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Jacey R. studied at Howard University, USA, with average GPA 3.57 out of 4.0.

Most Popular Universities in Britain

Abstract With the recent shifts in the educational sphere, the marketisation of higher education receives growing recognition. Due to the fact that the higher education is not compulsory, applicants receive much freedom in their educational choices and according to the results of the latest studies, need to be treated as customers. The popularity of every […]

Critical Evaluation of Psi-related Theories

Introduction Just as it is being the case with providing a definition to just about anything, the qualitative essence of the way in which researchers define the phenomenon of psi (clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, psycho-kinesis) largely depend onto the subtleties of researchers’ personal worldview. In its turn, this explains why as of today, there is no […]

Islam in France

Introduction This paper focuses on France and Islam with special attention given to the Burqa controversy. To appreciate the origins and history of the veil, the first part of this paper is an analysis of veil use in the three major monotheistic religions. The paper goes further to look at how France deals with the […]