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Jaxon E. studied at Temple University, USA, with average GPA 3.1 out of 4.0.

Chaos in Theatre’ Play Analysis

Reasons Why the Play Failed ‘Chaos in Theatre’ is a play that portrays the challenges that actors, producers and other stakeholders face when preparing to present plays. This is a good illustration that gives a glimpse of the torturous journey producers and actors experience before producing a play. Theatres are known to present classical work […]

Socio-Economic and Educational Characteristics of Appalachia-KY

Introduction The term Appalachia refers to distinctive-cultural counties, which are located, in the eastern part of the United States of America. The Appalachian regions include various states such as; Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, among others. The inhabitants of the Appalachian regions were seen as illiterates, who accounted to high levels of poverty […]

The Ethiopian Economy

Structure of the Ethiopian economy The structure and driving force of the Ethiopian economy is based on geographic locations of the economic activities, the kind of technology, and the behavioral characteristics of the factors of production. Geographic locations are classified into either rural or urban areas. In addition to that, the economy of the country […]

Theory of Knowledge

Knowledge is very fundamental in the life of a person and it is therefore very necessary to fully understand the various ways of knowing. Traditionally, there are four basic ways of knowing which were developed by different philosophers. These four ways of knowing are depicted in the TOK diagram of knowledge. The sources of knowledge […]

Supply Chain Management and Modern Technologies

Introduction The requirements of the marketplace when conducting supply chain management is largely dependent on whether an organisation is in need of pursuing either the lean or agile paradigms. The two supply chain parameters are distinctively different. For instance, in terms of the market winner, the agile paradigm is tagged on availability while the lean […]

Metropolis and Modern Times Movies

The two movies, Metropolis and Modern Times relate the consumption of a city to its rate of production and ability to satisfy its citizens. The movies illustrate how individuals struggle to fit into a society that is industrialized and highly developed beyond their imagination. The city’s pace of production and development is so fast that […]

Sponge Activities of Academy

Sponge Activities Sponge activities are called that way because they assume that none of the available for learning time should be wasted, and new knowledge has to be soaked up as if by a sponge. These activities may be conducted during the lesson, by the students who have accomplished their tasks and are waiting for […]

School Bullying: Methods for Managing the Problem

School bullying is a widespread problem that needs to be addressed by parents and teachers. The short-term and long-term consequences of being a victim of bullying or a bully are usually underestimated. Numerous studies consider adjustment difficulty one of the major implications of experiencing bullying. It affects all spheres of life of the students and […]

Sources of Digital Forensic Data

Abstract Sources of data for digital forensics include storage media, file systems, and network equipment, among others. The data sources differ according to cases. Investigators can focus on account audits, live data systems, and intrusion detection systems to understand usage and trace intruders, until identification occurs. Internet service provider (ISP) records, virtual machines, and network […]

“On truth and lying in a non-moral sense” by Friedrich Nietzsche

Interpreting Nietzsche’s argument The accumulation of metaphors becomes the accepted truth. They emerged from their repeated use. Without the body of the argument, the title expresses that there is a form of lying that is not considered immoral. In the body of his argument, Nietzsche (146) indicated that there are different forms of truth. He […]

Environmental Analysis for Tiffany & CO.

Introduction Tiffany and Company opened its door in New York City in the year 1837 in Broadway Street offering merchandise that included stationery and jewelry. It later abandoned the dealing of stationery to concentrate on selling costume jewelry mainly of silverware, perfumes and other luxury items. The company is a recognized brand in the US […]

The Marlboro Ads as a Propaganda Advertising

Propaganda advertising refers to the process of advertising, which is aimed at influencing consumers towards the consumption of products through the presentation of one side of an argument. Advertisers cautiously select information to present to the public by omitting counterproductive information. As such, the target of information presented is to alter the attitudes of consumers […]

The Issues of Sexuality and Femininity in Carson McCullers’ “A Member of the Wedding”

Feminism as the theory is based on the discussion of many points among which it is possible to determine the issues of sexuality and femininity. These concepts are closely associated with the gender questions. The sexual expression is traditionally discussed as the male prerogative, and femininity is considered as an absolute quality which should be […]

Project Networks: Dangers & Benefits

Within the project management domain, project networks are fundamental tools used to illustrate the sequence in which a project’s terminal components are to be completed by constructing a network representation of the cardinal project activities and their dependencies. Project networks, which are often constructed as graphs or flow charts, are important not only in understanding […]

Modern Organizations: Towards Understanding how They Cope with Fast Information Turnover

In today’s ever-shifting business environment, it is fundamentally important for modern organizations to develop structures that will enhance fast information turnover to facilitate equally fast decision-making processes aimed at sustaining the competitive advantage of these organizations. To achieve this important feat, organizations have turned away from maintaining rigid structures and embraced the creation and internalization […]

Early African Arts

Introduction Early African arts have some of the most diverse collections in the world. This is because African continent has societies, people, and civilization with diverse cultures. Styles also differ depending on the origin of the art. However, some pieces of art materials have common trends to indicate their regions of origin. For instance, sculpture […]


Today millions of people from France, Argentina, Brazil, China and many other countries associate the word “Carrefour” with convenience, quality, and the best service. That is why the chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets Carrefour is considered as the second greatest company in the industry round in the world. When the first store of this brand […]

Global Marketing-Strategy and Practice: Topshop

Topshop Background Topshop was launched in 1964 and has continued growing and extending its operations to become very successful in the fashion industry. Topshop is renowned for its superb performance which has indeed enabled it to win the Fashion Retailer of the year two times consecutively, which is a rare occurrence in Europe. Topshop success […]

Marketing for Mephisto Products Ltd.

