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Behavior change theory

Introduction According to the article, behavioral change is very vital in the development of good health and productive outcomes. Application of behavior change theory aids in inducing change of behavior among health workers. Essentially, the application of behavior change theory depends on factors such as changing multiple behaviors and medical adherence of individuals. The implementation […]

Economic Theory: Exploring the Marginal Concept

Circumstances Encouraging Businesses to Open Up Coal Minds and Exploiting These Resources The coal industry in Europe has recently been closed because the revenues received from coal mining did not justify the costs needed to sustain the production. Specific problems are connected with impossibility to meet environmental standards, as well as development of green economy […]

Legislative Critique on Maritime Port and Security Act 2002

Introduction The legislative commission chair, Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Subcommittee chairperson and Intelligence agency head backed Maritime Port and Security Act 2002. The Act incorporates the numerous national, state, confined and personal regulations enforcement bureaus managing the sanctuary of the global boundaries at America’s harbors. The statement permits additional defense detectives, extra testing paraphernalia, […]

Management Information System as a Central Role in Organizations

Introduction Management information system (MIS) is a computer-based system that focuses on “collecting, processing, storing, and transmitting relevant information to support the management operations in an organization”. A MIS is relevant to decision support systems since it provides accurate and timely information that enable managers to solve the problems facing their organizations. Ackdff (1967) argues […]

Marketing Strategy of Allstar Brands Medicine Group

With the increasing level of competition in the pharmaceutical industry, a manufacturer like the Allstar Brands Medicine Group is opting to pursue new opportunities emerging within the markets. Managers at Allstar Brands Company have a responsibility of formulating effective marketing strategies in order to cope up with new competition within the industry. Competition in overcrowded […]

Child Abuse and Capstone Project

Description of a Problem Parents as well as other caregivers take responsibility for treating their children, explaining them the most important living issues, describing them the peculiarities of love, support, and understanding, etc. However, it is so easy to violate this kind of child’s trust to parents and the relations to the world in general […]

Overrepresentation of Minorities and English Language Learners in Special Education

Introduction The amendments made to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act led to the emergence of a new crisis in most American schools. Currently, most American schools suffer from an unbalanced representation of learners from linguistically and racially different settings in special education programs. Overrepresentation of minorities and English language learners in special education is […]

ARAMARK’s Database Marketing Project

Introduction Marketing is a vital tool for attracting and maintaining new customers. Technically, it refers to “the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers” (Kotler & Keller, 2012, p. 23). Alternatively, it may be argued as encompassing the process through which organizations promote their products and services. These processes may […]

The effect of market-type procurement on the public sector

Introduction Quasi market procurement is a system in which governments buy public services from non-public establishments, such as not-for-profit and voluntary organisations, on behalf of users. Governments use this approach to introduce free market principles of price and quality in the provision of public services. In the United Kingdom, the system has yielded mixed results […]

Absenteeism at British Leyland

Absenteeism is simply defined as an individual’s frequent pattern of evasion from an obligation or duty. The behavior of absenteeism is normally evidenced in work places where some workers may decide to make absenteeism their habit. There are various reasons that could make workers be frequently absent from their duties Some of these reasons include […]

Rona Inc. Dealing with Recession

Introduction Since its inception, RONA has managed to dominate the Canadian Hardlines market by establishing a comprehensive distribution network. The stores operate under different formats and sizes. RONA focuses on nurturing a high level of flexibility and adapting its stores to the diverse customer needs. The firm witnessed remarkable growth from 2000 to 2006. One […]

Virginia Tech Shooting

Introduction Virginia tech shooting was an incident that occurred in the year 2007 in which a number of students were shot dead within the premises of the institution. This paper seeks to establish the fact that “the media coverage of the event was considerably commendable since they dissented to the scene immediately and exposed to […]

The movie “Hancock”

Movies have become an inseparable part of the human culture, and the themes illustrated are extremely numerous. Morality plays an important role in portrayal of actors and ideas, as it stays central to human culture and everything that takes place. It is important to keep in mind that the action of movies is greatly connected […]

Multinational Corporate Finance

Multinational Corporation (MNC) is a business institution which operates it business activities (selling good o services) in more than one country. Therefore, a multinational corporation plays an important role in globalization. Operations of multinational corporations are stimulated by economical and political factors (Ross, Westerfield, & Jordan, 2008). Therefore, multinational corporations involve high risks at both […]