a 70% stake into their rival company, Kitchen Magic Ltd., to consolidate their market position. Before buying the new company, they had had a long-standing relation where Kitchen Delight used the Kitchen Magic Ltd. warehouse to act as transit points for products […]

Philadelphia Art Museum

Issue Background and History The first evidence expansion of the Philadelphia Art Museum occurred in 1893, when Anna Wilstach bequeathed the large collection of paintings that included the works of American artists. Due to such growth, the museum managers had to consider the extra space because more and more visitors wished to see the collection. […]

Corporate social responsibilities in Russia

Corporate social responsibility is defined as corporate self-regulation employed in business environment (Urip 2010, p. 45). This is done to ensure that companies and businesses comply with the required ethical standards, laws and other norms and regulations internationally. It entails the voluntary activities that a company engages in to enhance a sound and sustainable business […]

Preparedness Procedures and Methods for the UAE in Case of Nuclear Emergency

Introduction Despite the economic advantages of having the nuclear facilities there is a potential risk of accidents occurring at the nuclear sites leading to release of radioactive materials, which is dangerous considering the health of the people working in the nuclear plants and those living in the neighborhoods. There is the need to regulate these […]

Influencing Consumer Behavior

Introduction Recession is a period when most firms are faced with the worst trading environment and generally, firms become victims of making critical and hard decisions in order to remain relevant in the market. According to Jose Chao Bacardi, vice president of the American Bacardi Global Travel Retail Division, recession presents an organization with opportunity […]

Money and Capital Markets: Turkey, India and China

As a result of the 2008/2009 economic crisis, different countries are increasingly using monetary policies in an effort to stimulate their economic growth. One of the monetary policy tools being used is the cash rate which is the rate of interest that financial institutions charge to lend funds (Marthinsen, 2012, p. 202). The Reserve Bank […]

Glossary definition of tourist behavior

Introduction Tourism is among the world’s leading industry. Tourism is the short term movement of individuals to places that are outside their residences or places of work (Burkart and Medik, 1981). Who is a tourist? A tourist is not the international person who has used air means of transport for a vacation, but a domestic […]

Deakin University’s Market Research

Introduction Market research entangles one of the essential activities that organisations conduct to garner information pertaining to their brand loyalties. In this research, marketing research is considered as “a systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to marketing products and services” (Kotler & Armstrong 2007, p.56). The principal […]

A world of tales

The Chinese story, “The Legend of the Panda” seeks to explain the reason why the panda is covered in black spots. The story revolves around a young Shepherdess, Dolma, who lived with her sisters in the Wolong Valley. The shepherdess comes across a white panda cub and she asks it to join her flock. The […]

Strategic thinking

Introduction Due to the increased number of companies which has resulted into increased market competition, there has been consistent need for improving the business strategies. All the companies aim at maximizing returns. Competition is usually healthy in the business field because it requires continuous improvement which in the long run leads to increased profits and […]

Risk Cluster Linked To Child Obesity

With the increase in scientific inquiries, knowledge in science has become unavoidable (National Science Education Standards observe 1996). Nowadays, humans rely on scientific knowledge to tackle their everyday challenges. In this essay, a 5th grade instructional project applying scientific methods and principles to assess a selected problem is presented. The problem selected is risk cluster […]

Why Do People Switch Careers?

Today there are a lot of people who can be considered in society as having multiple careers or various career experiences. Thus, it is possible to speak about the tendency to switch careers under the influence of a number of factors. These significant factors are actively discussed by the psychologists and sociologists. It is typical […]

Bidding Document: Madrid’s bid to Host the 2020 Summer Olympics Games

Introduction Research demonstrate that major international events, or simply mega-events, are commonly associated with the accrual of economic opportunities, infrastructural development, tourism development, and identity and image building for host countries or cities (Andranovick et al, 2001). Indeed, there is growing recognition these events have incredible reach and global marketing potential (Swart & Bob, 2004). […]

Unemployed Insurance in Social Security

Unemployed insurance is a program whereby qualified individuals who are not employed earn cash benefits for certain duration of time. The funds paid to these individuals are gotten from contributions made by employees, employers and other contributions from the government. It helps workers who have lost their jobs as a result of faults that are […]

Panera Bread Nonprofit Restaurant

Panera Bread is a company that has a chain of caterings all over the USA. The executive chairman of the board, Ron Shaich, has decided to open a nonprofit restaurant in St. Louis that declares “Take what you need, leave your fair share”. The restaurant offers bakery products and customers pay the price they consider […]

Introduction to Financial Markets

Global Financial Centre The term Global Financial Centre has been widely used but it has not been well defined. There are several definitions to the term Global Financial Centre which refers to the link between financial service industry and the real economy which has to give a reliable system for the supply of capital. It […]

Gender Equality in the United States, China and Egypt

Abstract This piece of work examines role that economic growth, education opportunity and cultural values can play in increasing gender equality. This paper shows that increased in educational level of women tend to boost gender equality in employment and politics. In addition, it depicts that education in the overall population is critical for increasing gender […]