Synopsis The case study is about an electronic control device manufacturer that is recording low sales revenues and profits in recent times. The entrance of new competitors, technology and marketing strategies created this situation. Now the company is thinking about changing is strategic approach by marketing their products to their clients in a different way. […]

Health policy as it relates to a health care program

Abstract Survival in the health care world requires an informed person. Healthcare providers, administrators and patients are affected by decisions and health policies made on health care programs. Healthcare policies are closely tied with politics of United States where decisions are made to affect the entire population. Health policies are as a result of decisions […]

The relationship between employees’ job satisfaction and customer satisfaction in service business

Abstract This study is conducted within the bank of America and is aimed at showing the relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction in the banking industry. The study is necessitated by the realization that customer satisfaction is determined by the perceptions the customers have on the nature and the quality of services offered. Since […]

Psychological Personality Assessment Instrument

Anderson (2004) studied female students at Cedarville University to determine the relationship between bulimia and personality type. Students who consented to participating were given Myer-Briggs type indicator and eating disorder inventory-2. This was meant to determine whether the MBTI personality characters of sensing and judging were interrelated with high bulimic tendencies on eating disorder-2 subscales. […]

Assessment of impact of risk analysis on delivery of e-learning programs in universities of Saudi Arabia: Methodology

Methodology has been described by Collis and Hussey (2007, p.78) as an approach used in research to organize and plan the general approach in which the research goals and questions are addressed. In addition, different tasks are carried to ensure that the research is successful since the findings and analysis depend heavily on the methodology […]

Managing Human Resource in an International Company

Introduction Managing human resource in an international company is considered one of the most challenging tasks for managers and other executives in overseas companies. Human resource managers for overseas offices must keep close contact with office bearers located miles away from their own offices. Effective communication skills enhance and facilitate coordination of activities done in […]

The Good-Neighbor Policy

Introduction The good-neighbor policy, viewed as the Golden Rule, ensures democracy at the international level. The main aim of this policy is to foster mutual respect among the nations. The Doctrine of Nonintervention forms a significant part of this policy. The implication of this regulation is that there should be no imposition of a will […]

The Role of Public Police in United States

Introduction Public policies in the United States play a significant role in shaping the federal governance. Every law enforced must respect human rights and freedom, in other words, the U.S. laws are there to protect its citizens (Clark 345). Through several tremendous efforts by the U.S. government to undertake amendments within the enforced laws, life […]

Review of “Freedom Writers”

This paper analyses a movie review “Freedom Writers”. The movie discussed how a tutor and one-hundred and fifty students utilized education to transform themselves and the surrounding world. Actually, the debate was a true incident. “Freedom Writers” was an account how Gruwell, a high school tutor, trained students who were perceived illiterate. In fact, Gruwell […]


Executive Summary The rate at which the world economy is growing is making companies to adopt management strategies which will enable them to increase their global market share as well as remain competitive and profitable in the global market. This paper will therefore discuss the various ways in which companies are shifting from their traditional […]

Impact of Unionization on Publix

Introduction Employment is essentially a business transaction out of which all parties should come out fairly like in any other business transaction. It involves employees exchanging their skills, knowledge and experience for a wage with employers. Naturally, employers would like to pay as little as possible for work done while employees would like to get […]

Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Theory on Smoking Cessation

Introduction This research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) on smoking cessation among African Americans. Tobacco smoking affects African Americans. However, limited research exists to show the effectiveness of CBT intervention on smoking cessation among African American populations (Herna´ndez-Lo´pez, Luciano, Bricker, Roales-Nieto and Montesinos, 2009; Webb, Ybarra, Baker, Reis and Carey, […]

The Mobile Phone as an Electronic Wallet

Introduction The initial attempts to make the mobile phone an electronic wallet can be traced to the efforts by Nokia around 1997 (Leavitt 2010). In that year the Company (Nokia) made attempts to allow people purchase soft drinks from vending machines through the use of Short Messaging Services (SMS). Soon after that initial effort another […]

Muse’s of Marylyn Monroe

What wonderful powers lead people to their fame and success? What or who can motivate and stimulate creativity and talent? Many years ago the antique authors found the answer to this question with developing the myth about the Muses who inspired artists and their teacher Apollo. Nevertheless, the secret of the enormous glory of the […]

Social and Political Issues

Introduction This paper discusses a number of social and political issues. First, it discusses about the actual rulers of the United States of America. Second, it discusses about problems affecting the family and how the society can help solve those problems. Lastly, the paper examines the relevance of religion in a culture. Ruler of the […]