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Racial Profiling in America

Introduction Racial profiling is a reality for many Americans today and an issue that generates a great deal of heated debate among politicians. Some of the supporters are maintaining that it can be a valuable crime-fighting tool sometimes, whilst opponents claim that it is an unjustifiable violation of the US’s Constitutional guarantees of equal rights […]

Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis

Introduction Development of psychological tests necessitates coming up with a criteria that follows specific guidelines, namely, coming up with a sample, assessing the characteristics of the sample, developing instruments for testing, and evaluating the instruments using the validity and reliability criteria. This paper will focus on development of construct and creation of scale by consulting […]

History of the Peloponnesian War. Book Review

This article focuses on the role played by inequality and morality in international politics based on Thucydides’ depictions of the Athenians Book Review Because of globalization, international politics has lost its potential for moral relationships and virtuous action. Many argue that the growth of self-consciousness with freedom has disintegrated into pure self-centeredness, objectification, and instrumentality […]

Three names of Nelson Mandela

Some people say that the name reveals personality. Some argue that the name affects the individual’s life. However, it is clear that the name reveals existing conventions and peculiarities of the society. One of the most famous leaders, Nelson Mandela, had three names. These names can help trace the development of the society of South […]

Postwar Petroleum Order

Post-1945, there emerged an international oil establishment named the postwar petroleum order. Before 1939, the output of petroleum in the Middle Eastern countries was not high and the region contributed only a marginal share to the world petroleum production. Before the postwar years, British Petroleum (BP) was the dominant player in the petroleum market however, […]

Cryptology and Data Protection

Due to the increase in internet usage, emphasis on data security and integrity has been escalated. Better measures in relation to software and hardware based mechanisms are still being invented and put into practice. All information regarding an organization’s business processes is of critical importance. Information security and integrity is therefore, a vital consideration in […]

Formulae One Constructors

Background of the case The case is about motor sports formulae one competition that has been dominated by different companies as sponsors; the case dwells on three main companies that have had contrasting management approach with the sole aim of earning high financial and reputational rewards associated with the sport. Motor sport at premiership level […]

Intelligence Definition and Measurement

Introduction Intelligence is defined as the ability to understand, comprehend, think critically, communicate, attain new skills, learn, and plan; it is the mental power and capability that vary among human beings. When comparing intelligence of different people, it is used in the context of defining the ability to solve problems or difficult situations and personal […]

Local authorities are better placed to respond to crises and disasters

Introduction Local and central governments have different roles to play in the response and management of disasters. In this context, disaster means a “sudden catastrophic event that brings any enormous destruction, damage, loss and/or devastation of property and life” (Taylor 1986, ‘Coordination for Disasters’ p.12). The damages so referred are immeasurable and vary in magnitudes […]

Twitter: An Emerging Technology in Libraries

Twitter is becoming a foundational element of communication and collaboration among individuals. Organizations and institutions develop new technological commitments, to catch up with the pace of knowledge creation and learning. Public libraries are no exception: more libraries are coming to realize Twitter’s unprecedented communication and social networking potentials. The benefits of Twitter and other Web […]

Concepts and practices in local government finance

Introduction Local governments have various policies that they establish and implement to manage their areas of jurisdiction. Public policies addressing the environmental aspects are among the common local government policies. They seek to minimize environmental impacts. Concurrently, they promote life quality in the concerned areas. Precisely, environmental policies enhance management of activities executed by residents. […]


The solutions offered by IPscape can be of great interest to potential customers because their applications enable the users to reduce the cost on phone calls. The tools provided by this company largely rely on the use of cloud computing which helps the clients minimize the expenses on the procurement of hardware and software (IPscape, […]

Victor Joseph’ Sense of Identity in “Reservation Blues” by Sherman Alexie

One of the reasons why many critics refer to Sherman Alexie’s novel Reservation Blues as such that constitutes a particularly high literary value is that in it, Alexie was able to provide readers with the discursive insight as to what accounts for the very formation of the sense of self-identity, on the part of Native […]

The Proper Self

Introduction Socialization refers to the social experiences of the day to day life, which make human beings develop and learn culture. Contrary to other species on earth human beings need social experiences in order to learn and develop a culture. The existence of human beings is not biologically set; hence, every social development calls for […]

The Impacts of Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 and iPad 2 From on the Individuals and on the Business

Executive Summary Samsung and Apple Inc. are one of the leading companies in the field of Information Communication and Technology by manufacturing products that meet the needs of individuals in the digital era. Samsung, through their Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Apple through iPad 2 have brought tremendous impacts on the media and internet access for […]

The Gym’s Success

Introduction The success of any gym depends on the number of members visiting it; the more members a gym has, the more revenue it is likely to generate. This, in return, is determined by how easily people can locate and access the gym. In fact, most people search for gyms which are conveniently located to […]

Positive Psychology Chronicle: A Retrospective at the Results

Introduction Because of the negative factors that have the most deplorable impact on most people nowadays, positive psychology as a means of letting a certain amount of positive emotions into people’s lives is absolutely inevitable. Once considering the specifics of one’s character and realizing the issues that prevent the given person from efficient work and […]

New Global Branding Initiative

Global branding has been gaining popularity over the years as firms struggle to improve their competitiveness in the market. Firms have come to realize the benefits of strong brands in the market as a way of remaining competitive. However, it is important to note that global branding has its merits and demerits. Before making the […]

Nationalism as a Political Occurrence

What is Nationalism? Nationalism can be described as a political occurrence that can exist in several ways. Nationalism is continued by certain agents and is subject to many views. James Kellas described nationalism in international relations as an origin of crisis, an origin of resistance to the state system in existence, a resistance to international […]

Business Intelligence

In the recent past, technology has increasingly been adopted in organizations. It assists in developing efficiency and thus customer satisfaction. The competitiveness of a business is vested on the quality of its management decisions. A number of systems that aim at meeting a certain objective in the business arena have been developed. They are either […]